View Full Version : Practice? practice!

04-03-2010, 03:01 AM

I am practicing drawing.. I can see a big difference btwn the first and 2nd after one day of drawing = )

04-03-2010, 05:26 AM
That was very sexy, the movements and figures were great! I guess the next step is detailing?

04-03-2010, 08:04 AM
Pretty awesome, Michoolll. Although, when it's all sketchy like that you can't really tell what's going on until you watch it more than once.

04-03-2010, 09:28 PM
ya, I need to clean up too. I'm just practicing basic human anatomy first though. thanks :)

04-09-2010, 06:55 AM
Its good, but the lines need to be defined more. As the animation goes on you gradually drew the lines rougher and rougher.

04-09-2010, 01:21 PM
The swinging animation needed to settle. I really hate it when animations take an abrupt ending. The swing had a settling with easing and the step at the end, but the step ended without any slowing down or anything.

Also your lines are really scratchy. The smaller the brush and the fewer lines you have the more vivid the motion blah blah blah you know all this already why am I typing this nice work.