View Full Version : MW, Vertex Shader 3.0

02-16-2010, 02:51 PM
Okay, so I installed Modern Warfare 2 and shit and was about to let it rip. But no. It wouldn't start and told me that my graphics card or drivers don't suppord Vertex Shader 3.0
So I installed the most recent drivers, still the same. My computer isn't exactly top notch, it's a Radeon 9600/X card, but yeah, I googled that shit just for the hell of it.
Turns out, some people got precisely the same shit for Modern Warfare 1, with the Vertex Shader 3.0 stuff. That's where shit gets complicated because MW1 runs perfectly fine on my computer.
Any ideas what this is? Does MW1 rely on VS3.0 or is that just some schmucks talking shit? If it doesn't then screw it, not much to do I guess. If it does, tell me wtf is going on.