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02-25-2010, 10:22 PM
This is a hip-hop remix of Jimmy Soul's "If You Wanna Be Happy" accompanied by mah vocals. Parental Discretion Advised blah blah.



(If You Wanna Be Happy)
You say life has got you down, On yo face you wear a frown.
That bitch gone done and cheated you, mistrated you, then straight up leavin you
for another guy, that ****ers gonna die.
Die mother ****er die mother ****er fry!
He gone and stole your bitch, What a mother ****ing dick.
You thought he was a bro but he just wanted your ho.
Now your left alone, no one to co-in-cide
you're self loathing inside.
HATE-tred is all you can see.
Anger fills your lungs, its what you breath.
You wanna get vengance, so you can end this
menace, who went ahead and ****ed your friendship.
Regardless, its partly your fault too.
what the **** you thinking trusting that bitch dude?
I told you not to trust her, even if you lust her bust.
You must get your head right, don't fight,
aight? Im serious man. Unless you wanna end being hauled off
to the penn. Come again? I thought you said you wanna be a bitch
sucking on dick, thats sick.
If you don't wanna be that way, don't wanna end up gay.
listen to what I say, So you will stay straight.
Don't Hate on him cuase he stole a bitch.
she is not worth 30-life so think again. You gonna bounce back man, lift your chin.
There are plenty of fish that are left in the sea,
Go and ugly one, I promise they please.
They are not hoes that sleep around, when you're outta town.
They know their place without being told a sound.
They'll love you to death, no more no less.
They're never jealous if you catch my drift.
They Always please you. It's easy to do.
But only if you got an ugly bitch dude.
I'm telling you. It is the truth.
If you want a girl who's top prioty is you.
Know there's no doubt. Its all about.
So listen to words song in this verse.
(If You Wanna Be Happy)

03-12-2010, 10:56 PM
Sorry for taking so long to reach this, hilarious.
It's actually not that bad, you just need to work on your delivery.

03-13-2010, 06:48 PM
Ya I'm too white for this whole rapping stuff but I like it too much to stop