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03-11-2012, 06:30 PM
So, this section is pretty inactive, so let's bring a little life to this place.
Let's play a game.

One person writes a paragraph of a story, around five to eight lines, and the next person continues it.
You may reserve your spot, but reservations are void after an hour.
NO SPAM POSTING! For example, 'lol are we waiting for someone' 'your part sux' 'lul hai guyz letz hangg out!!1!!1!!!1!'

Story 1
Rules: First person view.
I'll start.

I blinked my eyes open to the blinding glare of morning sunlight. I dragged my hand over to my forehead, and held it over my eyes as I squinted through the light. I lifted my head up and swung my feet over to the floor. Moving my other hand up, I rubbed my tired eyes and ztaggered to my feet. Stumbling over to the window, I dragged the curtains across the window. With the room satisfyingly dark, I sighed and walked to the door. That's how my day started. With the sun as my alarm clock I was occasionally late for work... like today. I dashed down the stairs, pulling on my clothes and scoffing down some dry cereal. Grabbing my suit from the coathook, I raced out the door, almost forgetting to shut and lock it. Unlocking and jumping into my car, I drove down the street at illegal speeds.
Just another day in my life.

Now you write!

03-12-2012, 08:53 AM
I cringed as I barely avoided smashing into another vehicle. Crazy maniacs, I told myself. Then again, I was driving pretty recklessly too, as much as I refused to admit it. Past the monotonous buildings was my workplace, a quaint little office that looked incredibly out of place, being seemingly dwarfed by the comparably gargantuan towers near it. But I wasn't something I particularly cared about. As far as I know, it was more homely and comforting than those big, steel giants.

03-12-2012, 09:09 AM
After having crushed the boss' car while trying to stop at a speed of 110 km/h, I exit from the dust and the rubble while I heard the siren of the police coming always closer. "Fuck them", I thoght running upstairs to my office. But, after I bumped 10 guys so hard that they fell from the windows in the cossidor, I found that ass-face of my boss and in that moment it came to my mind that, since I'd have bene fired after crushing his car and, maybe, I'd have even gone to prison, I decided it was time to get my revenge after working almost free for that dick for 12 years and, before he could even open his mouth, I grabbed him and.....

03-12-2012, 07:26 PM
I kicked nuts of Boss hard as train on lines.
"Oohowoh, my cock!" screamshouted bossman on floor.
"I am boss now" said me and i took hat from boss and put on my head. Other work people who are not boss crawl slow towards me like try to steal my hat and I shout "NO!!" and all hit walls and one fly out of window with "AHHHHHHHH!" and splat with boom, some blood in go baby pram and make baby cry.
"Stop with crying Synthia!" shout mother and smack baby with purse, but baby only cry louder.

03-12-2012, 07:52 PM
Angrily I grabbed the stacks of paper from peoples desks and threw them around the room like an angrey moneky gone bannanas."Now you work people," I said in a bossful voice, "clean up this mess or you will ended up like the man flying of the window!" They did not want to be splatted, and they do as I sayed. The work people scrambled across the floor trying to collect their papers, but I did not let them, knocking the papers to the floor swiftly, sternly speaking "Now pick them up boy" "Again" and they replied in a timid voice "Yes mastar."

Now the former boss was done wiping his sad tears and looked at me with deadly momentum. "Give me my hat!" he screamed like a gorilla. "No I am boss. You cant tell me orders anymore!" I yelled running towards him. Grabbing his sore nuts I squished them between my strong fingers, rolling them around, so soft, feeling the left nut switch places with the right nut, and visa versa. He yelped in terror. "Now." I said, "Get on your knees."
"Yes mastar" he replies with new tears forming.
"Now." I says unzipping my warrior pocket, "Relief me, boy..." I look him in the eyes, with a dsterned expression no man could match. He drops a tear of submission and follows me request.
"I will serve u." His fat fingers touched up against my member thru my whitey tighteys and shuffled around trying to get it through the penis slot. "Hurry it up!" I yelled, grabbing his balled head. I yank it back so his eyes meet mine. "Your gonna be my dirty little bitch now and you do as I say or I punish u. Now get my f*cking member out."
He give a whimper of sumbission as the worker people onlook in amazement and jealousy, still on they're knees like little animal bitches.
But I felt a sharp pain as my member felt like it were burning with fire. "OWOWOWOWOWOW!!!!!" I cried.
"Heh, how do u like this?" he has my throbbing cock in between his slutty teeth. He chew it slowly, I can hear the squishing sound... and i cry in pain... and pleasure...
"RRhhgg; HRRRMmmm" I says. I see the blood swell up and then drip out from his teeth, down his red sexy lips, and trickle down his double chin. I reach down and fondle his fat quiverring tits. Squeeze/