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02-20-2010, 10:14 PM
Made another story for that Darkwind game. This stuff actually happens in it, just without all the dramatization.
Anyways, I'm actually really proud of this one, and I thought you all should read too.

William Hannah got up from his bed in his damp, musky smelling bedroom at the Heavyweight's lockup.

He's had a month now to get over the pain of losing his lover in a tragic accident. He hadn't even been to Dexter's lately... he'd either spend all of his time in his bunker, or all of his time driving the Canadian Mount with some buddies, smashing pirates as a way to get revenge.

But he'd finally realized to himself... killing all these pirates weren't going to stop the pain at all. They didn't even have anything to do with Tina Dizon's death. But after a rare visit to Dexter's to check on the rest of the gang to see if any scouts were going out... he saw it on the notice board.

"We would like to see "Ray McCarthy" of the Northern Mutant Alliance, dead. Willing to pay 23,000 dollars.
Thanks in advance, Dune Peddlers."

At once, Willy turned on his heel and rushed back to the Heavyweight's lockup at full speed.

"Edward!" He exclaimed, smashing through the front door. The gang leader and all the others were sitting at a table, studying their papers they got from the Training Facilities, and with Edward being the instigator, the motivator, was helping them all through it.

Willy skidded to a stop just in front of him. "Ray McCarthy! There's a bounty on him! Come with me in Burning Death, we'll bag ourselves a nasty mutant and 23 grand!"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, calm down." Edward held his hands up to his chest in a calming motion towards William. He respected him a ton, with him being the gang's best defensive driver, and an extremely skilled scout, but he wasn't ready to follow him along by the heels. "There's a bounty on this Ray guy... so what? We don't need an extra 23 thousand... we got millions. What's so horrible that we have to end this man's already short life?"

William took a breath and calmed himself a bit. "Ray... he was the leader of the squad that killed our first trader lorry. And Tina..." It still caused him a huge pain in his chest to just say her name. "This is what I've been waiting for for so long. To finally get revenge. I'll feel so much better, man. No more spending weeks at a time in my lockup... no more killing pirates as a way to try and soothe myself... I can be happy again, Edward."

He understood completely. With a smile on his face, Edward turned and walked away to a different room. William was confused for a second, but a moment later, the gang leader came back, twirling a set of keys around his finger. He tossed them to Willy. "Let's do this!" He said, already hyped. "I had a feeling there was at least one gang that hadn't paid for their crimes towards us. I'll take the car rifle. You do the driving and fire that gatling gun if the enemy makes it that close to us."

The other 38 gangers which were inside the Heavyweight's cavernous garage cheered enthusiastically. They had complete confidence that the two elite gang members could take on whatever was headed their way.

"Time to cave in some mutated skulls." Edward said to himself as he climbed in the Osprey. Willy climbed in himself, and cranked the keys. The rare muscle car's 5Lv8 engine roared to life.

Neal Payne, the gang's mutant Large Gunner, got up from his chair and dashed over to the garage door at the insane speed which he posessed. It opened slowly, and shortly afterwards, Burning Death roared, and zoomed out of the garage...

02-20-2010, 10:15 PM
The pair left the gates of Somerset, and into the wastelands. The terrain was nice and soft here, which was one of the reasons it was used successfully for farming. William Hannah was confident in his scouting skills... driving down the road at a good pace, sometimes going offroad to climb up the large hills and search for hostiles who could be far away, or sneaking up on them.

Still hyped, the two travelled onwards into the distance. Until Somerset wasn't even visible anymore.


"You know you're on your way to Gateway when the windblown sand starts wearing off your paint." William mumbled, starting a pointless conversation. "The moment you notice it, you can count on seeing the broken bridges which lie around here in about 5-10 minutes."

"Really? I didn't know that." Edward said, intriuged. "Tell me something else."

Willy held a little smile to himself. That was a well known fact to scouts. "Well uh... This isn't much more than superstition, but have you ever noticed that unless it's a storm... the wind dies down completely just a few moments before you get ambushed? It's as if the world itself is tensing for the great violence that is about to happen."

