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This is the thread for the fight between my character (Scrios Mais), and Loki's character (Daggerhands)

Loki will post his battle in this thread later on, but for now, here is my battle:

Scrios was a kind and normally gentle man. He cared for other people, which contrasted with his current position. He had powers beyond that of all the people that he passed. With so much as a thought, he could obliterate any trace of them off the face of the Earth. He could demolish an entire city with his abilities, yet he had little money. He had little money because he did not use his powers often outside of self defense. He tried to be as kind as he could, and he didn't like to hurt people who didn't deserve to be hurt. However, if someone was using force to fulfill their own selfish needs, he usually stepped up and fought. However, he had no one to accompany him as he walked through life. He had long since left his family, and they cared little for him, since they were people of business, and had little time for family. He sighed. He tried not to think of the life that had come prior to the city that he currently took up residence in. It was a bad habit, since it gave him quite a fair bit of stress, and did him no good whatsoever.

He needed to move on, and make a better life for himself and become a high-ranking member of the rock hard gladiators, which was all he was doing nowadays. He had been provided with enough money to simply rent an apartment, and the resources to live a basic life. He had been told that the better that he did against his foes, the more resources he would be allocated. He had not been assigned anyone yet, so he assumed that someone had been assigned to him. He took a look around. No one around him looked suspicious, but he could never be quite sure. He was on edge, wondering where his adversary was, and what kind of enemy they were. He hoped that they wouldn't be too difficult, since this would be his first challenge, and he needed a win badly in order to gain respect. He considered buying his groceries, but something told him that he was being watched. He looked around, but no one was staring at him. He decided not to buy the groceries, and instead headed back home, however, when he went into an alleyway for a shortcut, he heard a 'thump' behind him. He turned around, and saw a man standing there, dressed in a nice black suit. He pointed a gun at Scrios.

"Don't make this harder than it needs to be" the man said.

So this was the first person he was fighting in the RHG. Scrios was quite impressed that the man had managed to sneak up on him. Most of the time he can sense his foes coming from a ways away due to his ability to sense vibrations in the ground, but this man must have been on the rooftops when he had followed Scrios. Scrios tried to judge just what he had to look out for. His hands did not look normal. There was no way that they were completely human, maybe they were modified in some way. It was also apparent that the man was sneaky, and could climb well, due to the fact that he had stalked Scrios from the top of the buildings. That was about all that Scrios could tell, other than the fact that the man obviously used guns in combat. The man looked impatient, so Scrios knew that he had to act fast. He started to move his arms, and, before the man had a chance to react, Scrios had put up a giant shield of rock between himself and his opponent.

"Interesting. I did not know that you contained such a power. No matter, I'll just have to improvise." The man stated.

Up until now, Scrios had no idea which gladiator the man might be. However, considering what Scrios had been told of his fellow gladiators, he had to only assume that this was the one known as Daggerhands. He did not know much about the other gladiators. All he could do was match a face to a name. Before Scrios knew what was happening, He heard a loud cracking sound, and his shield was completely destroyed. Panicked, Scrios made a small explosion, just enough to stun Daggerhands for a few seconds, and then dissapeared into the ground, burrowing his way towards his house, leaving Daggerhands alone to recover and reflect.

"Damn it, he got away. I didn't know that he could do that. I'll have to prepare myself for a different approach to this one. Luckily I know where his house is, otherwise it would be a lot more difficult to find him." Daggerhands told himself.

As Daggerhands set off towards Scrios' house, Scrios was inside, breathing heavily. He had been unprepared, and he had been quite nervous. He panicked, and he did not finish off Daggerhands, the man that he was supposed to be fighting right then. He didn't know if he could win after how poorly he had just done only a few seconds ago. Scrios calmed himself. He needed to pause, and just think. He needed to set the battleground, that much was obvious. He also couldn't fight in the middle of the city, that's for sure. He needed his powers to remain a secret from everyone outside of the RHG. Scrios then thought of the perfect place. He wrote down a note, and left it on the front door. He then burrowed towards the location that he had indicated to on his note. Not long after Scrios had left, Daggerhands dropped onto the roof of Scrios' house. He burst through a window, and inspected the entire house before realizing that he wasn't there. Frustrated, Daggerhands left out the front door, but noticed the note on the back of the door.

I do not wish to fight you within city limits, for I do not wish for innocent blood to be spilled on accident. Therefore, I will meet you in the plains outside of the city's boundaries. I will fight you there. Come alone.

