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09-02-2012, 04:44 AM
Ok, as you know I've been ... AWAY.. for some good weeks, its because school and stuff. But now me wanna come back (MIAUW), becuase my art school needs me back animating again so when I start projects im not trying to unrust then.

Some old speedbattles - (also my rhg is mr.kaboomiian.. link below)
http://www.fileize.com/view/17114aa1-2e6/ (unfinished)

This how this will go, since im not on ychat (me chat broken :{) I cant tell u when or not to start animating or when to stop... so if you want to take this battle this will be the ummmm, time limit for every speed. (also I will be battling anyone, any rank any skill level, jus request a speedbattle and ill give us a .... DUE DATE X) )

2 day speedbattle

Alright let the list begin!

Everyone must post this in order to speedbattle - (your rhg, your name, and ill determine your rank dont have to worry bought that one.)

RHG LINK - mines - http://forums.stickpage.com/showthread.php?37852-Mr-KaBOOMiian&highlight=mr.kaboomiian
(Post your rhg link in the thread, if you don't have one, make one up :D)

Animators name - DabigE13

Animators rank - DabigE13 - intermediate

WIN/LOSE - (none yet)

09-02-2012, 06:44 AM
i love this!!! but im too busy :(

09-02-2012, 06:53 AM
no offense but some of the animations looked a bit unoriginal, such as the first and the secound, i would have enjoyed them more if they where a bit more original, otherwise your animations seems nice :)

09-02-2012, 07:10 AM
lol yeah I get that alot.. but I just animate.. I dont even try to steal ideas, i geuss im jus not that much original lol... but im just waiting for someone to speed with right now..... need to unrust

09-02-2012, 02:26 PM
you know what bro... screw other projects! when do i start? :D

09-03-2012, 10:32 AM
oh yay, ok you start when u have time to start (because I don't know you're time zone lol) but the deadline is september 5th before 12 pm :3 also dabige13 I need an rhg from you, or a made up character.

*updated thread!