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12-29-2009, 11:09 AM
I did this a long time ago, but never showed anybody but Scarecrow. So, here it is.

Scarecrow woke up to the sun shining on his face. The sleeping figure of a woman was next to him. He didn't have much of a recollection of what happened last night, or who's bed he was in.
However, it didn't take long. In a few moments, his advanced mind remembered that he'd crashed another party. It didn't take much effort to be let in through the doors. And when he had enough of the booze, it didn't take much for him to seduce the woman he was with either.
And then what happened after flashed to him. He grinned at the memory and slowly climbed out of bed. "I can do whatever I want to this woman," he thought to himself. "Whatever it was, no matter how strange it would be to her ears, she would be willing to do it." He paused for a bit while putting on his clothes. "I love being me."
It was about 30 minutes later when he left the house. He climbed into his car and drove away. His car was one of the fastest one's around. Stolen, obviously. Who needed money when he could make others beg to do his bidding for him?
People turned to stare as he drove by. Not only because his car, did the pheasants gawk at him for, but he was reknown for his abilities. And because of that, people either feared and hated him with every cell of their being, or they stood in awe at the sight of him.
His abilities... Scarecrow was adept at messing with people's minds, so to speak. It's pretty much a low level of mind control. People have the power to resist, but it doesn't happen much now. He's gotten good with his talent. However, as much as Scarecrow was capable of controlling another's mind, he wasn't able to make them forget. Sometimes people rose up in groups to attack him. That's where he decided to get good with a weapon. A knife, to be exact. It didn't take much more. Scarecrow had the killing rhythem in his head... Make them happy, pull back their heads, slash their throats. Happy, pull, slash. Happy, pull, slash...
He sometimes liked to have fun, though. Usually with the last surviving member of the group. He'd experiment around. See's how the person reacts as he's rapidly switched back and forth in-between agony and joy. Or he see's what kind of a person the man is, by filling him with a huge amount of fear. Seeing if he'd save his own skin or save the life of a loved one.
After this, with the victim's mind broken, he'd have some more fun. He'd set the guy up on a wall, and practice throwing knives on him. He's gotten quite proficcient at it too. Or maybe he'd cut off the man's feet and make him run away in terror. Watching him stumble and trip as he desprately tried to escape.
And it looked like the town was plotting against him again. The streets were almost empty, and it was a city of two-million.
Scarecrow looked forward to the outcome of this plotting.
As he wheeled around the corner, he saw a line of people standing in a line. Blocking his way. They were all armed with M-16s. And this surprised Scarecrow. He's never seen people go this far to get him before.
He stepped on the pedal, his tires screeching. The speedometer quickly rose to 60 miles an hour.
The line ahead of him opened fire. Tearing up the front of the car. The bulletproof windshield held up, though. And he quickly neared the group.
He could hear it from inside the car. An otherwise sickening crunching sound as three fleshy bodies slammed into the car and bashed their heads against the windshield. Their legs snapped backwards by the impact of the car, and bloody splashes were left on the car where the heads hit. The bodies then went flying over the top of the windshield.
The car was still taking heavy fire as he wheeled around to face the crowd again.
Scarecrow stepped on the pedal once more, and rushed towards the crowd. He heard a popping sound from within the car, and it almost instantly started slowing down. It stopped about 5 feet from the group of people.
"The car's down!" One man yelled. "Concentrate your f"
And suddenly the man shot himself. A thick red mist shot from the top of his head, and hung in the air. A moment later, two more men suffered the same fate. Their bodies hit the pavement with a squishy thump. The rest of the men quickly threw away their weapons to prevent themselves from suiciding.
Now that the enemy was unarmed, Scarecrow climbed from the car, with his knife in hand. The remaining 12 men rushed for him. "This is gonna be fun." He said out loud.
And then he was in a white void. Blankness for as far as the eye could see.

12-30-2009, 06:39 PM
i don't remember the last sentence, but i like the rest ;)

12-30-2009, 07:21 PM
holy shit that was amazing. honestly. I might consider writing something like this.

12-30-2009, 07:29 PM
i don't remember the last sentence, but i like the rest ;)

holy shit that was amazing. honestly. I might consider writing something like this.

Thanks. :Love<3: :heh: