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05-01-2008, 10:57 PM
Hi all,

Im new to the forum... I joined in hopes to get some feed back... I am sure I will probably get some mixed reactions with these... lol

So I was going through my old computer and came acorss these that I made about 6-7 years ago... I laughed my ass off and had to put them up on youtube... I put alot of time into them at the time but they are pretty amature compared to the stuff these days... I added sound to them and posted them on youtube. Feel free to add comments on youtube and tell me what you think! Ill give ya a heads up - they are gory/halarious lol...

Forgive the spaces between the links and such... It wont let me post URL's... Please adjust... add the com and such...

Here is my Profile Page which contains all 6...
.youtube. /user/shotzy1313

Here is all the individual links...
.youtube. /watch?v=WB36hZyaoqo
.youtube. /watch?v=_TXRrScXguw
.youtube. /watch?v=PRHeBU3iing
.youtube. /watch?v=nTWYqwDitew
.youtube. /watch?v=3iKNV7u26eE
.youtube. /watch?v=yXGRD48P9ho