View Full Version : Well, I need a reason to continue this story.

03-04-2012, 01:21 PM
I started writing this story about a year ago, the beginning of March or April. After the following 4 chapters, i gave it up to play some vidya. Now, I wan't to continue it, but i lack the drive to do so.

Hearing some positive feedback might help, i'm hoping, and C&C would be much appreciated.

I hate to link off-site, but I forgot how to use spoilers.

Yes, it's about dragons. Why? Because that's what I felt like writing.

Chapter1 (http://seems-dark-bro.deviantart.com/art/Dragons-Hidden-Lore-Chapter-1-279199124?q=gallery%3Aseems-dark-bro%2F34738263&qo=7)
Chapter2 (http://seems-dark-bro.deviantart.com/art/Dragons-Hidden-Lore-Chapter-2-279199447?q=gallery%3Aseems-dark-bro%2F34738263&qo=6)
Chapter3 (http://seems-dark-bro.deviantart.com/art/Dragons-Hidden-Lore-Chapter-3-279199600?q=gallery%3Aseems-dark-bro%2F34738263&qo=5)
Chapter4 (http://seems-dark-bro.deviantart.com/art/Dragons-Hidden-Lore-Chapter-4-279199722?q=gallery%3Aseems-dark-bro%2F34738263&qo=4)

Sorry if I in any way wasted your time. And thanks for any help you may give me.

03-19-2012, 01:20 PM
I'll admit I didn't read the entire thing, but I like what I've read so far.

03-19-2012, 01:36 PM
Aside from recycled lines and odd character names (which isn't a big deal, I suppose), it was a considerably enjoyable read. Thank you for that.

On a side note... I'm sorry, but your username is really fucking gay. Unless I'm missing some hidden, mind-blowing meaning.

had to say it