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03-18-2012, 12:12 PM
Basically this is a clean collaboration between us writers to make an awesome story. Nocturna(Me) and Excellion1498 will be running the thread. You must send your entry to one or both of us before posting it!

The collab will work in a simple "add to the story" fashion, like three word story games. Entry's should be written in a first person present tense, and should continue seamlessly without any major style changes. Entries should be 4-7 paragraphs long, and again, You must send your entry to Nocturna or Excellion1498 before posting it!

I'll add the first entry soon.

03-18-2012, 04:06 PM
And I'll add the second.
All writers, please participate in this.

03-19-2012, 01:06 PM
Hello. My name is Joe Linnel. I'm an average 17 year old guy from the suburbs of Cleveland. I grew up in a middle class family with middle class expectations. I guess I never really needed that extra push, so I never really had any ambition. But that all changed when the aliens came to Earth with the promise of the ultimate power--becoming a god. They announced a competition, basically a free for all where the last living human would become God, and create a new universe. They said that if after a year, more or less than one human being was alive, they'd eradicate the universe completely. They took away our nuclear missiles, but left us our guns and ships. World leaders made the announcement, and they urged people to commit suicide, and trust that the government would take care of everything. But why would we do that?

I guess deep in my heart I knew I wouldn't win, but a guy's gotta try I guess. My family thought otherwise. As an only child, my parents decided that someone like them couldn't make a difference, so they just called it quits. As emotional as their death was, I had no time for grieving. I only had a week to get somewhere safe, so I'd have to leave immediately. I grabbed my dog, a knife, food, and some other vital living supplies, and headed out. I didn't know where I was headed, but I felt safer in a moving vehicle. The Dregors said they'd disqualify anyone who commits murder before the contest begins, so nobody would mess with me.

The streets were crowded, but not chaotic. People actually acted civilized, so I managed to keep myself calm. I pulled out my phone and called up a friend, no answer. I wondered how long the internet would be up, and then realized I had no real plan at all. I started planning; I would find some friends and create a small group. We'd head off to some rural area and try to lay low for a year. I then started to worry about government attacks. If the government wanted everyone dead, would they be able to raid our cities and kill us? Maybe running off to a rural area isn't such a bad idea after all.

I kept driving until I saw a big hand-made sign in front of the ParmaTown mall. It read, "Food and shelter in exchange for protection. Join the league of Niro today!" I pulled into the driveway, which wasn't very crowded. It seemed like everyone was heading out of the city, probably to hide. I parked my car and grabbed my dog, then walked towards the barricaded doors. Two armed men were outside ready to talk to me. "I'd like to join Niro." I said. One of the men checked me for weapons, then took my knife. "We'll give this back to you when we know we can trust you." He said. I nodded then the other man opened the doors and let me climb over the barricade. My name is Joe Linnel, and that is how my story began.

(Sorry for taking so long. This is just the intro, so if you want to change the style to present tense you could.)

03-22-2012, 12:06 PM
Sorry for the really long wait, I got a bit sidetracked. This collab is now open for writers to PM entries to me or Nocturna.
Almost all entries will likely be accepted as long as they do not contain any seriously off topic or inappropriate content, like the old Writer's Collab.

I'm not sure exactly what my thoughts and feelings were while I was walking with the soldier. I felt cold inside, like there was a great big gaping chasm inside of me that was leeching out all of the warmth. I remember turmoil in my head, thoughts and ideas whirling around like a miniature hurricane. What am I doing here? Am I making the right decision? Is this what Mom and Dad would want?
That last thought is the one I remember as the clearest, and the most agonizing to think of. My parents were dead. What if they had had expectations for me? This wouldn't be the life they would want for me. They... they might even despise the path I had chosen. I know I had many other thoughts, but they have vanished from my memory.
I remember torturing myself over whether my parents would approve of me or not, and facing the grim realisation that I wasn't thinking about what they would want when I asked to join up for this Niro organisation.
I clenched my jaw and tried my best to put a neutral expression on my face. If I showed any weakness, I would likely be the first to be preyed upon, and I wouldn't have a hope in hell to survive.

My dog nipped at my heels. I stopped my even pacing and looked down at him.
He made a whining sound in his throat, as if to say, 'Where are they? Where is the woman who used to rub my belly every night? Where is the man who used to sleep with me curled up under his arm?'
I fought the irrational urge to shake the stupid dog and yell "They're not coming back! Not now, not ever!" I knew that it was pointless. The dog would only become frightened of me or even angry at me, and I would lose what would probably be my only companionship for the next few days. Not only that, but the soldier would deem me unstable, emotionally insecure, and I would lose what little help and training I might have for my goal to survive.

“Stop.” I heard the voice but didn’t register it in my brain, until I walked into an arm.
The soldier looked back at me. “Pay attention, or you’ll never make it in.’ He gestured towards a seemingly plain white building. I looked closer, and realized what was special about it. No matter how many times I swept my gaze over the area, my eyes never strayed unintentionally towards the white building. “Welcome to the League of Niro. You’ll have your weapons back after you are trained...” He gestured to the knife he had put in a leather sheath. “...as I’ve already said, we don’t know if we can trust you before then. Also...” The soldier squinted his eyes. “You might be part of a very special group...” He then shook his head. “What am I saying,” he mumbled to himself. “A fresh recruit, and I’m already spilling secrets... could he be one of the-“ His nearly inaudible voice was cut off with a startling gurgling sound and a hiss of air, and the main doors of the white building were flung open.

A kid, no older than me, walked through the doors and walked slowly and casually towards the soldier and I. I looked back at the soldier, and realized with a dizzying lurch of my stomach that he was lying on the ground, trickles of blood leaking from a miniature hole in his skull and glassy eyes staring at the sky. I felt bile rising in my throat, and hunched over, clutching my stomach and retching drily into air that had suddenly turned cold and frightening.
The kid made his way over to me while I stayed hunched over, still unable to actually throw up. I realized why. I hadn’t eaten in days, and there was nothing left to bring up.
When the kid got to me, I felt my stomach rise into my throat. I actually managed to puke this time, and when I looked at the ground, I realized that it was all blood. I also realized that I was suspended ten feet above the ground, at that the kid was staring at me with piercing green eyes that seemed to know everything that I was thinking.
“You’ve caused quite a disturbance,” he said at last. “I wish I didn’t have to kill Jonathan, but you really shouldn’t have made him reveal as much as he did.”
“But I didn’t do anything!” I protested. “I didn’t even say a word to him!”
“But you desperately wanted to know what was going to happen to you. You should have just accepted it and kept your thoughts to yourself.”
“But I did!” Even I could tell that my protests were futile. “I didn’t say a word!”
“Too late.” The kid narrowed his eyes. I felt something collapse in my throat, and the world faded to white.