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09-19-2012, 04:56 PM

just practicing some full body, and obviously this isn't finished, but i can't wait until i finish!

09-20-2012, 02:56 AM
Life Draw! Life Draw! Life Draw!
Now you're probably thinking how drawing can affect your animation skills. Step into my office, sit down and follow along;
1. When you study the human body and its movements you learn the way things move. Making your animation beliveable, making the watcher agree with what was seen and proccess your animation. Thus allowing the watcher accept and enjoy your animation.
2. You obtain the ability to capture emotion more effectivly and you learn to use facial expressions to tell a story with out using words. Making the watcher more attached to the character, so when the big kiss happens, or the Final blow is struck on the ultimate enemy, your watcher will feel it.
3. Drawing well actually improves animation quality, makes it more appealing to the eye. If you don't mind I will use your animation as a example. Your characters are poorly drawn, they look like moving boxes with no neck. A portait of unfocused idea, and poor execution. The first reason behind this which is noticed immediatly is the lack of a neck. With the stick figure foe you have crudely drawn as the victim in this animation proves to me you're using stick figures as you ruff guide. Big NO NO! To draw a human, use a human reference.

I will leave the animation critique to someone else, because I know you probably hate me after reading this. I'm not joking though, if you want to make it in the full body game you must step it up, cause its tough out there. This small piece of sporadic movements you call animation is not even close to good. Though the fact that you even tried shows you have potential to be amazing, all you have to do is draw and practice. Peace.

09-20-2012, 10:58 AM
thanks bro, i actually enjoy serious criticism,