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Something I work on on another forum, and decided to post here.
READ FIRST: The prelude involves some (very) dark subjects. Reader discretion advised.
Nevertheless, here it is. Additional chapters added upon completion. I'd prefer to not be flooded with questions, whatever it is should hopefully come clear as the story progresses.

Immortal Prelude
__________________________________________________ _______________
CHAPTER I: Liberate
__________________________________________________ _______________

Dark. Cold. Alone. It’d been like this for me for… well, I didn’t even know. Were the months added up to make years, or the other way? I never managed to remember. I didn’t have parents long enough for them to teach me these things. And the people who were supposed to be taking care of me-… It brings a tear to my eye every time I think of those people. None of them seemed to want to give any of the Projects the time of day. One only appeared to drag one of us away at random, one of us we’d never see again. Another, the female, simply treated us like dirt, we had to only speak when spoken to, and avert our gaze from her, or risk being attacked, or worse. And the other one… Well, what he did to me was sick. I’m only a child, a defenceless girl of fourteen (I’m told that’s my age). These people are supposed to care for me. And they do. But they don’t care about me. The only ones who ever did are dead.

Those who weren’t dragged away, or didn’t die in the cells… HE ate them.

The cell opposite to mine, forever veiled in the dark. Maximum security. HE lived there. He had no name. Well, none of us did officially, but he didn’t even have a Code. For example, my own Code is CL-0, and some others I knew of were RS-4, GT-9, and AP-50. They used to live in this cell with me, by the way. But HIM, in the cell opposite… well, if he did have a code, I never heard the ‘carers’ address him by it. Hell, they’d never even go near his cell when they could avoid it. Because that man was violently insane. There were times he’d managed to break out of that cell, and rampage round, break into the other cells, and kill the Projects, drag their corpses back to his, and EAT them. He broke into my cell once. I don’t remember what happened. Nor do I ever want to.

The haunting memory of waking up to my mother’s freshly gutted corpse cradling me in her lifeless arms is enough. Her intestines trailing around the cell, her blood drenching me from head to toe, and her eyes still screaming in pure terror and agony long after the life had faded from them… You have no idea. NOBODY has ANY IDEA. There are still nights to this day where I wake up, the image branded into my mind. I want to scream, but sometimes, like that night, the terror that chills my heart and slows it to a near stop simply takes the sound from me. And to this day, every time I wake like this, every time I wake up to those shrieking eyes, there’s one more in the dark, that menacing, glimmering blue optic of his, and the echoing of his psychotic laughter ceaselessly rattling through my brain…

Ever since then, the scary bad man was put in that maximum security cell, and he’s never broken out since. Yes, scary bad man. That’s all I’ve ever known him as. Anyway, between him, and the three who treat me like dirt, it’s safe to say my life here has been abysmal… I’ve heard them say things about the outside world, oh what I’d give to be out there, it sounds like paradise compared to here. What I’d give to be free, I think to myself every night, before I go to sleep, what I would give…

Although never in a million years did I actually expect tonight’s events.

“…hello? Little girl…?”
I awoke with a gasp. Who was that? I didn’t recognise the voice. I couldn’t see anything… Oh.

…Who was this… it was dark, I still couldn’t see anything more than faint silhouettes… a figure directly in front of me… the voice suggested it to be feminine…
“Wake up, darling. We’re gonna get you out of here.”
“Yes. We’ll take you to the outside world…”
The outside world? I couldn’t believe it… My dreams were finally coming true… “…who are you…?”
“My name is-“ this woman could not answer, for a second figure had appeared, a hooded figure in a cloak. “We haven’t the time to exchange pleasantries, we must go, before they know us to be here!”
The voice, familiar from somewhere… the accent, however, new. But that wasn’t exactly a concern to me, these two were offering me freedom. And after my entire life spent in this HELL, I was going to take it. Anything had to be better than living in constant terror of being either attacked, eaten, or…

Slowly, I climbed to my feet, and looked to my two apparent saviours. Whoever these two were, I was eternally thankful, no words or actions could correctly portray my gratitude to these two, all I could say for now was, “…Thank you…” The other was right, time was going to be short, the three could be down here in no time once they knew someone was breaking out with a Project. And I’ve seen what the female does to those who try to escape… Sometimes I wonder if I should fear her more than-

