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04-01-2012, 01:35 AM
I wanted to practice a little water so here's the resoult :) :


Cnc really appreciated!
Have a nice day!

04-01-2012, 03:02 AM
it looks more like an energy beam.
water move slower.

04-01-2012, 03:06 AM
So? it'll be a water beam.

I think it looks very cool, I really have nothing to pick on.

04-01-2012, 03:09 AM
Thank you for the comments guys! And I'm glad that you like it dresnet :D!

04-01-2012, 05:43 AM
the "water beam" animation part was really good. u used some pretty funky colors ;P

04-01-2012, 06:11 AM
really good! i especially like the water before the beam! it just kinda fell right! more realistic then most particles!

04-01-2012, 09:04 AM
Water before the beam accelerated a bit too much(ie it disappeared, I think it could have stuck around a few fames more....) towards the end, I think. But it was still pretty cool.
And the water beam itself looked pretty Awesome, must've taken you quite a while :O

Are you gonna use this effect anywhere?

04-01-2012, 09:42 AM
Thanks for the comments :D!
Oh and yeah you're right about that fast dissipation of those particles, raynmetal. Oh and I'm not going to use it...why? O-O