Daggerhands ripped the note off the front door. He was furious. Not only had he lost the key element of surprise, but he had also lost the ability to choose where the fight would take place. If he hadn't just stood there when he had first fought Scrios, he would already have been done. Daggerhands sighed. He really didn't have much of a choice in the matter, so he set off for the plains, knowing that there would be no surprising his opponent now. When he finally got there, he found Scrios standing by himself, facing Daggerhands. Scrios spoke.

"I assume that you are a member of the RHG as well, and that we will not be able to settle this any way other than fighting. I hope you understand." Scrios said to Daggerhands.

Daggerhands simply nodded, and got ready for the fight. Scrios knew that this was but the first real battle in his career, and that many more would soon come after this one was finished. He braced himself for a hard-fought battle. Before he could react, Daggerhands started sprinting forwards and shot once at Scrios. Scrios responded by letting loose a small explosion from his hands, just enough to deflect the bullet. However, by that time, Daggerhands was quite close to him. When Daggerhands leaped towards Scrios, Scrios rolled out of the way, and lifted a spike of earth right where he thought Daggerhands would land. Unfortunately, Daggerhands used the spike to swing around, and then crashed into Scrios. Daggerhands tried to grab his knife, but Scrios let loose a very large explosion around his body, sending Daggerhands flying through the air, only to land on his arms, which Scrios could now see clearly through the tattered clothes that Daggerhands was now wearing. He appeared to have metallic arms, perhaps even some kind of robotic arms. There was more to this man than Scrios had originally thought. It appeared as if, by landing on his hands, Daggerhands had prevented injuring himself too badly. He still appeared hurt from the initial explosion, but not as badly as Scrios had thought he would be. Daggerhands stayed a fair distance away this time, taking shots at Scrios. Scrios hid behind a screen of stone and rock, and planned what he was going to do next. If he tried to do anything with the ground, Daggerhands could simply move, and he couldn't cause too big of an explosion from so far away, unless he threw it, which Daggerhands could quite easily dodge. However, Scrios came up with an idea that allowed him to flush Daggerhands out in a way that he would not expect.

He made a small compressed explosion, and surrounded it with rock. He then threw it towards where he sensed Daggerhands was, and Daggerhands dived out of the way, as expected. However, due to the rock surrounding the explosive, there were shards of stone flying everywhere, similar to a fragmentation grenade. While Daggerhands was recovering from the explosion, Scrios created a small explosion right next to Daggerhands, which did little more than temporarily blind him, which would only last for a second, which was all Scrios needed. Scrios quickly used his powers to change the terrain around him, causing there to be valleys, cliffs, and hills all in the surrounding area. He then encased himself withing a thick layer of rock, and started to sense out where Daggerhands was. By the time that the blindness had worn off, Daggerhands was afraid that he had been transported. However, he could see that the city was at the same angle that it was at before, so he began to wonder what was going on. Suddenly, he heard movement behind him, so he turned around just in time to jump out of the way of who he could only assume was his opponent, for they were encased in some kind of rock, which would be difficult to get through. Daggerhands took a shot at it, but didn't manage to do much damage, so he assumed that he would have to punch through it with his fists. He charged Scrios, only to get knocked back by another explosion. Scrios was then on top of Daggerhands and, with the increased weight and added strength from being in his element, Scrios began to pin him further to the ground. Once Daggerhands was completely pinned to the ground, Scrios caused the ground underneath the man's head to come up with such a force that it dazed Daggerhands, and Scrios then knocked him out with a punch to the head.

Scrios sighed. The battle had been short, but hard, and he had won. He let his rock armor fall to the ground, and reset the terrain to what it had been before they had battled, but he left one short little hill as a reminder for what had happened. He then picked up the man, gathered all his equipment, and started carrying him towards the city.

Later that day, Daggerhands awoke in the hospital, feeling quite bad, and saw Scrios talking to a nurse.

"He'll be fine. He's got a few minor head injuries, but nothing that could injure his mental state." The nurse said.

Scrios nodded and the nurse left. Scrios then looked down at Daggerhands, and smiled.

"That was a good fight, my friend." Scrios said.

"Why did you bring me here? Why didn't you leave me?" Daggerhands asked.

Scrios shook his head.

"Turn the question around: why would I leave you there? If I left you, you could have possibly died, been robbed, or something else along those lines. I wanted to help you, since I put you in this situation in the first place. I'm glad you're awake. I'll go tell the RHG that you'll be fine." Scrios said.

