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02-02-2010, 03:15 AM
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"A sharp rise in blood pressure. Increased sense of hearing. Eyes dart from shadow to shadow. Fear of the dark. Inherent in all humans, yet overcome by cultural pressure. Relic of the past that separated the survivors from the prey. Now the paranoid are scorned. Locked up. Shame we can't appreciate their vestigial mindset yet we allow other equally outdated modes to flourish." 02-02-10

"Psybientia, it plants ya. Smell of orange flowers spinning in your ears. Bringing sensations of other life to the forefront of your mind, you see what you hear and feel the vibrations in your bones, your muscles. You are one with the you who is behind words and beneath thought. Ultimate high with headphones." 02-01-10

"When the man comes around, we'll force a tour from town to town, to view the mass destruction that this clown has let abound. Swinging his golden sceptre, searching for new prospectives, we'll show him a land of sorrow he'll be glad to assign a rape force." 01-31-10

--- Nature Walker by Brad ---

Walkin' o'er the Earth, I can't see the forests nor seas,
Eyes keep on wanderin' to the clouds followin' me.
When I make it to my place of comfort,
I'll be ready to sit down.
But until that day, I'll walk my way,
To the girl who can show me how:
I can love with all my heart,
I can feel the sun beat down on me.
Washin' away my troubles and fears
'Til the sadness falls apart.
My baby knows just how to say,
Things will be good somehow, some way,
And I never doubt.
I walk and think how,
I'll make it there, to that life-long dream.
Holdin' my love in my arms it will almost be
Like heaven.
A little piece of that place in the sky,
Where I keep lookin' up as the world passes by,
And the clouds have all gone,
To shed tears somewhere else.
Because they see I'm no longer
A pris'ner myself.
I'm free to make my life whatever I please
The things holdin' me back were these forests and seas,
I've been avoidin' for so long,
But now I can see.
The trees and water been helpin' me breathe
And keepin' my thirst quenched so I'm without need.

--- Fin ---

Harmonica video coming later. First one wasn't that good.