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A Kindly Gentleman
03-21-2010, 08:24 AM
The winter wind slowly coursed through the man's jacket, making the coat-tails fly in the wind desperately; as if trying to break free. His face was soft, but hidden by shadows. The man walked a while through the park, the first snow freshly matting the struggling blades of grass, urged on by the breeze. Soon, he reached his destination. It was a lone gravestone, scratched by centuries of isolation and lonesome. He knelt, and in the distance; a figure approached him. The man did not seemingly notice the sound of crunching ice that slowly descended upon him like a tornado, such was the creatures wrath. Amber, stood on the hill, struggling to get to the man; like she had so many other times. She stood and watched the creature attack him and devour him with tears down her face, the red glistening in the innocent frost as the beast teared off into the distance. It's job fulfilled.

Amber awoke with a scream, and was quickly eased down into her bed by hands stronger then her. They told her to be calm, but she hurled insults at them anyways. A deep voice emanated from the foot of her bed. She couldn't tell who it was,
'' Did you see any clearer then before?''
'' No ''
She replied with just a hint of dissatisfaction and sadness. She wanted to progress her abilities, but all the bloodshed involved ... All the ... It was terrible. The voice emanated again,

'' It's just a simulation Amber, you know this. We're trying to train you, help you ''

She knew this, ever since they had brought her to the facility 2 years ago it had always been for her own good. She loved these people, for helping her. For making her something more then the rest of the world. Less of a pawn in the grand scheme of life. And yet she resented them somewhat as well. She had heard in the news what they did to people, but she did not care. Or so she thought.

A very large needle flashed for a second in front of her eyes as it was being handed over, and she nearly fainted.

'' You're going to jab me with that?! ''

She cried, still scarred from the opening test, which she had only very select memories of.

'' No, Amber. We're going to help you with that ''

Came the voice from the bedside. She looked up at her doctors face, and it was young and handsome. He had medium length flowing black hair with white flecks, and he smiled at her. He gripped her shoulder.

'' C'mon Amber, you know me. It'll only be a few seconds and a tiny pinch ''

He had a voice as pure as silk, it floated her away to dreamland. She was asleep before he had even inserted the needle.

She saw terrible things. She always did when she slept. Magic was a dangerous talent, and the places it took you far worse. She saw a land beyond the facility in her city. She saw the wastelands and the spires, she saw the black sea, and in the east; for the first time. She saw Death's army, rising on the horizon. Hopefully this was a dream, she didn't even know if these places existed. She had been in the facility so long. So long.

Being helped. They were so helpful here in the facility, so nice.

In the distance of her nightmare, thunder crackled, and the beasts from her vision darted across the wastes, searching for prey.

She awoke to an empty room, with the facilities foghorns on full alert. For the first time in her life, she was alone. But why were the foghorns on? And what had she dreamt? What was that needle for? Why were they always helping her so much? She got up to move, but found out she was tied down to the bed. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw one of the beasts slowly tread down the asylum. She saw it clearly now. It was like a wolf, but as large as a bear. Her heart stood still in her chest, as it passed her room, growling at her; but leaving her alone.

She sighed a sigh of relief. But thats when the lights went back on, and she saw what was in the corner.

Amber screamed.

A Kindly Gentleman
03-24-2010, 10:49 AM
Deep in the distance, thunder crackled. Everything was dark, but she was still moving. Her limp and frail frame being thrown about inside this cave. She was used to darkness, but the motion made her feel sick. She felt trapped, and then she realised it wasn't a cave, but a body-bag. Was she ... Was she dead? No. Because then she wouldn't be moving and thinking. Maybe she was going to heaven. Or maybe ...

She hadn't time to think, for the bag was opened. She screamed, and was struck hard on the left cheek. It bruised, and she fell silent. A very scarred and nasty face leered at her with such hatred and intensity she thought he was going to hit her again and again. He spoke, stumbling over his words,

''You're sa..safe now. But shut up, w..we are moving thr... through dangerous places ''

And with that he zipped up the bag and moved on.

What had happened to the facility? To the creatures and the corner? Had she blacked out? She couldn't remember anything.

Amber rolled over, shifting her weight in the body bag, and tried to fall asleep.

She dreamed of flowers and horses.

A Kindly Gentleman
03-24-2010, 10:56 AM
She awoke at a campsite, containing about 30 people. She didn't know any of them. She didn't remember how she got there. She fell asleep in different clothes to these. And she recognised none of these people from the facility. One of them turned and spoke to her. She didn't understand the language. It was harsh and unforgiving, with many syllables. It was a bare and ugly language. Suddenly, Amber felt very homesick.

She was led to her bed by the scarred man that talked funny. He didn't speak at all, and shrugged off all questions. She felt scared. As she layed down to rest, although she had only just woken up, a man in his early twenties darted up from the bed next to her. She had not noticed him. He excused himself and darted off.

He didn't speak the strange language. What was going on here?

04-06-2010, 11:31 AM
Kab ump

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"The winter wind slowly coursed through the man's jacket, making the coat-tails fly in the wind desperately"

no need for the bolded bit. I'm in a nitpicking mood today.

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I meant to write the Winter Breeze.