“…CL-0…” I froze where I stood. A voice echoed from the cell opposite, and his optic flickered to life, dully illuminating the area in a pale blue light. He was talking to me… He never talked to anyone… other than his victims… “…Running away,
CL-0?” The hairs on the back of my neck stood on end, I was literally paralyzed with fear, the two others also clearly unnerved. “…I remember your mother, CL-0…she was delicious…” The hooded figure to my right let out a small noise, clearly of shock and disgust, as his words hit home. And as if I needed the memory to come back, I remembered what those monsters, those whom supposedly looked after us, did with my mother’s eviscerated remains once they found out what happened.

They let him have them. It took mere hours for it all to be picked to the bone.

For a moment, the four of us stood in silence, us three gazing at the caged beast, his cold, empty optic, void of emotion, chilling us (or me at the least) to our very cores. The first sign of movement was my own; I took one step forward, followed slowly by another, and another. The only thought in my mind: freedom. The thought that I was escaping here now, whilst he would remain in the cell to his dying day, just like the rest of the Projects. And that he got exactly what he deserved. The fear still there, I glared him in the optic, the only part of him visible, and forced the word I so desperately wanted to say out.


And with that, the three of us departed, he was left forevermore, the last Project in the cells, and we began to make our escape…
__________________________________________________ _______________

The man scowled, seething in rage, at the two figures departing with his next morsel. He recalled the sensation of killing CL-1, the rush from the agonised sounds she made when his blade shredded her flesh, splintered her spine, and the succulent taste of her butchered flesh as he ripped it apart with his teeth, the blood, bursting with wonderful flavour …HE HAD TO HAVE IT AGAIN. And they do say like mother, like daughter…

“…CL-0… I’m coming for you… I will find you… AND I WILL FEED.”

05-05-2012, 04:39 AM
__________________________________________________ _______________
__________________________________________________ _______________

Questions began circling round in my head, as the three of us wandered through the facility, onwards and upwards (literally, we took at least three flights of stairs before I lost count), and now down a lengthy, meandering, long-abandoned corridor, lined with empty cells, toward my liberty. As grateful I was for these two mystery saviours, who were they? One of them was about to introduce herself earlier, but the other dismissed the conversation before she could get the chance. On the topic of this one, where was she familiar? Or even how could she be familiar? I couldn’t have picked up a face from anywhere, other than either the other Projects, or-

A sudden awful thought hit me like a train. But…it didn’t make sense… why would she be helping Projects escape? Or better yet, why would this horrible woman give anyone the time of day without lashing out at them? And if my thoughts were right, then where were we really going…? Another realization of dread, another train thought coming into impact with my mind. We were out of the cells. We were heading upwards, to the laboratory.

No Project came back from the laboratory. Ever. The only exception was-

…The Scary Bad Man in the cell opposite…
It was then I realised I wasn’t walking along by free will. I had been holding one of the figure’s hands the whole time. I was being dragged to my impending doom, and if it didn’t kill me, I was going to turn into him…

“…Are you OK, sweetie? What’s wrong?” The woman holding my hand had been forced to stop, once encountering some resistance on her arm, and turning round to find me stopped in my tracks, whimpering faintly, tears forming in my pale grey-blue eyes… She held me reassuringly by the shoulders, and looked into my eyes. “…Hey, look at me, you can tell me what’s- Oh my…” God bless her for doing her best to hide her surprise at what she saw.

My entire life, I’ve been completely blind, biologically. My eyes are so pale (I’m told) because they just don’t work, I don’t even know what’s wrong with them, nobody had bothered to diagnose. So when she looked at me, and I looked back, I knew all she could see were two almost-invisible red dots, the optical receptors planted in my lenses, and the scars riddling my face, all from the operation to install said receptors. Though I’ve never seen the scars, or even anything of my face, in a mirror, there’s no doubt from the reactions I got that I was quite the horrific sight. Again, bless this woman for hiding the shock as best she could. I expected her to do what everyone else did, look anywhere but at the scared mess of my face. I wouldn’t have blamed her if she did. And that is exactly what happened. She fixed her gaze, past the scars, around the receptors, and her eyes glared straight into my own, natural, but dead eyes. And I glared straight back into her own, seeing nothing but sympathy, compassion, kindness, love… I didn’t think it possible for someone to be so pure at heart. Even Mother’s eyes showed SOME form of ire, presumably towards the guards. “…C-come on now,” the woman tried once more, and I could see the she was genuinely concerned about me, nought but a stranger, “You can tell me anything, sweetie. I want to help you. Both of us do…”

