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Personality: Good Natured when chilling, Crazed when when provoked.
Family: Artimea[/COLOR](Old RHG)] [Mother-Alive] [Father-Alive]
Alignment: Lawful-Chaos
Clan: Eternity

Theme Song: [NO SCARED] by One Ok Rock (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8NQTQmt8Rk0)

Sigma has the ability to emit Light energy from himself and control it with his body, Sigma also carries a sword that is designed to be fully compatible with his powers. One of his key powers is, being able to turn into Light, making him intangible to attacks and allowing him to move at an incredibly increased speed. His powers have also been used for blinding and stunning enemies in his path. His body being composed of light allows him to quickly regenerate any lost limbs with ease.

Sigma now exhibits more brutal methods of attack, no longer hesitating to cause a big mess, this behaviour is attributed to his UV mode, a form that activates when he is highly irritated or injured!(look below for a better summary)

Summary Of Powers

Normal mode
Light energy projection/manipulation
Pure Light Form( increased speed, attack and regenerative abilities)
Light Regeneration
Sword of Light

UV Mode
Psycotic behaviour
Brutal attack pattern
Light energy becomes radioactive
Constantly emits toxic UV rays from his body.

Even though his powers are strong against Dark attributed enemies, the very same Dark Based attacks will cause lethal damage, these attacks will cause more damage if he is in his Light transformation. Removing his sword will force him to use his Light based attacks(use this time wisely because he can move as fast as light). Depending on the intensity of his attacks, reflective materials can deflect his energy blasts. Those who are strong in both willpower and strength can even strike him in his light form. Even though he can regenerate any lost limbs, if not in his light form, Sigma will feel every bit of pain if a limb is lost in battle.....sometimes the pain may take its toll on his overall health(causing fatigue, dizzyness, even madness)

A Bright Start
Unlike some fighters Sigma wasn't raised knowing of his powers. It wasn't until recently when his life was in danger that Sigma realised what he could do. He discovered he could generate Light during a mugging when the thief tried to attack him and was blinded by the light coming from his body.

A Family's True Power
Confused about the events that just took place Sigma confided in his older brother Artimea. During this conversation with his brother Sigma was told about his family and their individual powers, His dad could control and focus solar energy into strong beams, His mother had Plasma generation powers and His brother Artimea powers involved being able to generate and release beams of blue kinetic energy by compressing the energy into a small blue orb on his sword. with this knowlege Sigma began training his powers so that he could eventually become as powerful as his family.

Go Easy On Me
During the training one of Sigma's challenges was to avoid the fire of a sentry turret. The turret began to malfunction pretty quick, multiple fatal shots at once, just as the shot would hit his chest, Sigma to his surprise began glowing and the blasts phased right through him. His Parents described the power as being able to turn his entire body into light allowing attacks to pass through him, leaving his body undamaged, They guess that with the evolution of his powers he would be able to convert other objects and people into light energy granting them properties similar to his light form.

No Entrance Fee
With this new found abbility Sigma signed up to the RHG tournament but not without first receiving a Special Sword from Artimea, The sword is designed to allow any of Sigma's family to maximize the're many forms of energy powers.

For All Of Eternity
Shortly after his entrance into tournament Sigma found himself in need of allies if he was to survive in this place. His Brother Artimea had told sigma of a few people who were in a clan called Eternity whom Artimea knew from a while back, all of them willing to treat Sigma as if he had been apart of the group for months. After being introduced to the majority of the clan Sigma was deemed an official member of the group. Now with allies Sigma didn't have to go through his journey alone.

Vanish Into Madness
During the migration from Fluidia(Fluid-Anims) to Sticktopia(StickPage), Sigma vanished....., 2 months later he appeared at the entrence to Sticktopia, Even though his physical injuries were few in number, the damage done to his psyche was critical, it was apparent that whatever had happened out their, had drove him to a state of MADNESS!

Demo Time
New demo in the works
Nothing here....how sad

Wins: 0 / Loses: 0

-Available For Battle-

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Wow, nice character and demo

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Thanks man :)

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Thanks man :)

if your part of eternity, then be prepared :D

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Awesome RHG man! the demo, and the theme too! :D

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if your part of eternity, then be prepared :D

Be prepared for what? hmmm i wonder what your planning :)

Awesome RHG man! the demo, and the theme too! :D

Thanks :) i personally am pretty fond of the theme :D

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