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03-19-2010, 06:14 PM
I moved to 3d, thats official, it has some pros and some cons, but the biggest advantage is that I now I have quicktime PRO, I dont have the regular version i have the PRO, people dont really seem to know about the cool features of it, I will list just the most important ones.

- you see the time in seconds and in FRAMES as well, which is very helpful
- you can cut, edit the animations
- you can export (Idk if you can in the regular version, but now you definitely can)

so if you dont have quicktime you should definitely get it, because I think it would be cooler and easier for the people that comment on your animations to use quicktime .mov and not the .swf, of course .swf has a lot of advantages, but you can always post your .swf and your .mov as well, just to please everyones likings.

The next thing that is really really helpful is the frame counter, in Maya (the software I use now) you can add it just by clicking one button but in Flash you have to script it, but, dont worry, I made this,


I found the script on flashkit.com but it wasnt working properly, I made out that you have to put the blank frames with the code on every single frame of your animation and then it will work, just try it out.Everything that you need to know is written in the .fla

Okay, so we have frame counter and now we need a .mov so everyone can go frame by frame through your animation just by hitting left and right arrow keys, but how do you get that, either by clicking file > publish settings


and checking .mov instead of what is preset


But if I click it I get a warning,


I dont really care why so I do it like this,
just create the .swf as you're used to and then import it to some post production software, I use adobe after effects, which is great and powerful tool, I really enjoy working with it, its a little bit hardcore, my computer lags when Im using it because it has to calculate a lot of things because I mostly work with 3d stuff, it should be fairly quick when importing only flash animations.You dont have to use AE, use something that you can afford, something that'll work, you just have to export the final project as .mov

then you're almost ready to go, you have frame counter in your epic quicktime movie format, buuut, you dont have anywhere to put it, do you ? And thats when the next step comes.

I got a free hosting at


thats czech site, I know and I also know that you dont understand a single word thats there, dont worry I think that if theres a czech website with free hosting, there will also be english website a lot of websites ! Just search !!

then upload your animation and you should get a link, for example when I upload my animation I can use these links


A VERY important thing is to upload only .mov because if you try to upload something else look what happens


and if you try to just rename it


you're supposed to get an error, a nice little question mark in side of the quicktime logo, if you dont, then you should be more than happy because I do :)

I havent figured out how to post the quicktime movies directly in the forum, if you did, please tell me.

Thanks for reading, if you'd like to see more of my animations just go and check my youtube channel


03-19-2010, 09:18 PM
God dam yes. You probably got it after reading one of 11SC's tutorials I presume? So did I :)

03-20-2010, 03:24 AM
Yeah, people there know what they're talking about :)

03-20-2010, 05:58 AM
Nice nice, I still love swf and dont really need an alternative for now I guess, but cool. I already had Qt Pro as well I think, but not sure.

Good stufff tawnnik <3 and finally saw that traktor vid on youtube haha, G rollin up in that traktor : P

03-20-2010, 06:14 AM
:D:D thanks ssj

I think that swf has better quality and is nicer to watch but .mov with framecounter is awesome to comment, you can really go like
f53-60 left foot shakes
f61 right arm shouldnt go up but down

etc. so its really precise, Its often hard to say "right after the guy in the red Thirt punches the guy in the white T-shirt for the 5th time the feet shakes..