Daggerhands nodded, and Scrios started to walk away. As Daggerhands started to drift back into unconsciousness, he could see a giant bruise around the area that he had hit with his gun when they were fighting. He then drifted off into unconsciousness hoping that perhaps, some day, he would face Scrios again, and win.

Thank you for reading. If I did anything incorrectly, please tell me, and I'll do my best to fix it.

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This is cool. Just when Loki finishes his, I'll vote for the best.

10-20-2012, 09:34 AM
Thanks to Thuiy for the opportunity for my first battle here on Stickpage in the newly formed wRHG!
Enjoy :D

wRHG No.1

Daggerhands vs Scrios Mais
Firebrand vs Terrakinetic
Loki vs Thuiy

The brightly lit boulevard was pretty much the only place in the city that Daggerhands frequented with little care for his training to never form a routine in his private life. He’d walk the path under the shade of the oak trees that lined the way with the glorious beauty of a personal honour-guard made from the bowels of the earth.

So Daggerhands found himself happy at the prospect of visiting it again to watch the activities of his new opponent, an interesting person to say the least. He sat in outside in the cosy heat, shaded by a bright-red curtain held up over the outside of the shop by stands, sipping his fresh, creamy coffee, nibbling on a maple pecan pie and reading a book, joys he rarely experienced without worry.

He split his concentration between the Game of Thrones and the opponent who was sitting just inside the doors, visible through the shining glass, obviously enjoying his cinnamon-sprinkled donut and milky tea. Daggerhands never felt so peaceful in pursuit of an enemy, but the though brought him to reaching into his jacket pocket, as if looking for glasses or such, and gripping the glock he held tightly, before reaching into his deceptively deep pockets for his knife and glancing at the suitcase to make sure his government-supplied automatic rifle was still in place.

He returned to his regular pose, noticing Mais’ eyes flicker slightly. Was he looking at me? Daggerhands pondered, but he doubted it considerably. He wasn’t slacking…was he?
The thoughts caused him to lose track of time until he snapped back to reality and realized he’d practically been out for something of three or four minutes.

And Scrios was gone.

He felt his chest seize in panic for a few moments before he noticed the door at the end of the room closing shut, a figure disappearing inside it.
Daggerhands remained as calm as he could and slowly rose to his feet, trying not to draw any attention. He picked up his fairly hefty suitcase and walked slowly through the doors of the café, navigating his way between the mass of tables, most of which waiting silently for a person to sit at them. He made his way across to the door and recognized the little symbol of a stick-figure man, under which was the white letters;


Daggerhands opened the door and walked briskly inside. He didn’t remember what happened next, but suddenly he was looking up at the lights above as his head struck a melodious, aching beat and his body felt as if it had just been cracked with a sledgehammer.

He managed to sit up and saw the carnage that had been done. The walls were cracked a splintered, the mirrors were broken and a steady stream of water like a fountain streamed from the burst pipes of the taps, the soft mortar scattered in sharp fragments over the tiled black and white floor.

Scrios Mais was there on the other side of the bathroom, near the entrance, his eyes darting between his incapacitated opponent and the scorch marks where the explosion had been summoned. Every snapped back to Daggerhands as Scrios walked over, still thinking his opponent was in a daze.
He was wrong.

In the space of a heartbeat, Daggerhands forced himself to his feet and drew his dagger, alerting the young wizard to the awareness of his victim. The casual looking opponent looked cautiously back at the firebrand, watching his every move.

For a few moments they eyed each-other, each of them breathing heavily in anticipation of the oncoming fight as they remained as still as they possibly could. It was finally the Terrakinetic that made the move.

Scrios pushed his hand out at arms length towards Daggerhands, who ducked as an explosion triggered right behind him, sending a small shockwave and the remains of an already battered sink their way. He countered with a powerful left hook to Mais’ jaw before following it up with a swipe that slashed across the Terrakinetic’s chest, drawing blood but barely cutting very deep.

They kept sparring, every time Scrios made a move, Daggerhands would dodge the explosion or the spike emerging from the ground and exploit the opening as much as he could with a flurry of deadly blows.
Until the Terrakinetic took a risky chance.
He sprung back slightly to avoid a right-handed punch before jumping in again, trying to deliver a punch. Mais misjudged it and got a heavy battering to the head.
The cyborg spy took an aggressive step in and clobbered him with a left hook, stunning Scrios for a few moments before delivering a strong side-wards kick to the side of the Ex-Demolition Man’s knee. Mais dropped down slightly as Daggerhands swung the blade in for a finishing stab to his opponent’s neck.

