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Abaddon in hebrew means Doom.
The word on Abaddons scythe means "Death" in japanese.

Abilities: Abaddon is the GateKeeper of the under world. Abaddon has an unbreakable scythe that gives him the ability to temporarly tear time and space, which creates a portal to the underworld.
Abaddon can either use these portals to bring spirits of any dead creature and control them, or use them as a teleport in the human world (getting into a portal and getting out of it on another location in the human world).
Other than the scythe's abilty, abaddon can control the dark energy thats all around him with his mind.

Weaknesses: Without his scythe, Abaddon cannot create portals to the underworld (which leaves him only with his dark energy).
in order to kill the spirits Abaddon summons you have to hit them once in the heart (the hearts location is shown even out of the spirits bodies in a red glow).
in order to kill Abaddon you need to pull his heart out of his body. Just hitting the heart wont work.

Story: No one knows when abaddon was born and how old he is. Abaddon started his life as a very intelligent yet normal human being. He lived his life trying to help other people, trying to fight violence and make the world a better place. When his time to die has come, the Gods of death made a deal with him. They did not take his life and gave him the power to control the "Dark energy". They did not make him a god (he was still a mortal) but the only way to kill him was taking his heart out of his body. They thought that he would use the "Dark energy" correctly and responsibly, but they were wrong.
After a while, Abaddon controlled his powers in the best way possible. He found out the way of killing the Gods of death, and killed the gate keeper of the underworld. Abaddon has gained the powers and scythe of the gate keeper,and now he could open a portal to the under world and control the spirits of any dead creature. From that point on , he used his powers to paralyze any violence and uprizing against him and made the world fear him. Abaddon sworn that he will eliminate anyone who comes against him, no matter what is the cost.

Demo Animation: http://talelm.deviantart.com/art/Abaddon-s-Demonstration-471669927

Looks Demo: http://i61.tinypic.com/9vbpms.png

Battles: Non.

Points: 0.

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well that just looks fucking delicious, in other words nice RHG character : )

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great RHG man! cant wait to see the demo

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Im craving a nice demo man, i want to see it soooo bad :D Your RHG looks awesome.

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looks really cool, glad you posted it :D
and as everyine said, im looking forward for the demo :)

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looks really cool, glad you posted it :D
and as everyine said, im looking forward for the demo :)

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Man dude, where's your demo?
I wanna see your skills!

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TalElm? I remember you! your RHG was different last time I saw you, GL!

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Nice TalElm! This looks like an awesome RHG, we must vs some day when I'm not busy XD

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HIIIII TAAAAAL! lol (like a crazy fan) ... when is the freakin demo rdy and pls upload it as another self record on youtube :3

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