My arm slowly raised, finger pointing to the hooded woman, and I found the words once again. I knew now where she was familiar, who she was, the cloak and hiding in the shadows could never hide that horrendous woman’s voice. “…H-HER…
S-she’s one of… THEM…”
__________________________________________________ _______________

The hooded woman could only glare at the child, as she hissed the dreaded accusation, hatred practically oozing from her voice in thick tones. Well, this was to be expected, and she honestly could not blame the poor thing. Whoever she was being mistaken for had done such dreadful things. It was practically impossible to go anywhere without hearing of her attacks, there were stories of whole towns reduced to rubble… and many found dead. And to think, she and that monster were…

“…” There was nothing she could say to this child, no form of persuading her of the truth, she just would not believe it. Children are of but a simple mind, if something is to look or sound of something, then that is exactly what it is. Following that flawed logic, the hooded woman was some sadistic, cold-blooded killer. But she wasn’t, she was. And to progress any further in the escape, this child needed to know that, and learn to trust her. But how…

A static voice sparked into life, the speaker system boomed through the facility. *…Well, well, well. I’m finally speaking with the elusive Magenta…* A monitor to the left of the three flickered on, the hallway illuminated slightly by the light radiating from it. And there he was, the leader of the dreaded Revelations. “...Blue.”

The two’s eyes burned through each other, for a simple few seconds, but to Magenta, it seemed like an eternity. Three months, she’d been in pursuit of this man, pure determination drove her to bring Revelations down. Her motives were supposed to be to prevent the New Order from happening, but what happened with her brother made it personal… Though her anger towards him was difficult to decipher in her tone of voice, it was clear she thought greatly ill of him.
“Well, I was hoping to have done what I intended to before you became aware of my presence. Now I can see that plan has gone out the window.”
*Oh, and what exactly would your intentions involve? Stealing my Projects? I can see you’ve broken two of them out already.*
“And once I find Indigo, it shall be three.”
Another static crackle, as Blue let out a sinister laugh, a chill shivering down Magenta’s spine as what followed confirmed her biggest fear.

*It’s too late for that. Indigo is no more.*

Again, the rage was evident in her eyes, the calm façade on the outside beginning to crumble. First her brother, the Orange Twins, and now Indigo… she was the only one of her group left. The last of Immortal…
*You know, you can only PRETEND to keep calm for so long, Magenta,* Blue continued his taunting. *But I can see the anger, it’s just waiting, itching to lash out. I’m actually intrigued as to what you’d do. Come on, show me some rage. I killed the Orange twins. Indigo is now one of my Projects. And thanks to Pink, your own brother doesn’t even know who you are…*
The two’s eyes never left each other’s, they were locked together, each glare cold, calculating, and full of daggers. Damn it, Blue was right. What Magenta would give to be able to make her way straight to the coward, and thrust her blade through where his heart would be if it wasn’t a block of ice, before filling his skull with bullets. That Pink bitch would have a violent murder coming, too. But her intentions were impure enough as it was. This mission was, seeing how Indigo couldn’t be saved now, redemption. Freeing these two ‘Projects’ would prove enough a good deed to cleanse her of her recent sins. Hopefully… and she couldn’t risk jeopardising that for something as meaningless as revenge. Magenta reached into her pocket, and felt for her silver Cross. Finally, she forced her anger to recede once more, and she finally replied in the calmest tone imaginable. “…I can only pray for you, Blue. I can only pray that Gabriel’s punishment for you is just, yet not too brutal.” Now something was clear in Blue’s eyes; disappointment from his inability to mentally break his foe. The two allowed their silent scowling to linger for moments longer, and finally, without another word, Blue’s screen flickered off.