But the Terrakinetic wasn’t done yet.

Suddenly, a massive pillar of stone crunched through the tiles of the floor with the force of an explosion.The force sent ripples through the air as the Firebrand was launched through the door to the bathroom, splintering the wood into countless shards, and sent flying across the room before crashing down in a group of tables near the entrance to the café, knocking over a multitude of tables and chairs, breaking most of them.

He groaned as he tried to remove himself from the present daze, his head spinning. He was close to seeing stars as he rolled over onto his back and fumbled with his glock, desperate and dizzy.
He sat up in time to see Scrios sprinting at full speed from the lavatories, steadying his hand to gain an accurate timing.

Without his knife Daggerhands raised his cyborg arm.

The rest seemed to happen in some sort of Slow-Mo. Daggerhands watched as the blast began to form at the forearm of the metal arm which was hidden by his suit. It grew quickly, curling around the arm and extending even further.
It tore right through the fabric, until it finally reached the alloy.

There was a sudden pop as the world was restored to its regular speed, the essence of the explosion getting sucked straight into the metal, causing it to pulsate with pure energy.
Scrios watched in pure amazement as it happened, while Daggerhands aimed his hands nearby to counteract the Terrakinetic’s immunity to explosive forces.

A nearby group of tables and chairs ruptured in a great outburst of fire, sending several of them careening through the air towards Mais. They hit him one by one in consecutive order, each one of them knocking him back a bit more until the final one caught him in the head.

He flipped backwards in an incredible stunt-like fashion, twisting and writhing in the air, until he landed with a heavy thud on the wooden floor, groaning in pain.

The spy drew his pistol and opened fire,

No more than two in-accurate bullets were let loose when a massive pillar arose from the ground underneath the Firebrand, sending him flailing through the air until he came into contact with the windows.

He was lucky, the sharp sides only lacerated the cloth of his suit and not his skin for the most part, but he didn’t have enough time to dwell on that before he crashed down onto the table he’d been sitting at a few minutes before.

He lay stunned for several moments before regaining his senses, spikes of pain darting throughout his body,
He wrestled himself to his feet just in time to jump away from a small blast where he had just been.

Mais ran and launched himself out the window using an acrobatically timed jump via a rising pillar of earth.
He landed lightly on the ground on front of Daggerhands and they stared at each other, unmoving, for a few moments.
Then suddenly, Scrios raised his hands and the spy felt the ground shift beneath him. He hadn’t the time to get away before he was hurtled through the air and landed with a thud in the traffic-ridden street. Several cars screeched to stops as he landed.

Daggerhands gave a wounded moan and tried to sit up, but he felt a massive sharp sting in his chest and fell back down. He cocked his head to get a look at the problem.

He was impaled on a stone spike.

The realization hit him like a freight train. Death was something that he grappled with often, but never had he felt such an air of incredible hopelessness, he felt he had been beaten.

Scrios advanced slowly…and then he saw where the spike was.
Daggerhands had never seen a look of regret in anyone’s eyes when they were about to kill him or anyone else. The spy could feel the gaze as the Terrakinetic hesitated momentarily, his tracing the Firebrand to search for any other wounds.

‘Will you yield?’ Mais called to him as Daggerhands lay his head back and sucked in breath after breath. He could feel an icy touch lingering in the tips of his fingers and toes, slowly spreading, but picking up in pace.
‘I can save you’ Scrios told him, ‘But you must yield first.’

Daggerhands was thinking. Thinking hard than he had ever thought before as the blood began to pool around him. He’d be lucky to survive another few minutes with the blood-loss.
He was about to fail his first mission.

The spy felt tears running from his eyes. He had never failed, he had to complete the mission, but Mais was the only one who could save him.
The firebrand raised his gun and aimed as Scrios froze on the spot, looking down the barrel of the pistol.

‘Mission complete, motherfucker’

The gun crackled and the terrakinetic went down, blood pouring from an open wound in the middle of his forehead.
He hit the dirt with a solemn crunch as the firebrand lay his head back and embraced his oncoming demise.

It was a few hours later that Daggerhands awoke, his head throbbing violently. He opened his eyes but saw only more darkness and tried to breath, but coughed violently at the bitter taste of the warm, musty air.
There was a bag over his head.

He tried to move his arms, but they were tied to the bench too, and when he tried to sit up he found his legs had been tied down too.

