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Silver Guardian
03-02-2012, 04:08 PM
Hello everyone! I am the Silver Guardian. I'm new to this so give me feedback.:confused: Anyway, if you have noticed my avatar, i have been working on my own stories, but I've been searching for ways to show my characters. speaking of characters, here is one of my own! I introduce to you all...... The Silver Guardian! yes i know he is named after my user name;).

2742 2745 2743

1)Completely red ( or a sort of dark yellow to represent gold).
2)"sonic the Hedgehog" hair style.
3)Silver or Gold mask.
4)Large Sword, as tall as himself.

1)never talks unless he gives info.
2)Mask NEVER comes off.

1)a gray colored source of supernatural energy.
2)does not have no hesitation or regret for his bloody actions.
3)Hunts down targets and will immediately kills if given the opportunity.
4)a Killer instinct that insures fast defeats.
5)if fight goes on too long or if surrendering, wings that are as sharp as his sword will rip from his back given him flight and damaging defense if attacked from behind.

1)piercing attacks but is HORRIBLE:mad: in hand-to-hand combat.
2)iron defense especially when using his wings.
3)jogs or speed walk, never runs unless he chases after someone.
4) slow speed when running, but very fast speed when flying.
5)uses supernatural energy to attack from a distance or increase attack.
6)hardly dodges and will never block if he looses his sword.

Thats pretty much it. give me your opinion as soon as possible! thanks for reading!:D

I'm pretty sure most of you think the Silver Guardian stick figure picture is less than good enough, so I'll leave a picture of his special design.;)


03-02-2012, 05:01 PM
please refer to the page above^

and you need a demo and 150x150 picture of your RHG
just click the link

Silver Guardian
03-05-2012, 02:44 AM
thanks for letting me know, I'll get right on it. :)