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02-18-2010, 01:45 AM
O Baby - remixed from a girl on a server I used to play with, she asked me to after I made a joke remix of a guy saying "thats really getting annoying"

Trippy001 - a little something I made after listening to this really trippy alice in wonderland remix.

B()()Mb()x - I asked myself "how hard sounding can I make a song?". That how hard.

HipHotris(with lyrics and w/o) - TETRIS!

Constructive Criticism And Positive Comments Only doesn't mean troll!

02-18-2010, 09:30 AM
O baby - lol, what

Trippy001 - Okay, it sounded good for what was there.. why did it just end? Songs usually follow progressions, lead somewhere, not build up to the same loop and then just cut out

B()(whatever - The distorted kick really doesn't sound too good, and for a "hard" song it's rather quiet. A bassline or something else going on in the background other than a few percussion samples would have been nice.

Hip Hotris - Your bass synth sounds like it's clipping in a few spots, but it might just be me. I'd turn it down just a little bit. The vocoder was pretty awful, haha, sorry. I wouldn't use those to actually make songs out of. I did like the percussion going on with the bass, but again, the song didn't go anywhere..

I'd give more constructive criticism but really it just sounds like these are the result of maybe 1 or 2 hours of messing around in FL Studio, not actual tracks you put a lot of effort into. It's not unusual for me to spend upwards of 100-150 hours on a single track over the period of 3-6 weeks, and while I'm not saying you need to spend as much time on a track as someone who does this seriously, you're only going to get what you put into a track. And based off of these, it sounds like it's not much