‘Don’t even bother.’ A voice called, he recognized it instantly.

‘Mr Green.’ Daggerhands spluttered feeling the smiling gaze of his boss, the CIA Director, upon him. There was a brief moment of silence.
‘What do you want with me?’

‘It’s our fault really.’ Mr Green told him with a condescending tone that went unhidden, ‘We misjudged you. You’re a field man, not a Gladiator.’
Daggerhands felt a warmth around his chest. It didn’t take him long to realize that he was still breathing, they’d just applied something to haul the pain.

‘What you did back there was…a gruesome misconduct. You fought in a public area with a multitude of witnesses and you made no effort to draw the opponent away. You were predictable, messy and probably above all, unprofessional.’

‘So, I guess you are wondering what we are going to do with you.’ Mr Green said, on a different note, ‘Seeming as you are unfit for duty as the representative of the CIA. You probably know that it would be almost impossible for us to place you in a foreign country without the SAS or the MI5 finding out. It narrows your capabilities down considerably, especially since you aren’t actually American and, therefore, you are incapable of serving in the Pentagon and/or Homeland Security. You probably know where this is going.’

Daggerhands heard Mr Green stand up and shuffle around for a few moments, before he heard the faithful click of a magazine being loaded into a pistol. The spy could hear the CIA Agent advance forwards a few steps before halting.
‘I thank you for your service’ Mr Green went on, ‘Code Name: Daggerhands, Ex-MI5 and Ex-CIA. Congratulations on your first Gladiator victory.’

Agent Daggerhands has been terminated as a Gladiator combatant for me. I will be introducing another one as soon as I work everything out and post a story or two on the newly formed Writers Lounge (Thank you, Chromium.)

Thanks for the opportunity for the battle Thuiy! :D

10-20-2012, 09:42 AM
I like the severe difference in my character's personality in the two fights. In mine, he goes out of his way to not be discovered, whereas in yours, he kind of just destroys everything.

10-20-2012, 09:57 AM
Well, honestly, if a guy was stalking you and trying to kill you and you knew he was, would you confront him one on one if you know he has possession of a weapon or would you try and get the drop on him? And are we allowed to vote? Just wondering.

And it just goes to show how different writers cast the same character. I wasn't exactly going to victimize YOUR gladiator, was I? Besides, in mine my guy was trying to end the fight from the start. In yours, Daggerhands was given an ample opportunity to end it from the start, but passed up the chance.

10-20-2012, 10:21 AM
Both stories were nice but I voted for Loki's, as his version was better described and didn't have the word repetitions that Thuiy had. :)
By the way, it's a shame Daggerhands died, I really liked that character. I thought of him as an Agent 47 with hair and a cyborg arm XD

10-21-2012, 02:49 PM
Great reads. But I have a key element both of you should strongly follow. The opening paragraph is a very important thing you need to establish. It's what previews the reader as to what direction the written story is heading.

Thuiy your opening paragraph honestly to me was a little atrocious. I was already getting uninterested the moment I read "a normally gentleman". The rest of the paragraph was explaining what to me was a conflicting and odd biography. The rest of your story had an uncountable amount of run-on sentences and comma splices. And as you may have already taken note, you have a wordiness issue. You repeat yourself a lot. If a statement has been established in one sentence, there's no need to restate it in the next.

Loki I enjoyed your vocabulary throughout the story and the way you described visuals. However, like Thuiy, I was also a little turned off from the first sentence. Using "pretty much" sounds like a very casual and unenthusiastic tone. Which made me already slightly lower my expectations. The rest of the paragraph contradicted with that tone which made me even more confused. And like I said, the opening paragraph is a preview. And the rest of your story was having the same routine. Casual, then enthusiastic. It was making me feel unbalanced.

Regardless, Thuiy's negatives outweigh Loki's. So my vote goes to Loki.

10-21-2012, 05:34 PM
Personally, I liked Loki's quite a lot more. I could picture what was going on much better, and Loki portrayed Daggerhands very well. He showed Scrios's empathy as well.

10-21-2012, 08:38 PM
Thanks to everyone for the feedback. I'll try not to repeat myself so often in my next fight, and in response to Sacred's post I will try to not use as many commas as I did in my story, and I will try and make my introductions a bit more interesting from now on.

10-27-2012, 12:51 AM
I think it's safe to put this one in the record books. Loki takes a win here.

10-29-2012, 10:39 AM
Yeah I think we should end this.

Thanks for the competition, Thuiy. Good fight :D