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01-15-2010, 07:54 AM
This is a story I had to do for the official storyboard of a game I play called Darkwind. Just to not confuse you, I'll make a little vocabulary for what each of the words from the game mean.
Buzzer: A military humvee
Car Cannons: Like cannons on old pirate ships, but strapped to a car, and can fire repeatedly.
Lorry: A huge semi-tractor
8L: A really huge engine for lorries to drive.
Scorpion: A fast muscle car, armed with rocket launchers.
Phoenix: Another fast muscle car, armed with machine guns.
Butterfly: A heavy-ish sedan, armed with fast-firing gatling guns.
Eliminator: A heavy sedan with heavy weapons
Car Rifle: A long ranged, 50 caliber sniper rifle strapped to a car.
Loot cars: Cars you killed, which you drive back to town and sell for money.
Heavy Gunners: People skilled at using heavy weapons like Car Cannons.

Now the story:

William "Willy" Hannah was searching nervously out of the window of the Canadian Mount buzzer. He wasn't used to being in it alone. He'd always had Linda "Hush" Usher and "Curious" George Nelson next to him, manning the car cannons. But they'd opted to drive back the loot cars that were picked up when they ran into some pirates in-between Elms and Somerset.
He remembered it as a dark memory. It was 7 cars verse the buzzer, with the lorry running. Linda and George had taken out the first four chasing cars just fine, as they used their favorite "Run and Gun" tactic, but after using up their second reload, with 3 cars left, he'd called the lorry back, to apply some ram power.
"Wait, what?" Tina Dizon loved using the lorry to ram. He remembered. As she rushed back at full speed and turned the corner, she hit a bump in the road, and the lorry flipped over. Wheels spinning uselessly in the air, spraying dirt everywhere.
"Crap." Linda had said, still high on the adrenaline rush of the fight. "Looks like we're gonna be using the last of our ammo."
And then she and George, did what they did best. The buzzer was surrounded on all sides, but with the engine roaring, and car cannons blasting, the fight was going on their side. They almost got breached on the left from one of the demoralized Antagonists, though, but in the end, all but one turtled car was demo'd, when they ran out of ammo.
George groaned. "We shouldnt have used the last of our ammo to kill everyone in that Ant. Now we have to handgun our way through the last guy."
"Hey, what could go wrong? It's all but harmless." Tina Dizon replied through the lorry's radio.
Famous last words.
As she went out, and came back from unloading her pistol on the side of the car, the Antagonist suddenly came to life, and blasted a car rifle out at her, from 4 meters away.
Now, William thought, she's laying on a cheaply made bed inside the lorry. Missing a leg, and in agony, but she was alive.
Linda and George were inside of the two cars that were looted back, as he'd said before. The engines were toast, but there wasn't much to worry about. William never had more than one encounter before, while going through the flat, rolling dunes of Elmsfield.
But then he saw the horrible signs, showing in his rear-view mirror. A rising plume of smoke, caused by exaust, and the rush of many car's wheels pressing on the dirt.
Six cars. He guessed. Probably seven. But we had nothing to fight with! There were car cannon reloads stocked in the lorry, but with no gunners in the buzzer, they'd been dillusioned to not stock it back up.
"Guys, get in front of the buzzer and get out! Im slowing down; get in here as fast as we can. We got company, and lots of it."
The damaged loot cars stopped immediately. The buzzer groaned to a halt, and stopped long enough for George and Linda to quickly enter it. But the enemy was nearing fast.
The two new passengers manned the rear car cannons, and they whirred to life.
"No reloads!" George cried, remembering how they forgot to load the buzzer back up. "Lets get out of here, then. Thank Louis Paxton that he'd given this thing A Armor, back when he was around."
The lorry was far away now, but only travelling at a measly 40 mph. The buzzer was slowly gaining speed, but the red sand underneath it was making it hard to speed up. If only they'd had even one shot left in the cannons to give it some speed...
Twin gatling guns fired behind them, whizzing overhead, missing their mark. Linda and George didn't even blink as the shots flew by, but they knew they weren't going to get out of this easily.
"Guys." Tina Dizon's weak voice crackled through the radio. "I got John to turn the lorry around. We're gonna give you some time."
William didn't hesitate with the response. "Don't be stupid! Get yourselves out of there. We'll make it through this."
"No, you don't be stupid, Willy." Tina's voice was teasing him, through all her pain. "You may be my teacher in scouting, but that's not going to stop me from saving your lives. You're going to die, if you have no help, and you're the gang's best scout, accompanied by the best heavy gunners! Let me do this."
Linda and George were still sitting in their gunnery seats. Futilely pressing the cannons' triggers over and over, wishing against hope that there was at least one shot left in the cannons. The coming firepower was getting accurate; hitting more. Canadian Mount's rear armor was weakening, but they couldn't afford to switch to the busted sides, which were crackled and dented horribly.
"But Tina... we've been through so much." William said, all his resistance gone.
"I know. I'll miss you, Willy... I love you."
A rusted, dirty looking lorry zoomed past the buzzer's front, going highway speed. Front mounted re-inforced rams bristled. "John says 'see you in hell,' guys. We're going out with a bang."
William choked back tears. "...I love you too, Tina."
A loud crash of shattering glass and twisted metal sounded, loud as a car cannon shot, as the lorry plowed into, and flattened the first Scorpion. Willy wiped his eyes, and stepped on the pedal. The buzzer roared off into the distance.

John Board stepped stepped on the pedal once more. The lorry's cargo shaking violently as he swerved and turned, trying to allign his path into the next incoming car. The 8L engine screaming as it went from 15 mph to 30, while taking multiple shots on all sides.
WHAM! Another head-on hit. The crushed Eliminator folded out of his way, stopped, and stayed there. The occupants had their faces too far up their brains to drive anymore.
The lorry was literally shaking from the shots it was taking. The armor was failing, and the front armor was down to 9 and the right down to 12; the chart said. But he wasn't going to stop.
He whipped the lorry around again, brushing a phoenix, but still caving in the side enough to slam it into the occupant's backs.
He could hear Tina groaning in pain as the lorry wheeled around dangerously, but he couldn't afford to be careful.
The both of them were going to die anyways.
He slammed on the pedal and veered to the right again, but then...
He heard Tina's screams of pure agony as dual gatling guns punched through the right side. "WILLY! HELP ME!" She was screaming through the radio, as the pain punched through any train of thought she'd had.
The lorry had almost hit it's third target, but more and more shots were blasting holes in the damaged armor. Shrapnel and bullets hitting both people. John roared in a last attempt of strength to reach his target, through all of his wounds. But before he could... his head was blown apart by a machine-gun.

William sobbed silently, as the sounds of gunfire faded into the distance.

01-15-2010, 10:59 AM
The occupants had their faces too far up their brains to drive anymore.

I felt this sentence needed highlighting.

Great action and some good imagery. I loved it. The surnames sometimes seemed a bit out of place, though.

01-15-2010, 03:53 PM
Oh, the nicknames are something you can give to your characters in the game, once they get good at what they do. The nicknames are what I gave to my characters in it. Thanks for the comments, though. :Love<3:

01-15-2010, 07:15 PM
hey what happened to that zombie thing you were doing?

01-15-2010, 07:30 PM
I'm still doing it. Just finals at school and stuff have made me too busy to work on it.
I also lost like 600 words on it from the laptop overheating, without me saving. So I hadn't done anything for a while from that, also.