Just in time for him to miss a single mournful tear of frustration roll down Magenta’s cheek.

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__________________________________________________ _______________
CHAPTER III: Pursuit (Credit to users on RHW for helping me out with various things.)
__________________________________________________ _______________

Our traversing through the facility had continued in silence once again, not a word had been shared between me, this Magenta figure, or the other female, not about any escape plan, any exchange of names (Not that I had a name to give), or even anything on the earlier… situation. Between Magenta and Blue. There had been mention of others, previous allies of Magenta. The Orange Twins, Indigo, and her own brother. Blue’s words echoed through my head.
‘I killed the Orange twins. Indigo is now one of my Projects. And thanks to Pink, your own brother doesn’t even know who you are…’ Well, it was obvious what happened to two of those three, it’s kind of difficult to come back from death, and if this Indigo was a Project, that would explain Magenta’s being here. But what didn’t add up was…

“…M-M… Mag-g-genta…?”
“…Yes, child?”
“…W-what happened to your… b-brother…?”

The only response was Magenta’s footsteps growing louder, heavier. She’d visibly grown a distance between herself and the two of us. I walked as fast as my little aching feet could take me, but I’d never used them this much before, I’d never walked so far, even pacing round the cell was a chore. If it wasn’t for the other still holding my hand, I’d have feared falling behind, and being left. Moments passed, and eventually, a verbal response emitted from the hood;
“…Child, have you lost family before…?”
Mother’s lifeless agonised eyes entered my own. “…Y-yes…”
“Then you know why you should not ask such a question.”
…Because it was too painful to recollect such a painful memory. “…I-I… I’m-mm… S-sorry…”
There was no warning to the next occurrence, the back of the hood became the front, as Magenta whipped round to face me eye to eye, and in the sharpest of tones, her words hissed, “So you SHOULD be.”

It was clear she was still crying from earlier, her abrupt swift movement caused another few tears to free themselves from her darkness-shrouded eyes, and plummet to the floor. Once again, silence reigned, not another word was shared between the three of us, we continued our expedition.
__________________________________________________ _______________

*Control to Pink, come in Pink.*
“Ugh… WHAT.”
*In case you weren’t aware, our old ‘friend’ has paid us a visit, and now she’s esc-{Static}-iol-{More Static}-oject. Now here’s a novel idea I had, and I think you’re gonna love this; STOP THEM.*
Pink’s clearly bored eyes widened slightly in surprise. So Magenta actually managed to find the Revelations base of operations? It seemed she really did have a brilliant mind. No matter, she wasn’t going to escape alive. Nor were the Projects she was helping escape. It was easy to put two and two together, given she was standing outside CL-0’s cell, which was mysteriously empty, and the other Project that was missing was known to be sympathetic towards anything that moved.
Wait… CL-0... wasn’t that…
“…Blue, CL-0’s gone.”
*Why are you telling me something I already know? I said that not ten seconds ago-*
“Yeahyeahyeah, just LISTEN for a second. Wasn’t CL-0 the Beta Prototype for… Y’know?”
*Hold on, I’ll go find the file…* Pink could faintly make out the sounds of computer keys frantically being pounded. *{Static}… Beta Prototype… CL-0… Oh yes, the little blind girl.*
*I fail to see the need for concern. She’s a child. I doubt she’s even aware of her destructive capabilities, given she can’t even activate her weaponry herself, let alone operate it.*
Oh, Blue could say what he wanted; Pink wasn’t going near that thing knowing what they designed it to be capable of…
…But perhaps she could send one of the other Projects… the Alpha Prototype, perhaps?
She turned around to the cell opposite CL-0’s, the maximum security prison. Inside, the only thing genuinely feared by everyone aware of its existence.

“…Up for a snack, Sai-Koh?”

The electric blue optic flickered into being from the shadows, as the dangerously psychotic monster within heard the locks to his cage open, a light, echoing click. His crazed laughter resounded through the facility, sending terrified chills through the spines and into the hearts of all who heard. Pink included.
__________________________________________________ _______________

We were nearing the end of the dungeons now, the rows of cells we passed could be seen to have an end, or rather a beginning, up ahead. I guessed those with AA and maybe AB codes lived in these cells, given how being CL had me living much further down in this hell. We’d been walking for who knew how long, it felt like all day, I was practically on my last legs, but now it was in sight. The way out of this cold, dark prison.

