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02-02-2012, 06:56 PM
Time… Many have tried to define what it is. Some claim time is like a river flowing in one direction. People refer to points of time on a time line. They are all wrong. Time is like a ring, forever repeating, never ending. And these… time rings are all linked together in a suit of imaginary chainmail. Now sometimes the rings meld together. This causes information from one time ring to cross over to the other.
A long time a go tomorrow in the present, an extreme case occurred. A large amount of time rings fused together; causing one large time ring to be created with weaving paths crossing inside of it. I pray that this will help the soul reading this book understand. May the LORD of all that exists help us. Let it be known that there is no God.

Kaylee looked across the lunchroom at the mystery that lay before her. Why didn’t he notice her? Was there something wrong with her? Did he even notice her eyes drilling into the back of his head? Well if he didn’t notice; she would make him notice.
“Hey Damion!” Kaylee yelled. As Kaylee walked across the lunchroom to her current infatuation; she held the entire lunchroom’s gaze.
Now Kaylee was an attractive girl: Naturally beautiful and smooth skin. Her eyes were amber; the shape of a star propelling out of her pupils. And if you stared into them, you would be absorbed into her eyes. Her hair was auburn: crimped is how she wore it. Her eyebrows were dark red, not to thick or thin. They curved around her eyes like a crescent moon. Her eyelashes looked like she used the most expensive mascara. Her lips were so perfect: that you would lose control if you stared at them for to long. Now it seems that she had the entire school at her feet because of her beauty. But one trait of Kaylee… balanced everything out. Kaylee was klutzy. She would always be running into people, tripping over objects, and falling all over the place.
So when Kaylee was walking towards this Damion character; she did what was expected of her: she tripped and fell flat on her face. Laughter erupting all over the lunchroom; Kaylee’s friends: Summer, Genesis, and Revelation quickly ran to her and escorted her away from the hellish scene.

“Are you coming Steven?” asked Skels, impatient with his friend’s slothness. “Why do you always take so long?”
“I have a lot on my mind,” answered Steven with his bored of life voice.
“Well let’s go dude!” exclaimed Skels.
“Why are you so excited?” quizzed Steven, not really caring.
“I want to introduce you to someone,” stated Skels.
“You know I don’t like people,” claimed the pessimistic Steven. “And you always try hooking me up with the dumbest girls.”
“Hey! Some of them were good.”
“Good at wasting my time.”
“I promise this is the last time I will try hooking you up with someone, just please meet her.”
“Fine, but this is the last time.”
“Come on!”
As Steven walked into the classroom – ignoring the ranting of Skels – he set his eyes on Kaylee…

02-03-2012, 08:01 AM
This is a very nice piece of writing you have there. I was honestly saddened when it suddenly stopped, I hope you decide to finish it soon. I anxiously look forward to seeing more.

02-03-2012, 11:11 AM
It used to be a lot longer, but I lost it when I lost my flashdrive. :(

I had this cool writing style where each main character would tell the story from their own eyes. I'll get back to it, but I'm writing something else right now.

02-03-2012, 12:00 PM
Multiple perspectives, I've read that style too. It can be quite confusing depending on how well one writes. I look forward to whatever piece comes next.