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10-23-2012, 07:04 AM
Is there any list of what the finishers are?

10-23-2012, 08:47 AM
I think there is only two at the moment. Both are for when the Dark Knight kills a swordwrath.

10-23-2012, 09:47 AM
The Spearton should probably have one as seen in the trailer, that, or its just for show in the trailer.

10-23-2012, 03:13 PM
k thanks!

10-23-2012, 07:10 PM
During a finisher is the unit invincible?
I wanna know if they're actually annoying and a disadvantage as the animation takes time :/

10-24-2012, 04:00 PM

I thought about this for a while, and I watched carefully at the tutorial video (stickpage's), and it does look like you lose health.

10-24-2012, 07:32 PM
Well, here's my ideas, copied and pasted right off Crazy Jay's request for Spearton-Swordswrath ideas:

Can we suggest other finishers besides just spearton and swordswrath? I bet there's lots of ideas floating out there, here's mine (assuming all giants are max size):
Spearton-Swordswrath: The swordswrath attempts to stab the spearton, only for the spearton to bash his sword off. As the sword flies in the air, the spearton bashes the swordswrath to the ground and lets the swordswrath get beheaded by his own flying sword.

Spearton-Archidon: The spearton bashes the archidon pretty far away using his shield, and throws his spear right into the archidon's head in a method similar to the original Stick Wars. He then pulls out a Stick Wars spearton blade and continues fighting with new animations, but the same damage and speed.

EGiant-EGiant: The winner pulls a boulder out of the basket behind him and uses it like a bowling ball to knock the other EGiant over (the boulder continues on into the enemies base hurting no one, but if you camera happens to be where it exits, you hear it smashing over stuff with funny sound effects), then pulls out another boulder to smash his skull in.

Shinobi-Meric: The Shinobi uses his pole to knock the Meric's weapon out of his hand, jabs at his feet to knock him down, and then cuts his head off with the pole and staff.

Miner-Swordswrath: The miner knocks the swordswrath onto the ground with his pickaxe, then swings his bag over and crushes the swordswrath with the bag's weight.

Swordswrath-Archidon: The swordswrath slices the archidon's bow in half, picks up both ends while dropping his sword, and strangles the archidon as he's trying to run away using the bow string hitman style, where he then picks up his sword again.

Magikill-Giant or EGiant (through poison): The magikill casts another poison spell, but it turns the giant ridiculously tiny, where he then blasts the giant into oblivion with a fireball. If the giant is at point blank range, the magikill simply crushes him with his staff like a bug (in a humorous way).

Magikill-Giant or EGiant (through meteor): The Magikill slams his staff onto the ground, summoning demon units from the original Stick Wars. These guys quickly jump all over the giant and overpower him with their tridents, eventually killing the beast.

Meric-Giant: The meric heals the soldier the giant is carrying to undeadness, where the undead soldier then jumps onto the giant's head and dissolves into acid, melting the giant with him.

Shinobi-EGiant: The shinobi uses his pole to expertly climb up the giant as he struggles to knock him off. The shinobi then cuts off the straps of the basket with a swipe of his staff, and leaps off the EGiant's head, causing him to fall and crush his body on the boulders.

Swordswrath-Miner: The swordswrath slams his foot on the miner's foot, and pins his head to the ground with his sword when he bends over from the pain.

Funny Finishers (low chance):
Miner-EGiant: The miner drops his bag, dramatically transforms into a monstrous demon as big as the EGiant, and melts the EGiant to death with a massive inferno. He then transforms back into a miner, picks up his bag, and acts like nothing ever happened.

Archidon-Swordswrath (point blank): The swordswrath pulls off an impressive string of sword swings to show off, and when he finishes, the archidon pulls out a pistol, shoots him, and puts his pistol away to continue sniping with his bow.

Spearton-Swordswrath: The Spearton yells dramatically, "THIS, IS, ORDEEEEEEEEER!" A pit opens up behind the swordswrath, and the spearton kicks him in.

Bomber-Archidon/Swordswrath (assuming all kills are archidon or swordswrath): The bomber prepares to detonate, all soldiers who will die from it try to take cover in preparation...and the dynamite is a dud, fizzling out in smoke. All enemies slowly stand up with caution as the bomber stares at his dynamite, shakes it a bit, and then kicks the dynamite, causing it to finally blow up.

Archidon-Swordswrath: It's an overused meme, need I say more?

Bladed Fire
10-24-2012, 08:48 PM
Good idea... but it will take a LONG time to finish these.

Bladed Fire
10-24-2012, 08:49 PM
But I didn't experience before animating...

10-26-2012, 03:32 AM
Spearton beat the sword:_pierce the sword body with spear, take it out then hit the sword fall backward with shield.
_ make a few quick step backward then throw the spear, hit the head, neck or chess then run toward, hit with shield while take the spear out.
_pierce with spear, then take the swordwrath sword and use it to cut the vain at the neck of the swordwrath then throw the sword away and take the spear out.
_ pierce the arm then take it out as the arm fall down with the sword in the hand and then pierce again and kick the right after that.
Sword beat spearton:_stab the spearton then kick him fall.
_make a spin and slice the head off.
_stab, than sllce the body into 2 parts.
_stab, take the sword out and cut the vain at the neck.
_ cut the spear, jump and make a blow straight down, break the helmet, hit the head and take it out while kick the spearton.
Archer beat sword: Melee:.make a hit man style use-the-bow-to-stop-swordwrath-from-breathing
.hit the head with the bow then use the arrow and pierce through the sword body.(or just pierce the body with arrow)
Range:.hit the head with the arrow...like in stick war.
.hit the knee, the swordwrath kneel and hit the chess/head and the swordwrath completely fall down.
Sword beat archer:_cut the bow and stab the archer.
_slice the head off.
_cut the arm holding the bow and stab.
_cut the bow, kick fall and finish on the ground.
Speartons beat archer <=> with speartons beat swordwrath
Archer beat the speartons:Melee <=> with beating the swordwrath....just a few twist like instead of hitting the head by the bow, hit the arm with the spear and the spear fall of then use the arrow to peire the body.
Range:_ precisely hit the eye (very accurate ^.^) then make another hit to the body.
_ hit the leg...hit the body
_shoot through the heart.
Note: the archer will be using muti arrows for finishing moves so the legth of the moves is short.
Sorry for bad english.