“There’s the elevator.” Magenta picked up the pace, her already quick walk accelerating. We’d been walking forever, how was she not as fatigued as I? A tug on my arm, the other female was moving faster too. Or was I slowing? Possibly both. I looked up ahead once again, and there indeed was the elevator, the little moving box of glass and metal. I’d never been up here before. What lay beyond this little box? Given how this was how the Subjects disappeared forever, nothing good was to be instantly assumed. But my ‘carers’ were not the ones with me, but two… uhm… wait a moment, that was something I hadn’t fully considered, I thought, as we entered the lift, and with a mighty creak, the doors closed, and it rose into the air, crawling its way up the wall.

Who were these two, anyway? Why were they helping me of all the presumed hundreds of Subjects here? They clearly weren’t friendly with Blue, but… did that mean they were really to be trusted?

You can trust us, child. Whilst my own rescue-based intentions were towards another of the Subjects, it is my accomplice here who chose to rescue you.
…A voice in my head… Magenta’s?
Yes, that is correct. You are quicker than others to realise I am not your own thoughts. The last began to question his own sanity.
Not my own thoughts? …thoughts… I closed my eyes, and concentrated on the voices in my head, both Magenta’s and my own. ‘…How are you doing this?’
I’m psychokinetic. But not a very powerful one, telepathy is essentially the extent of my abilities. Well, my abilities unaided.
Well, this opened up a world of questions atop the forty-odd I already had. But there was one that had remained unanswered, from the moment these two had awoken me.
‘…Magenta, as long as we’re think-talking-‘ her voice gave a slight chuckle at that- ‘…Your accomplice… she never managed to give her name.’
Oh, I do apologise, I believe it was I who prevented introductions to be properly given. In my defence, I was in a rush.
‘So… what’s her name?’
VL-7 is the code she has been given, Blue’s most recently acquired Subject. But her name is-

A sudden jolt, a horrible grinding sound, and then nothing. …The elevator had stopped. We were suspended in between floors. No way to climb up to the top, and jumping back down at this height was certain to shatter legs.

Blue’s voice rang out through a speaker in the top-right corner of the box, now seemingly our tomb. *Oh, this is far too easy. I could just drop the lift, send you plummeting to your instant deaths. I could leave you there, forever, and see how long you each survive. But I think I’ll be original. Well… Aside from this line.* A chuckle, and I knew this next comment, though not stated to be towards any of us in particular, was aimed directly at me.

*Prepare to face your worst nightmare…*
And my heart skipped a beat, I could only let out a small fearful squeak, as I looked through the elevator window, and see that electric blue light, his optic, down the far end of the rows of cells, penetrating the infinite shadows below, glaring right at me.

And then the elevator doors opened, and he moved forward.

05-28-2012, 02:12 PM
__________________________________________________ _______________
__________________________________________________ _______________

We’d fallen into a hopeless trap. Suspended in a small box, entirely defenceless, and about to be torn to slivers and feasted upon by a psychotic… there wasn’t a word. Monster just didn’t even begin to describe this… thing. This… psycho. And the worst part was this; I always knew this was going to happen in the end. I always knew, no matter what happened, even in the wildest of circumstances, such as the one I was in now, where I was so close to being free at last, I was always going to meet my horrific end by this creature’s hand. Or much rather, his teeth…

I backed to the wall, the furthest I could possibly get from the open doors, and could think of nothing more than to break into hysterical screams and tears. I have no clear understanding of what happened next…
__________________________________________________ _______________

“Magenta, the doors!” ‘VL-7’ took the left of the elevator doors, and with all her might, pulled on it, trying her very best to seal the elevator shut once again. At the very most, it would buy them time. At the least… there wasn’t time to think about that. Whatever that light was attached to, the kid Subject knew, and given her complete nervous breakdown at the mere sight of it, it was bad. Very bad. The door wouldn’t budge, the two were linked, and could only move together. She called again, “MAGENTA!” and tugged on the door once again, trying desperately to put something, anything, between them, and whatever was about to kill them. Magenta finally moved, taking the door to the right, and pulling it to.

