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Phase II
Neutral Good

Phaedrus: Fusion can mentally learn information about hisopponents, based on past their experiences and from affairs that they have shown, spoken, or written in the past. The information can have been manifested anywhere and Fusion can access it with no more than just willpower. Fusion can also concentrate on the lingering energy of an area to determine things that have occurred within its boundaries within the past. He uses this to heighten the credibility of his battle success.

Hyathus Energy: This was one of Fusion’s most basic abilities before he was imprisoned, but now it is his most common offense and defense. Fusion attacks his form of magical energy projection, Hyathus Energy. Being able to exert it from almost anywhere on his body, Fusion has gradually accumulated a grand array of attacks he can perform. Hyathus Energy’s color can range from ice white to dark blue, based on the intensity of the strike.

Super Soldier: Fusion’s statistics for physical abilities are well-above the average human. His speed, strength, agility, and endurance are outstanding. Fusion's hand-to-hand combat is at its best. Also Fusion isn’t very affected from normal human attacks and regular bullets.

Regalior State: In this state, Fusion is closer to his former self than at any other time. Fusion’s statistics are increased tenfold and so the affectivity of his Hyathus Energy. In this state, the Hyathus Energy becomes golden. Fusion can also use flight and close-range teleportation. Fusion is not sure why he can reach this higher level, but most of the time he can enter and leave this form as he pleases. Only while in Regalior State can Fusion use Ankh energy, a stronger form of golden energy projection manifested in the shape of an ankh. Ankh energy is more tedious to perform, so Fusion refrains from using it.

Bracelets of Onerus: Fusion’s greatest burden, two indestructible and irremovable bracelets. These bracelets had managed to render all of Fusion’s abilities completely useless in the past, but now Fusion has managed to resuscitate these few abilities back. Fusion can maintain some Hyathus Energy around his bracelets to create energy constructs, similar to the abilities of the Green Lantern rings. Fusion also uses the bracelets as simple defense mechanisms. The bracelets are not limited blocking attacks with only its physical area.


-All energy constructs Fusion creates fade away if he is rendered unconscious

(New Story Coming Soon)
Fusion trained as a magician for the Wizard's Circle during the 1400's. Since he was very young his father had high expectation for him. Fusion became very knowledgeable with spells and enchantments. But one day, with a group of other high level magicians, they figured out how to created a time portal spell. Fusion chose to test it. He was teleported to a random time period when the unstable portal closed. He wandered and found an early ninja academy at the time. During intense sessions of meditation at the academy, Fusion connected with the Spirits, who awarded Fusion's devotion with the power of their energy with two rings. During his training at the academy, Fusion found another time portal. He thought it was from his old comrades trying to bring him back, so he entered. But the portal actually brought him to the current present. Now Fusion has join the RHG fight for training and honor in this time period.

Placeholder Demo (http://www.filz.us/9wX)



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Nice RHG dude. Creative story and powers.

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Just to jumpstart my RHG thread...

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I'd like to battle you but not right now. I'd like to get alot better at animating before I start doing more battles.So maybe in like a month or two I will fight you.

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I challenge you to a battle. If you accept, I advise you wait until my second demo is finished, it will showcase more of my character's ability and will be finished today or tomorrow.

Let me know soon. :)

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I gotta put you on hold until I and finish my Promo for a series I'm gonna start working on. When I finish I will gladly battle you.

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Cross, I thought you wanted to wait a month or two before you battled him?

Also, my second demo will definitely not be done today, Ninja. Maybe tomorrow.
Again, let me know if you accept my challenge.

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Plathix, i accept! read your messages more info is in there

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nice RHG man :)

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Cross, I thought you wanted to wait a month or two before you battled him?

Yeah that is when everything will be complete then I will battle you.

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Yeah that is when everything will be complete then I will battle you.

But I didn't challenge you, I challenged Ninja. O.o

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But I didn't challenge you, I challenged Ninja. O.o

I still gonna battle you no matter what grammer, hearing, reading and technological fails come my way. See when there are dragons involved thats when you gotta watch out.

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