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04-21-2012, 07:30 AM
I've always wanted to animate bending, from the animation series 'Avatar'.. now I've finally started to learn this.. I've put alot of times in this, and I usually post in the beginners section, but I feel my animation is worth more for me than posting it in the Beginners Section..

this is it.

I'm having alot of trouble trying to get it look real,
I'd love suggestions on how to improve the 'bending'

04-21-2012, 07:32 AM
Nice, I love how you drew the rocks

04-21-2012, 07:55 AM
the actual bending is great but your movements need work. and thats what makes the anim not as good

04-21-2012, 08:40 AM
Yea the rocks are nice and everything. You just need to work on movements and wobbling.

04-21-2012, 09:47 AM
The shade on the rocks look pretty cool, to be honest.
I think that, (especially on the first earth block thing), the particles that fall off should difference in size.
A couple of big ones, medium, small, etc. etc. .
Hope this helps a bit ;)

04-21-2012, 10:11 AM
I don't like the movements much like everyone else, umm, there's some resizing from start to finish, and the particles when the rocks get moved are incomplete, since it's a solid particle it shouldn't dissipate, also, I know earth bending is a very brittle action but there should be some easing when the larger rock comes out of the side, and you only put grass particles on the second rock for some reason, and those don't even seem to follow any rules of gravity, they all just swoosh out and back in towards the hill. And I know this is a little petty, but the super slow tween you put on your clouds to make them look like they're moving is completely unnoticeable and unnecessary because of the spatial V-cam movements the clouds look static.

Now, I gotta say, I really like your art style, as most everyone said, your rocks do look nice, you've got a good grasp on shadows, your clouds look good too, I like the beams of light coming down look really good, and your movements weren't entirely flawed, the arch on the Jump is mostly correct, you just have a lot of wobbly-ness and some resizing, and you need to ease the body parts a little more.

THERE that's all I've got, well, I could probably think of more, but uhh yeah

work harder on your grass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!