The doors creaked, and finally began to give way, inch by inch, pulling closer together. The light below was drawing nearer by the second, at this rate it’d get through the half-open doors in no time at all. It was then that it occurred to ‘VL-7’ that the glass windows weren’t guaranteed to stop the thing from getting at us. But what other options were there? She didn’t have a weapon, and she hadn’t seen Magenta wield any either. One more all-out heave on the door, and they jerked forward a good distance, now the doors were inches apart. But they still wouldn’t close, and the light drew nearer. We pulled again, no movement, the light drew nearer. She called out they’d pull together on three, the light flickered with anticipation, as it loomed closer still. ‘Three, Two, One, PULL!’, they pulled with all their might once again, the doors lurched ever closer, they were so close to being safe, a roar from below, the light moved even faster now. Magenta said to count from three again, the light now moments away. The elevator was now illuminated in a pale electric blue, she began to panic. Forgetting about counting entirely, she simply yelled to pull. She and Magenta gave their very last almighty desperate haul, the light leapt into the air, drawing dangerously close, they were out of time, a loud banging and scraping racket, the doors slid to…

Silence… ‘VL-7’ opened her eyes (unaware that she’d closed them), she was still there, Magenta was still there, and the Project child was still weeping in the corner. All three seemingly safe, no sign of impending danger. “…Is it gone…?”
The woman felt a cold shiver down her spine as she then noticed something lodged in between the doors, a dark blade, covered in varying shades of brown and red. It was almost impossible to tell what was rust, or what was dried blood…

The blade began to split down the middle, and the doors creaked ominously, threatening to open once again. A thin blue line began to form down the middle of the elevator’s back wall, coming from a now-blinding light visible through the gap in the only-just-ajar doors. Once her eyes adjusted to the light, ‘VL-7’ saw it.

A cyborg. Half man, half machine. The entire top-left quarter of his skull cased in metal, a large black eye socket, and that vivid, electric blue light, now seen to be his optic (Why hadn’t she guessed that’s what it was?). His right eye… his own, human eye, but still inhuman. White turned pale yellow, pupils entirely muddy brown. His right forearm robotic, the blade attached to his wrist, not one, but two hinged blades that swung round and met in the middle. And in his left hand, as it raised into the air-

THUNK. Magenta backed away, clutching her arm in pain, as an axe protruded through the door in which she was leaning on, before pulling itself out of the gap it formed. A moment later, another swing, glass shattered, axe now hooked on the door where the window was moments before. The blade slowly dragged itself out of the gap in the doors, vanishing shortly before appearing over the windowless door on the right, hand gripping the edge. The cyborg’s head rose into view once more, he was climbing into the lift. It spoke in a terrifying high-pitched voice, his teeth seen to be as yellow as his ‘human’ eye. “Looks like Master Blue brought me a lunch box…and ooh, there’s CL-0 in here! I must have been a good little Subject, ‘cause CL’s are DELICIOUS.”

…Oh my God, ‘VL-7’ thought, this thing was going to EAT us…
Worry not, my dear… I have a plan. This child has some form of weaponry upon her person.
What? What was Magenta talking about… thinking about…?
There’s no time to explain, just TRUST ME. Both of you…
__________________________________________________ _______________

There’s no time to explain, just TRUST ME. Both of you…
My mind cleared slightly, I could hear Magenta. I didn’t dare open my eyes, Scary Bad Man was there, I knew it. If I opened my eyes, I was going to panic again, and that was what Magenta think-said we needed to avoid.
“…I…I-I t-t-trust you… M-Magenta…”
Good. …If this hurts… I am so sorry…
A disturbingly unpleasant sensation burnt through my mind, everything was buzzing, fizzing, distorting…
You don’t say… Come on, there has to be SOMETHING in all this coding… Ah, what’s this?
‘Protocol 0002? Magenta, what are you doing?’
Something that will get us out of this situation… hopefully…
It worked! Hurry child, whatever this weaponry is, use it!