Edward's blood ran cold. "That's scary, man. Bad timing, too, cause there's no wind right now. There was a few moments ago, when you mumbled about the paint wearing off, but now-"

"HOLD IT! YOU'RE RIGHT!" William cried. He suddenly snapped back to attention towards the road, his memories of being ambushed rushing back at him, and hitting his head like a burning hammer.

Without communicating to Edward at all, he jammed the steering wheel left, and pressed the pedal to the floor. Wincing as the 5Lv8 roared, echoing for miles.

The car's radio buzzed to life. With some clever thinking by all the gang's best mechanics, they managed to program the radio to eavesdrop on other pirate's conversations. "Dammit, how did they see us?!" A harsh, deep voice roared, obviously belonging to a mutant. "Everyone, go!"

All at once, three cars came out of nowhere. A pickup from behind the first of Gateway's bridges, a phoenix from the dunes, and a windsor pulled out right in front of where the Osprey had been going.

"Opening fire!" Some squeaky voices called from the pickup. An instant later, it began spitting rockets at Burning Death from two weapon slots. Willy was able to time each shot right to duck into dunes, leaving the rocket streaming over the rooftop, or swerving to have the shot hit the ground 10 feet early.

Going 80 mph now, Burning Death roared away. "Good driving, Willy!" Edward congratulated, his adreneline pumping. "Get up on that dune way over there. We'll get some top armor shots."

And at the same instant, "Man, that thing has a 5Lv8 in it. Badlander, get in the lead. We'll follow close behind and hit it all at once."

He must be Ray. Willy thought to himself. He's probably in the Windsor.

As they zoomed away, engine roaring and tires kicking up sand way up high behind them, Edward could tell through the rear view mirror that the mutants weren't very organized. Already, they were spreading out, going different speeds but not caring where the others were.

William swerved at a daring 110 mph, spinning twice and stopping, guns pointed directly at the coming Badlander. It was just about to come into range...

"Get back over here. You must be 150 meters away from us!" Ray barked out in his dark voice.

"Sorry boss." The phoenix suddenly turned around, and zoomed off in the opposite direction. Past the pickup, past the windsor, and then turned around once more.

"Idiot." His voice showed that he must be getting exasperated.

The pickup now jumped over the dune that was Edward's trap. He instantly started firing shots off with great accuracy. Three seconds later, one bullet punched through the roof. Blood splattered onto the windshield, and the car slowly swerved off to the right. Two seconds later, another splatter of blood. Both passengers must be dead. Edward thought grimly to himself. Ashamed that he was happy for their deaths.

"That was Ray, right?" He called to Willy, who was hunched over the gatling gun, ready to fire if needed.

"No, I think he's in the windsor." He replied.

Willy was smiling. Edward thought to himself. Not evilly or in any deranged way, but happily. As if Tina was sitting here instead of me, and cheering him on.

"Windsor's over the dune!" Willy called. "We'll have a few seconds of free shots and then they'll be shooting back at us."

"Forget it, shooting its roof will be a waste. Badlander's coming at us again at 80 miles per hour!"

"Time to reposition, boss?"


The 5Lv8 roared again. At the same time, the windsor started opening fire. Twin gatling guns blazing and streaking across the air, pounding into the sand or whizzing by Burning Death.

Tires spinning and handbrake on, the car litterally turned on a dime and started rushing off, with the windsor, now a confirmed Butterfly II, hot on its heels.

"The second we get to flat ground we'll start taking top armor shots." Willy mumbled. "You know how weak an Osprey's top armor is..."

"Let's hope that windsor has bad gunners then."

"Get back over here, you cowardly human scum! Too afraid to fight the creatures you shun and hate and kick around like dust?" Ray screamed at them. "This will teach you a thing or two about who is really superior!" The Butterfly opened fire again, gatling guns illuminating the sand and the crimson red paint of Burning Death.

