View Full Version : MovieClips colliding with another MovieClip

11-30-2009, 09:50 AM
6911 The bit lined out in "red"
, all seperate MovieClips...With different instances..As you can see in the image. I have already posted this game on stikpage..called "xquest". This game is a demo and not fully finished... The "ship" just goes over the walls in the game that I have submitted, I want to know how this MovieClip called "ship_cursor", which follows the mouse, can bounce off the walls. I want the bounce to look realistic so that is bounces off in equal opposite directions and at the same speed the "ship_cursor" hits the 5 diefferent walls.
The "ship_cursor" is the "ship", if you look at the game, that follows the mouse as mentioned above..:Smile: