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Pivot Breakout!

Just a attempt, probably gonna be a BIG fail.

If you want to be a character in this story just let me know...

Main characters:
Zeppo117: Commonly known as Zeppo, he was one of the last to be imprisoned by the Flash soldiers. His weapon of choice is a massive hammer, about as big as himself, and he relies on other heavy weaponry as well to fight.

Excellion1498: Known as Cel to most people, he was one of the first to be caught by the Flash soldiers. He resists enthusiastically, and is often moved from cell to cell in the prison. He uses two knives as his basic weapons, a katana as a heavy weapon and a modified DEagle for ranged combat. His weapons are light, and he relies on speed to battle. Cel is moderately anti-social, and won't speak much except to people that he knows well.

Chapter 1

I couldn't feel the cold stone floor anymore, I'd been here so long that I have become numb to the feeling. It had been ten and a half long years to be exact, just waiting in this cell... the same cell I was put in ten years ago by those Flash soldiers. Let me tell you a little about myself...

I'm a Pivot animator, and those Flash soldiers put me here because I am too much of a pro for them. I'm not the only one here...well, almost all of the Pivot pros are here, but I don't know exactly who, or why. Anyway let's get back to about me. Practicing Pivot animating made me almost a pro in no time at all. Not to boast, but when I have my sledgehammer with me, my enemy won't stand a chance. The only reason I got defeated was...well, there's only one of me, and those Flash soldiers never seem to run out of grunts.

I lost my train of thought when a Flash guard (eating something that smelt like heaven) walked past my cell, rather noisily. I was starting to feel hungry, so I walked up to my feeding dish.

"Dammit, it's empty!" I swore.

The food that I got there was definitely not the best food I've ever tasted, but god, I was hungry. I hadn't eaten in two whole days, and it looked like I would have to wait until at least one more passed until feeding time rolled along.

I went to corner of the cell where my lousy excuse for a bed was. I lay in my cot and pondered on how I could escape this horrible nightmare, closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep.

After what felt like minuets, I woke up to the sound of struggling. I ran to the end of my cell to see what was making all the commotion, when there I saw Excellion1498, also known as Cel, being dragged across the hall by two Flash guards to his dungeon.

Cel is another pro Pivot soldier, a excellent fighter, and one of my best buds.

"What are the chances of him being in the cooler (slang term for prison/cell) just next to me?" I Think to my self, as the Flash guards throw an angry Excallion into his cell.

“Damn you, f***g d**ks!” That was Cel, still cussing even when the guards were way out of hearing range.
“Is that you, Cel?” I said, putting my mouth near a crack in the wall.
“Zeppo? The hell are you doing here?”
“I know, shocking isn’t it? There’s too many for even a sledgehammer to fend off.”
We talked for a while. “Zeppo, we need to get out of here.” Cel finally said.
“Duh. What else do we have to do?"

End of Chapter 1

up dates will be added<<
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thanks for the tips, and i would be happy for any help

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You can PM me with the draft and I will epic-fy it and edit it.