Going 70 mph already, Willy did his best at swerving and evading the screaming bullets which were hurled at them every quarter-second. Every time there was a hit, the metallic clangs bore into the two men's bones.

Almost clear. Willy breathed a sigh of relief. But then with a horrible ripping sound, a bullet the size of his pinkey-finger punched through the roof --

And hit the chassis of the car which was beneath the armor. It bounced back up and rolled lazily off the roof and into the sand below.

The two of them breathed a huge sigh of relief, even as the gatling guns roared behind them, only hitting the stronger rear armor every once in a while.


02-20-2010, 10:15 PM
"We can't do that again." Willy sighed. "Can't risk it. We'll have to wait for the phoenix-" which had swerved away again and stayed clear of the Osprey for unknown reasons, "to charge ahead again."

"You sure you don't want to run?" Edward asked. "I'm not saying I'm worried, but we don't want to do something that just might get us killed."

"That bastard killed Tina. There's no way I'm gonna run from this one." Willy said darkly.

Edward nodded, even though Willy's eyes were fixed on the road. The car swerved once to avoid another gatling gun shot.

"What's your plan of action, then?"

"Well I assume we'll be able to kill the badlander's top armor before it gets clear. Then... if the pho goes down we can get our free shots to soften up the Butterfly, and engage it."

"I've told you a million times though, man. Armor exchanges in a muscle car always end up ba-"

"No, man, no." He inturrupted him. "We'll rush across him, the zoom by his flank, pounding bullets into him, then blast out from another dune and do the same until it dies."

"Genius." Edward laughed. "Stop here, it's perfect!"

Willy cranked the steering wheel again and did a bold turn to allign the Osprey up with the coming Badlander once more.

"Idiot!" Ray screamed again at the doomed phoenix. Don't you see what they're doing?"

"Whoa, dude... we've got this. Heavy machine guns will make mince meat out of the fuc-- Whoa!"

The phoenix came down a large drop in a dune, going airborne for a second. The weight of the engine brought it nose-to-the-ground, where Edward instantly opened fire once again with the car rifle with stunning accuracy. He'd reloaded it while the car had been running away.

Knowing they wouldn't have much time before the pho's top armor was clear, Willy opened up with the gatling gun from 70 meters away. Surprisingly, some of the bullets hit.

"You been practicing?" Edward called over.

"A little. But shush, this is hard for me."

The phoenix cleared the danger zone, but through the windshield the couple could tell that the lone driver of the Badlander was a wreck. He was bleeding heavily from multiple places, and had a bucketload of shrapnel lodged in the side of his bear-shaped head.

It fired a single, unaccurate HMG round before it slowed, and stopped on the dune.

"These idiots deserved their death. I'll take you on myself." Ray said, still as angry and confident as ever.

Just to spite him, Edward pinged a bullet or two into the front of the Butterfly just as it came over the dunes. He could hear Ray howling with rage, stupidly rushing down the dune which brought the death of his comrade.

Lucky for it, the top armor was tough enough to sustain the beating and take minimal injuries. It rushed towards Burning Death like a charging lion.

"Lets do this!" Willy cried as they came over the dunes themselves, spitting gatling gun and car rifle bullets at the windsor. In return, the butterfly blasted volleys of bullets towards the Osprey.

"Front armor isn't gonna last long!" Edward shouted over the loud gunfire. "Lets hope your plan works!"

50 meters away, Willy jerked Burning Death to the right and zoomed past the Butterfly, which quickly turned around, very agile for its size, and opened fire again at the weakened rear armor of Willy's car.

"Down to 9 points rear." Edward told the adrenaline-fueled scout.

"Kay." Willy didn't care about the rear armor. "How much would you say the windy's front armor is at?"

"I'd guess 11."

"Good enough for me. Let's finish it off!"

The osprey zoomed behind another dune, and shortly blasted out from another one nearby. It immediately opened fire again. Same for the Butterfly

"Front armor down to 6!" Edward shouted.

"Ours or theirs?!"


"Keep shooting!"

