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Able to shoot condensed energy from the tips of his index fingers out as "energy" bullets.
Skilled Strategist (What battles he cannot win through sheer force, he wins through planning and cunning tactics.)

Type 1 - Condensed Bullets:
Condensed energy from neon's own energy is collected into the tips of his index fingers, once launched from his fingers the energy becomes solid enough to penetrate other solid objects (Rocks, Steel, and etc) This takes a small amount of life force for every bullet use.
Type 2 - Ricochet Bullets:
Much like the Condensed Bullets, these energy bullets are protected by a extra coating of Neon-sensei's energy! A patch of energy not as solid but more flexible around the bullet...When the bullet collides with another object it is repelled back in the opposite direction, and continues to bounce off object until its "energy coating" is depleted and the bullet vanishes. (3 strikes) This takes up a much greater amount of energy out of neon's life force.
Type 3 - Elemental Bullets:
Similar to all the other type's of bullets, but neon uses the energy from the surroundings to coat the condensed energy around his bullets with whatever element is around. (This ability depends heavenly on the surrounding to use at his disposal, when he uses this ability is sucks the life force from it. Much like he sucks up flames around him...the flames disappears.)

Combat Modes:

--Sharp Shooter Mode--
Neon's Default combat style, where he uses mainly his one hand and index finger to attack his enemies. Increased Accuracy 100% more accurate then his other styles.

--Gunslinger Mode--
Neon's daul wielding combat style, much like his sharpshooter, but he weilds both of his hands out in combat to destroy his enemies. With a decrease in accuracy, but increased Speed 100% much more fire rate than his other styles. He rains down death on his opponents.

--Cannon Man Mode--
Neon's Most Deadliest combat style, with the use of all of his fingers on one hand. Neon can collect up a huge amount of energy at once into a large boulder size "Nuke" bomb in his hand. This style takes time to collect energy and has a much slower firing rate, making him vulnerable to attacks! But once unleashed this devastating attack with Damage over 500% can wipe a city clean from the face of the earth.

Every time neon uses his energy bullets, it takes a large toll out of own energy so neon becomes more and more fatigue over time during his battle.

His element bullets depend heavenly on the environment. (fire from explosions and burning objects, water from oceans or from the rain, and etc)

Weakest at close range.

A well respected Teacher, and honorable mentor of students of Hell Breakers Academy. Well diverse in long range combat and un-match skill in tactics and stealth. Well respected among his personal students, as the "Blazing Hornet"..."Blazing" for the speed his annihilate's his opponent. and hornet for the powerful stings of his bullets and his tongue when it comes to "biting his students" heads off for mistakes and errors during combat pratice. A hard and strict teacher, but the best Hell Breakers Academy could ever offer...the 2nd best. :)

June 2009 demo (http://www.truploader.com/view/353214)
2010 Demo (http://www.fileize.com/view/2e6d2cc3-6cf/)
Gunslinger Mode 2011 (http://www.fileize.com/view/7619c213-243/)

Vs <Andre> Stone (On Hold)
Vs <Tention> Tentionmaru (Not Yet Confirmed)
Vs <Wisp> SethX Deadline: June, 30, 2011 - WON


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I so want to fight you one day!

Anyway Gl man.

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YOU ARE EPIIIC imo, hahah!

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Well THIS is a good example of how a RHG page should look!

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What about mine, oxob? RHG link is in my signature.

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What about mine, oxob? RHG link is in my signature.
Don't worry Shadow It's Neon-Sensei So he gets a lot of fanboys smothering his page and Oxob just wanted to say that on his. not saying yours isn't in order bu neon-drane is like a celeb here.

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Well I say, as soon as im done with this joint and collab.
Battle or no battle, Im making an RHG battle between Raxes and Neon-Sensei.

A sword master vs a Sensei!

Oh and nice page, just beautiful work Neon-Drane

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Don't worry Shadow It's Neon-Sensei So he gets a lot of fanboys smothering his page and Oxob just wanted to say that on his. not saying yours isn't in order bu neon-drane is like a celeb here.


This dude is inspiration B|
He deserves more fans ! lol

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Gladiator unlocked

Good luck fighting!

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Wow this RHG only has 1 page..... i thought he would have more..
you have a really cool RHG neon :D