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10-22-2012, 11:14 PM
Hey Stickpage

Recently, Ez and I participated in a 24 hour competition where each team had to construct a working game within the 24 hour time limit.

over 90 participants entered, 15 teams total.
Cash prize of $500 as well as bragging rights for the year.

Our team

Consisted of the following:
Scenery designer/level designer: Jeff
Animator: Winter
Animator: Ez

I originally informed Ez about said event a few days prior to it's beginning, he was thrilled to work with us. Which in turn, made me and the rest of the team very happy. We knew with an extra animator we could really impress the judges with the quantity of our animation as well as the quality of the simple yet effective stick figure animation that everyone knows and loves.

Due to his lack of tablet, he pulled through with really nice and smooth line animation that i will show bellow. His style really complimented my own which was great.

Showing our progress every 2 hours really helped us piece our work together and keep everyone on track for the entire 24 hours. It was easy to stray off, so having a goal/showtime every 2 hours gave us initiative to beast through. Every second counts. There were so many things we wanted to do but either didn't have time to implement, or just lacked the know how. Which is why i'm posting this in the first place. if you have any advice, animation or game related then i would love for you to comment.

Anyways, lets move onto our work.

Winter's Corner

My job, was to create the enemies or opposing forces in our game, and some of the effects. Our premise for the game was to emulate the beat-em-up style genre (with a little Super smash bros). Reason being, when making a game with such tight time restrictions, it comes down to what we wanted to do, to what we could do. This genre was in our range of ability.

Generic Zombie

**remember this is a game, so each character had to be it's own separate sprite**


1. Basic attack
2. When hit at medium damage %
3. When hit at High damage %
4. run cycle
5. idle
6. When hit normally



Pretty self explanatory. (was not included into game)

Spitter Zombie


1. Walk cycle (slow moving enemy)
2. Damage taken
3. Range attack
4. Idle (a little rushed)

Hero Reaction faces


Scene i could never fix


idk what i was trying to accomplish there. lol



^ Miscellaneous actions/monsters


^same idea as ballman, except for the explosion.

Ez's Corner

Ez's job was to handle our hero. Which he did so ever so smoothly. The teams demand for specific actions made ez's job difficult. Always changing situations and coding problems made our range of things we want to do slim(increasing Ez's work). Thank you for putting up with us Ez!<3



1. jump/doublejump
2. freefall
3. run
4. idle/duck
5. various attacks


Ez and Winter's unfinished joint from the end scene.


That about wraps it up i believe.

The judging for our game is next Monday. so Hopefully you know, we win. O_O

Even if we don't we all agreed to continue this project until it's in perfect shape, and possibly Stickpage game material, which i'm sure with hard work like we've been doing, should be only a matter of time.