View Full Version : Internal Damage

A Kindly Gentleman
03-28-2010, 07:02 AM
Opinons damage feelings set my emotional offset back five years
Now I can cry at you with anger instead of crystaline tears
Say words that hurt and cut like an irritated scorpions pincer
Fill me full of poison and turn me into an empty husk not a thinker
Some people are what they are and then we have the pigs with wings
Flying across the Pacific ocean with a backpack strapped on by carnivorous links
Whenever I was strucked on by you regret now fills a cup half empty with angst
And every word plucked by your strectrum now ****s with my head, thanks!
Now I put my head in a cement block mixer because now my misery is forever important
You never made me sad but you sure gave me boredom, damn - am I really that stupid?
To tumble down a mountain and end up with something that so much resembles a figure of imbibed curiosity
To see what I have seen and then go **** it up with somebody not quite as unique as we
So let the anger out, come on - hit Donald Duck with your best shot and watch his comical reaction
But deep inside he's really ****in angry, cannabilistic rage as he begins to imagine your death
Now imagine that with me and you but instead of blood its just crayon-like felt-tip stained red
And if your wonderin', yes I wrote it for you instead of crashing into the stock market again
Words imprinted into the sky marking a homicide for the police logistics so they can remark to their friends
And while I wont tell you every meaning of the song because quite frankly I'm not feeling great, and nextly
Beki, I'm to much of a wimp to say every hidden meaning - so curse me and hex me, I never made Ark say friendly
So when you put out fires when you sleep with a passion and an instrument of torture in both hands of yours
To the masses, to the public, to the hell-hold minions - you were just another girl who lived not quite so next-door
Except for the fact internal damage hasn't taken a full hold of you yet while exceedingly exceeding in a backdoor bet
My alibi is set so when I get annoyed I can just say-say-say this that and the other and ask which one of you lot is next