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03-09-2010, 08:13 PM
About 30 seconds long, just ****ing around. I actually just got FL Studio just downloaded the demo version today. Took me roughly 30 minutes to put this all together. It was actually a lot easier to get a hang of it than I thought. It was mad confusing at first but after looking through a couple simple tutorials I found some of the basics. All of these sounds are just off of the packs that come with the demo. http://www.entertonement.com/clips/yhmvxbmkvm--untitled

03-09-2010, 10:01 PM
That wasn't nearly as bad as I was expecting it to be.. uhh, I would suggest you stay away from Sytrus presets and stuff. Download some VSTi's and sample packs, don't use preset loops, learn how to use the mixer and things like compression/EQing, and keep at it. Glad to see another musician on the site.

03-09-2010, 10:37 PM
Ya I figured not to use the preset loops (btw I didn't use any loops though) but all the sites I google'd you have to pay like 36 bucks for a sound pack. I was like "prolly not". Ya I'm still trying to figure out how to like edit the actual sounds that I have, because I wanted to maybe fade some here and there and shorten up some like of the shit. You got a good tutorial suggestion? Because every one I've found has too much text and not enough pictures so they say "use the ______ mixing ___ ___ __ ___________________" and that is about the extent of my understanding. I was surprised though, like I said earlier, at first I didn't realize there was a timeline as well as a beat maker. I thought I had to put the whole song on the beat maker thing, then I found out you like highlight the line you want for that beat so you can repeat it. I felt stupid trying to like copy and paste beats on the beat making thing wondering why it wouldn't work. Although, you'd be surprised how shitty some tutorials are. You get those black nerdy kids who try to be gangster only when they talk so you can't understand a word they say in their youtube tutorials. Anyways major tangent, is there any way to make your own sounds? Because I can't find a realistic guitar sound, it always ends up sounding like a mario game instead of like an electric guitar. Only reason I'm asking is because I've seen a few songs on newgrounds where the guitars were not real but sounded extremely convincing.

03-09-2010, 10:50 PM
You can make your own sounds but learning to be able to recreate a realistic guitar patch is something that'll take years of in-depth knowledge of some pretty powerful VSTis to do, the ones you heard are probably something from Nexus or maybe even East-West gear, or some other kind of rompler.

Just to clear up your terminology, the "beat maker" is the step sequencer, the "timeline" is the playlist. Basically FL works by making patterns out of the channels in the step sequencer (channels are just the individual synths/patches/samples you're using to make the song), and then laying those patterns out in the playlist.

You can fade things in and out using what are called automation clips, which manipulates channels using a horizontal line that represents the value of whatever parameter you're trying to change. So, if you want to change the volume, you right click the volume knob to the left of the channel and click "Create Automation Clip", it'll appear in the playlist and you just set the horizontal bar to wherever you want it to fade in/out/whatever. The lower/higher the bar, the lower/higher the volume. You can do that with pretty much any parameter on any of the native FL synths, 3rd party VSTi's are only a little harder to do, but you don't have to worry about those unless you plan on downloading them.

When I started making music I got Absynth, Massive and FM8 from Native Instruments, they're all very good and have something like 4,000 presets between them. I don't use them anymore but they're great synths to get as a beginner, if you want to get more sounds. The packs in FL kind of suck, so I'd suggest getting them. The Vengeance sound packs are also good to begin with, but be careful with them, they're extremely overused by bedroom producers. Don't be too dependent on them.

If you need any other help there's a help thread, feel free to direct specific questions there.

Good luck.

03-11-2010, 06:46 PM
http://www.entertonement.com/clips/pjrvplzgxd--Mad-Good-Shit-2 WORRRDDDD