Through instinct (and stupidity), I opened my eyes. And there he was, the very embodiment of my worst nightmares, my darkest fears. My mother’s murderer. My inevitable murderer… Once again, my recollection of the next events is unclear…
__________________________________________________ _______________

The blood from Magenta’s arm was flowing alarmingly thick and fast, that axe had cut deep. The child had resorted to screaming once again, it seemed that her fear of this cyborg was too great. Then again, given her history (Magenta was reading the child’s life as it passed before her eyes), why so was clear…
With her left arm, Magenta reached into her cloak and pulled out a large revolver, she’d hoped on not having to resort to taking life. It made Gabriel greatly sad, and forever left a mark on the killer’s soul. The gun was placed on his head, the trigger was pulled. A deafening bang, the rest was silent, or rather; the sound had temporarily deafened them, so they heard nothing but a loud ringing. And still, the cyborg was there, bullet hole plainly visible in his skull, but he seemed to have been otherwise unscathed. “That’s not possible…” The bullet hole was healing over. In moments, the bullet itself protruded from his head, and fell to the floor, a faint clink from the shadows below.

The cyborg grinned, a psychotic, joyous smile, and jested, “…You shouldn’t have done that…” Magenta let out a yelp of pain and shock, dropping her firearm, as his teeth sunk into her wrist.

06-11-2012, 09:37 AM
__________________________________________________ _______________
CHAPTER V: Monsters
__________________________________________________ _______________

‘VL-7’ could not defend Magenta, she could not fight, nor could she come to her senses. She was too terrified to move from where she stood, pressed up against the left wall of the glass/metal slaughter-box they were doomed to die in. This cyborg Project, this psychotic, cannibalistic freak, had them trapped like fish in a barrel (it was ironic how alike that phrase their condition was now), and was bent on ripping them apart, undoubtedly as painfully as possible, knowing his creators, and eating them. What was more, Magenta had proven not moments ago that this thing could not die, so even if the three did somehow escape from him now, they would only delay him at best. It was like something from a horror film, the crude mix between flesh and metal, the blood/rust coated blades, the inevitable truth that the odds you were going to lose this battle in the end. And worst of all, that glimmering optic, cold, emotionless, and yet fully portraying of the murderous intent of the monster to which it was attached… You saw it, anywhere, be it in a dark alley at night, or from afar in the bright of day, and you knew instantly, as your blood chilled, your heart stopped, and your mind screamed in dreadful panic, you are going to die...

Perhaps it was ‘VL-7’’s panic-screaming mind that triggered something, that primitive instinct of ‘fight-or-flight’, but she came to some form of logical thinking, they could, just maybe, defend themselves for some time, until it either gave up, or nothing short of a miracle happened…
Noticing a fire extinguisher to her right, ‘VL-7’ pulled it from the wall, and with all her might raised it above her head, bringing it down to the cyborg’s skull. A loud CLANG, and the creature’s jaw swung open as it howled in pain, Magenta pulled her now-bloodied hand away from danger. The damage was plainly visible; crimson blood oozed from wounds that ran deep into her hand and wrist where the teeth had punctured her flesh. They would have to tend to any injuries later, however, as the creature had been only temporarily hindered at the very best. ‘VL-7’ kept the extinguisher pressed against his head, she was managing to keep him at bay, out of the elevator. But for how long- SMASH. The other glass window suddenly diminished into shards, cascading to the floor, as the bladed arm swung round, and she had to step forward to avoid it ramming through her skull. His voice rang through once again, “I’m going to gut you like a fish, girlie… And then I’ll EAT you like sushi…” What followed was hysterical laughter that made hair stand on end, and then ‘VL-7’ was forced to push herself to the very far end of the elevator, as the bladed arm went crazy with vicious, dangerously violent stabbing motions, it was obvious he was desperately trying to spear a meal. “C’mere, little Sushi!”

