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03-17-2010, 03:26 PM
The clouds began to surround the moon, while the sky faded into the color of dead violets. The screams of terror and fear grew upon the world as the world cried out for help and asked the air they breathe for answers. Young couples made human eggs at the speed of light forgetting about what was to come. Others glued themselves onto others and lips began to collide like baseball and a bat. A bright flash caught the eye of a young man named Salvator. He made his way slowly not even noticing the oddly shaped device of death upon his head. By the time his slow mind could react he found himself on the feet of an almighty powerful being...
The boy screamed in terror, but after a split second here realized two beautiful women around the godly figure. From what school had inserted in his brain he knew the immortal being's name was, "Lupercus..." The beautifuly architectured life form had a smile force it's way upon his face. The boy was in too much shock that all that could slip was, "W-w-w-olf... G-g-g-g-g-go-od!"
The god laughed in delight and replied in a perfect voice. "Sė, mio nome Lupercus." The boy began to proccess the words and open his mouth whilehe forced the vocal cords to bounce inside his body creating odd sounds that would come from some dinosaur.
A sad face came to settle itself on Lupercus's head as it moaned something that barely made the sound of words. "Cosė lei non parla l'italiano?" He waited for a reply for a few short seconds and said, "Well then... As you can see thy world is ending, I have come to bring the love to all and lose many virgins... Even though that should be left for Pertunda. But the goddess of sexual love needs a break sometimes... I, a charming man have decided to help."
The grin came back retracing it's steps. "Young boy, you look pretty handsome do you call yourself charming? Powerful? Any similar to a nice person like myself?" The boy studdered, "I-I guess... Maybe... Yes, but I have no power like you." The god chuckled, "Well power does not mean leadership! I'm talking about talent, boy! I really shouldn't do this but..."
The godly being created a dark circle around the four people and forced a godly particle onto the boy out of his mouth.
"Ahh, gross!" The boy said as he was about to wipe off the spit when the god said, "No! Let it sink in... In a few minutes you will have the power of the gods... You can save the world from this destruction! Go! Save the world! You are wise you will figure it out... Now run!" The god said as he faded away, "I must go to the other gods!" The boy tried to make some sounds to stop him but once again an odd noise came out... The women smiled at the boy... The boy stared at the half-naked women and thought to himself; "Lose virginity or mankind..." He got frustrated, realizing this may be his only chance for sexual pleasure... He made his decision and stepped closer to the woman and said... "Excuse me." The woman shocked let there mouths welcome as much air as possible. He stepped through the tiny space between the women, slightly delighted at the contact between the two women. He tried not to smile, much less pass out.

(Not finished please some ideas on what the powers are and what he does!)