Just when the front looked like it was about to collapse... gatling guns punched through the windy's front, and crumpled the barrels of the gatling guns. Neither weapon fired anymore.

"Hold your fire for a bit." Willy said. He turned on the radio mic.

"Hey Ray." He called. "Remember one time back when you met a helpless group of beat-up cars, along with a trader lorry and a buzzer?"

He didn't reply.

"Remember how that one lorry came back and gave its life to me, and to my friends, by dying in a blaze of glory by crushing as many of your hideous skulls as it could?"

"...Yes. You must be the pathetic gang that did that. I thought it was heroic of him, to come back and fight us to let you cowards escape."

"It was a her, that decided to do it, mutt." Willy spat. "Tina Dizon. She was the love of my life. But long after she surrendered to you, you tore her apart mercilessly as she screamed my name, begging me to come back and save her from the hideous, agonizing death you gave her!
"Now you are going to pay the price."

Willy opened fire once again with the gatling guns. Surprising Ray and his crew. Shrapnel and bullets exploded into the cockpit, tearing at the mutants and slowly puncturing more and more holes into their hides. Their screams were audible without a radio's help.

Saddened, Edward fired three times with the car rifle, snuffing out each mutant's life quickly and painlessly.

Before Willy could react, he jumped up and slammed his hands onto his shoulders, keeping him down and stopping his protests.

"What you just did. You mercilessly killed three mutants who were unable to fight back."

Confused, Willy said, "That's what they did to T-"

Edward shook him violently. "How does that make you any better than they are?!" He calmed himself as Willy didn't respond.

"We're not mutants, William. We aren't pirates or slavers, or maniacs who thrive off the blood and screams of our victims. We are a gang which is BASED around resolving this world's wars and keeping the peace.
"What we do. What we believe in, is what separates us from the rest. How will we get anywhere in our goals, if all we do is slaughter our enemies when we lose a comrade? Or fiancee, even? It's the exact same reason that all the pirates, and even the militia and the "good guys" will never be able to stop the endless cycle of killing, without help.
"You need to be better than them, Willy. You need to be a Heavyweight. It's what I trained you to be. It's what Louis Paxton trained me to be.
"You are a brother to me, man. I love you, even, as family. But if you can't follow the gang's rules, you can't be in here."

The two of them sat in silence for a good 10 minutes, with William thinking about what Edward just said.

"...You're right." Was his final response. "And I wanna stay in this gang, Edward. I'm sorry for my... barbaric, actions. I wont do it again."

The two of them embraced eachother for a long time.

"Let's go home then. I'll drive the Badlander if you want. You never had the gut for sitting in all that mess."

"Thanks, man." Willy smiled again. There was another pause. Edward knew William had more to say.
"When I was thinking... I'm pretty sure I saw something happen around that Windsor."

Edward was very interested. "What was that?"

"Tina Dizon..." It didn't hurt to say her name anymore. "She was standing beside the door of the windsor... smiling. She held out her hand, and she pulled Ray out through the door. They both sort of shook hands, I guess... and then they both walked together for a distance. A little bit later, they dissipeared, as if they'd walked through some invisible door that put them out of sight."

Edward thought about this. "What do you think it means?"

"Well... she looked back at me with this little smile, as if she was saying that everything was alright now. Or that I didn't have to grieve over her anymore...
"And I'm completely okay with that, Edward. I can be happy again. She'd have wanted me to move on, and I can do that now. You can call me a full, 100% member of the Heavyweights again."

Edward broke out into a huge smile. "Glad to have you back, man. I'm proud of you." He clapped him on the shoulder, unbolted the doors, and climbed out of the Osprey.

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Oh right forgot about that.
I guess I'm in a groove right now. :Undercover: I'll write a bunch on it tonight if I can

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:heh:Ghost's Revenge is another spot the differences type puzzle game. Search for differences following a thrilling plot. The more quickly you find the differences the more score you will get. If you donít guess them you will lose the score. Good luck.

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Oh cool so there's a game about the story now.