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01-31-2010, 11:48 PM
My mother wouldn't believe that I wrote this. It was hard to convince her.
This is more fun to read in a british accent.

"Rather Coincidentally"

I woke up in the morning
Rather in a hurry
And jumped out of bed
As fast as a scurry.

Getting dressed up
Flying out the door
There was only time for coffee
And nothing more.

Stopping at the shop
I ordered my drink
And while I waited
I started to think.

My idea of life
Has rather been bothered
Thanks to my divorce
One that was hollered.

Receiving my drink
I chugged it down
And looked at my watch
My smile turned to a frown.

Work was in a few
I would be late!
So I left the money on the table
And arrived at eight.

Work wore me out
And now I was tired
So I headed home
Glad to not be fired.

As I lay in bed
I loathed my day
Not much happened
Or that's what I say...

My eyes closed
Another day would begin
Something was different however
Something within.

I turned in my sleep
What a horrible night
But something happened
Which was an amazing sight.

I woke up early that morning
And learned of the news
What I discovered
Could possibly break your fuse.

Over night
In a rather hidden place
A disaster hit
One that could change your face.

Many dead
More injured
It was a horrible sight
Or at least that's what I pictured.

Rather coincidentally,
Many were saved
Due to a man
The donation he raved.

And what is funny
Is how it lead up to this
Quite amazingly
It's something you don't want to miss.

He gave his donation
To impress a girl
After she told him
About a country twas in a whirl.

She said if he would help
She'd show affection
He did so
And followed her direction.

The girl however
Learned of this place
From hearing it
By another face.

The other face met her
In a rather coincidental spot
At a concert
One that was rather hot.

And by a special man
Was this concert played
Who started small
But then later strayed.

He was discovered
In a familiar store
A coffee shop to be exact
But wait, there's more.

He entered the coffee shop
After been given money
For singing on the sidewalk
Which he thought was rather funny.

Rather coincidentally
The donation was sent
By a warm-hearted woman
Who left behind a comment.

She received this money
From a convincing tip
Left by a man
Who left it as a slip.

For he was in a hurry
To make it to work
And left behind extra money
Not feeling like a jerk.

Yes it was I
The one who left the dough
Which was taken as a tip
Well what do you know?

If it wasn't for me
And listen to what I say
That country would still be there
In utter dismay.

It was a simple token
A mistake really
Nothing more
I was just being mannerly.

And so was then
Is where I made a realization
It was the small things
That made a large donation.

02-01-2010, 05:59 AM
That was awesome. Great work, I wouldn't mind reading your books when you'll be a well-known author.

02-01-2010, 08:27 AM
Thanks for the support. Yeah I haven't done anything but work on my writing while I was gone. I think I've made good progress.

03-18-2010, 10:11 AM
Amazing! Oh my goodness!