View Full Version : Monsterous II

05-04-2012, 11:03 PM
OK after Devours helpful criticism and with tutorials from Terkoiz I have tried again! I hope there is a improvement, also, even if you see something someone else has already noted still tell me, it helps when there is more then one explanation, so if I don't get something one person says I can pick it up from what you've said and vis-versa. (if that makes sense). Anyways:

Link 1 (http://www.truploader.com/view/819540) (this is direct from a tut from something easy by Terkoiz. Don't say it's unoriginal, I know).

Link 2 (http://www.truploader.com/view/894122) (request from my friend).

05-05-2012, 12:39 AM
The first one's head was way too bouncy. But I didn't notice that on the second one much...
Nice one though :P

05-05-2012, 01:07 AM
too bouncy? how so?