She couldn’t back away anymore, but the blade kept getting closer, every stab at thin air made him more determined, the blade drew closer still, it was aimed at her heart, there wasn’t any escaping now, she kept her grip and weight on the extinguisher, the only thing keeping him out, except that is wasn’t, the blade now mere centimetres from her chest, that cold blue light flickering around the box as he tried to look inside at his prey, that psychotic insane laughter just wouldn’t stop, the tip of the blade pressed against her chest, she could only scream, the next stab was actually going to go through her heart. The arm pulled back far, this was going to be it…
__________________________________________________ _______________

A flash of grey and silver from the back of the elevator, and the fire extinguisher disappeared through the window, its loud CLUNK bringing all to their senses, everybody stopped dead at their attempts of murder/survival. VL-7 gazed at me in horror. Magenta gazed at me in horror. Scary Bad Man stared at me in… I couldn’t tell what his emotion was.

It was hard to tell when his face was in the grips of my mechanical arm.

Yes, my mechanical arms, the weaponry of which Magenta had suspected to be on my person, two meandering, serpentine limbs, now spouting from my shoulder blades. The left had a firm grip on Scary Bad Man’s arm, or much rather, his blade, keeping it tightly together, neglecting it the liberty of separating. Keeping grip on this, by extension, rendered his arm incapacitated. The right had slammed the fire extinguisher forwards, and now had a vice-grip on his face. He would not be biting, he would not be stabbing. If I could have, I’d have crushed his head, just to stop that optic’s ceaseless staring, that glaring. I never left his sight, the optic glared at me for what felt like hours, days, all those years I’d lived in the opposite cell, and even though I had him, even though as long as I held him like this, we were safe, I still feared for my life.

I let the arms out a little more, pushing him away from the elevator, his foothold kept on the outside for as long as he could, but then it was gone, his legs dangling over a drop of which would certainly fracture them. His right arm was released, there was no damage it could do from this distance. Besides, I needed a free arm for THIS. The arms swung violently upwards, his body flailing like a ragdoll as it was pulled upwards, and thrust onto the roof of what was now no longer our tombs, but his torture. My right arm keeping a tight hold on his face, the left began to strike, albeit blindly, repeatedly, forcefully, downwards, nothing could be heard, but booming THUNKS from where I missed him, and his painful yelps from where I hit. Eventually, the right hand joined in the assault, still gripping his face, slamming his head repeatedly into the metal surface. The sounds became more rapid, the roof beginning to visibly dent, imprints of his head and the arm began to decorate the ceiling. I couldn’t feel him flailing anymore, there was a chance I’d actually managed the impossible, had I actually killed him? …Did it matter? My assault continued, relentlessly, as long as the body was there, I could still damage it, there were fourteen years of pain and misery I needed to let out… This MONSTER killed my mother, I had to wake up to her CORPSE, her BLOOD EVERYWHERE, I wasn’t allowed to wash that off for DAYS, and then I wasn’t even able to mourn my loss properly, BECAUSE THIS BASTARD ATE HER REMAINS!! AND HE WOULD ONLY EVER GLARE AND LAUGH WHENEVER I CALLED FOR HELP EVERYTIME I WAS-


What-? …I opened my eyes. I was crouched on the floor, tears running down my face. By my side was VL-7, her arms wrapped around me… tears flowing from her eyes also. I looked up, the mess was horrendous to behold. Ceiling disfigured, it looked close to breaking point. And visible through the window on the right wall, blood. His blood, dripping slowly down from the roof, down the outside of the elevator. …I had done this. That blood was spilled through my actions. …What had I hoped to achieve through beating Scary Bad Man senseless? It wasn’t going to make everything better.
It wasn’t going to make me not scared of him anymore.
It wasn’t going to bring mother back to life.
It had only turned me into a monster, just like him… wanting to kill because I can…

Slowly, devastation clear in my movements, I climbed to my feet, and retracted the arms, they crawled back into my vertebral. (Don’t ask where they go, I’ve wondered that myself. I actually try not to think about it now.) A sliding sound could be heard from above, and Scary Bad Man’s beaten, bruised, and greatly bloodied body could be seen to slip from the roof, falling down to the ground far below, he was swallowed by the shadows, the blue optic glaring no more…

The lift jerked back into motion, climbing upward once more. Blue was clearly a fair sport, we’d earned a right to continue our escape. Moments later, it reached its destination, the above floor, where the Subjects disappeared to. Without another word, we traversed further into the facility.

None of us noticed a tiny little flicker of electric blue from the shadowed floor below.