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03-17-2010, 11:06 PM
Thanks all for the good advices and comments on my previous thread. now I'm back with my most recent and oldest stuffs.

http://www.fileize.com/view/bdc6d3ad-8e7/ > a "Monkey Collab" entry I made

http://www.fileize.com/view/baa523e3-6fa/ > This one is a very short fb called monster , just a practice... ALSO , THIS IS MY NEWEST FB SO IT WOULD BE BETTER THAN THE REST BELOW < edited

http://www.fileize.com/view/bcfccda0-59a/ > A very old fullbody I made. its another one of my fb practices.

http://www.fileize.com/view/3df5f981-f3c/ > Yet my old old OLD fb. it happens to be my best one long time ago.

http://www.fileize.com/view/32717c00-66e/ > Worst ? yes it is completely old. I just posted it so you can rate and see how much I improve...

Thats all for now. comments please :>

03-17-2010, 11:12 PM
That's awesome! I'm new to Flash soo.... They're not that good... You're amazing keep it up!

03-18-2010, 04:16 AM
Monkey Collab, when the monkey uses its tail to get the black stick its not quick enough, if the monkeys tail aint strong enough to hold him in the air you definitely have to speed it up because now, from what I see he would pretty much fall on his head, the tail is quite long and it has to be hard to hold him, if you want to keep it slow then Id add some struggle to the tail, or the monkey it self, now it looks like its infinitely strong creature, no one is infinitely strong.

The second one is smooth, but I think you should redraw the body as well, the arms and the head are pretty okay, but the body is still, compared to the rest it looks like its "dead" if you had 2-3 drawings that would loop, it would be cooler ;)

The third - timing, when hes in the air, during the second jump he just stays in the air for too long and hes barely moving, like he was resting there, having a good time and then he goes quite quickly back to the ground, I dont really like this, I think the jumps should be fluid movements.

03-18-2010, 05:38 AM
Thanks for the great advices tawnik , its my first time in tail , tentacles stuff. so I might have trouble animating it for a while. but I'll try to improve it. :)

I appreciate any comments and critism , thank you.

and Lupercus , I'm not that amazing ;) but thanks.