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Equinox Fox
10-26-2012, 11:39 PM

JJ muttered, his text floating above him and his eyes scanning upwards at his work.
His home had finally been complete. After countless hours of carving out exactly what he wanted, he got just about the closest he could get to it.
Simply a large rectangular based building bearing a modern style. It's windows long and eccentric at the front and curved around to the back to meet down at the ground. And almost hill-ish shape to the building itself. The color a dull grey yet a light luster making it shine lightly in the bright sun.

"That's quite the place you got there."

A voice from behind stated simply. JJ simply looked up higher on his building and nodded slightly.

"Why thank you stranger."

He said, his text dropping a few inches down and appearing a bit more solid.

"Indeed. So you are the man who runs this place now?"

The voice behind him asked once again. Footsteps echoing softly as he walked slowly towards JJ.

"Indeed, why do you ask?"

His text neatly arranged and spreading apart slowly.

"Oh, well this piece of paper here says is all."

The man stated simply. His footsteps stopping a few feet behind him.

"Already? Well that was soon!"

JJ exclaimed, turning on a dime and rushing at the new face. The first thing he noticed right off the bat was a sadness of sorts before his letters slammed into the ground at his feet and dust shot up into the air.

He stayed in a ready position for a few moments, his face narrowed in confusion at how simple that was. In his hands the exclamation mark from earlier now pointed and deadly.

He relaxed lightly and turned around, walking towards his home again with a soft mutter of "That was eas-" Stopping mid sentence to a slow clap.

He turned his head and saw the man sitting in the middle of a shell of earth. His letters stuck fast into his apparent shield.

"Well that wasn't nice, not even a hello? A 'Hi what's you name?'?"

The main clapping said with a grin. "Well I'd like to let you know first off it's Sacred, and second off..."

The ground underneath JJ gurgled for a moment before he jumped to the side, the area he was just standing in shooting up in deadly spikes.

"Second off, this should be a great fight!"

He nearly shouted, the ground at his feet pushing him forward quickly and stone forming around his fist moments before it connected with a hastily made shield by JJ. This, sadly enough for JJ, didn't deter him in the slightest, merely melting the stone around the shield and crushing it before continuing his onslaught on the man in the hoodie before him.

Everywhere JJ juked, stone spikes shot up only moments after he managed to move, every step moving closer to his new home.

"Just stay still will ya!?"

He shouted, slamming the ground with sparks, a dome ensnaring them both.

"But still isn't fun, just not my style"

JJ said lightly, grabbing the 'l' and the 'y' out of the air, forming them quickly together into a hasty gun and taking aim.

"And my style is something not to be messed with."

He ended, shooting his gun at Sacred, his bullets being interrupted quickly by another shell of earth.

"Why bother! I have the very elements at my side!"

Spikes shooting off of the shield blindly into the general direction of his opponent, each one making a solid thunk and a cry of anguish ringing out.

"And the elements are true power." Sacred said behind his shield, each word increasing in volume "And power is all you ever need!" He ended, his shield splitting to reveal...nothing. No JJ pinned up against a wall, no body to be seen. No blood to be found. He blinked in confusion before crying out in anguish himself.

"And power, is blinding. Remember how I stated about style earlier? I'm guessing yours is all out attack and defense?"

He stated, JJ's voice coming just inches from his ear. The point of his former gun sticking out of his chest.

"This text floats remember? Pretty easy to sit above you and wait for you to come out..."

He explained, pushing his sword a little deeper through his chest before letting it dissipate and letting Sacred's body fall to the floor. He kicked him onto his back lightly, no expression on his face but curiosity. He snagged the paper from his pocket and scanned it quickly.

"Mhmm...Well, I guess the fun really has begun."

He stated, walking on his text as each word appeared and standing at the tip of the dome. Looking back at his fallen opponent and smiling.

"And good fight, I'll be interested to see you again."

He said with a slight nod of his head, jumping off the dome and heading into his new home to further inquire on the sheet of paper with his name written all over it.

10-27-2012, 01:18 AM
Hey add a poll.

wRHG Battle No. 1
Sacred vs. Jibber Jabber

Sacred silently strolled through an old barren wasteland. His direction was towards the top of a hill for a potential chance to scout a direction to head for. A slight amount of dust raised in the air consistently, but breathing it in was halted by a piece of cloth wrapped around Sacred's lower face like a scarf being improvised, covering his nose and mouth. After a slow climb, he reached the peak of the rocky hill. To his dismay, he spotted what seemed to be an old ancient village.

Interested in this new mysterious landmark, Sacred climbed over the hill and reached down to the village. The buildings seemed to have been from an earlier generation, not holding the same qualities and textures that modern architecture holds now. The investigation continued as houses turned up empty and abandoned. It seemed as though everyone who once took residence in the town had suddenly left it behind in a unanimous manner.

As Sacred looked in the windows of these homes and only found basic necessities that had been withered away, footsteps were being caused by another source. A pause was made to hear whether or not this was simply hallucination, or reality. Yet once again, to Sacred's disbelief, he heard the sound of life moving nearby. The question, however, was why would someone be in a place like this alone? Unless they had the capability of handling themselves in numerous situations. In which case it was best to put up guard.

Sacred took cover inside a house and peeked out over a window sill. His vision caught a taller man. His face covered by a hood with the letters, "FA" written on it in artistic fashion. As Sacred watched he couldn't help but notice something. It sounded like the man was talking to himself. And as he did so, something kept appearing over his head. It looked to be…words? Upon realization, Sacred froze and stuttered slightly, making a noise out of his mouth that caught the man's attention.

"Uhh….." Sacred muttered. The man turned around.
"Oh! I thought this place was completely empty! Seems I'm wrong!" As he chuckled this to himself, the exact words he spoke appeared in a sentence floating above his head. Just text, floating right there in the middle of space.
"…how're you doing that?" Sacred was baffled as he walked out of the house, lowering his improvised scarf.
"What, you mean this text floating over my head?" He pointed at the words repeating him, "It's just an ability of mine."
"But…but...what?" Sacred could not seem to believe what he was seeing.
The man chuckled, "I know, I know, it's not very often you see something like this." He seemed to observe, "But I could say the same for you." Sacred blinked at this.
"I see you might have some abilities others don't hold as well," the man pointed out Sacred's veins glowing from underneath his skin, "You shouldn't be so surprised to see a person like me." Although he wanted to retaliate to that statement, Sacred stopped himself from doing so. Instead he simply spoke, "Who are you?"
"Me?" The man seemed to laugh at the question as if it was a joke, "I'm the guy that's in charge of everything around here!" The words seemed to overshadow above him.
"What's that supposed to mean?" Sacred responded to what seemed like arrogance.
"I'm the boss of this whole wRHG shin-dig!"
The hooded man halted himself from his perceiving attitude, giving Sacred a look of realization on what was going on as the words above him all fell from their position, "You mean, you don't know? I assumed that you were a native of this town. Or at least an ancestor was."
"No, I'm just someone who happened to wander here."
"Oh…well…in that case, I'm called Jibber Jabber."
"Called?" More confusion set in.
"Yes. Called. That is what I'm known by, and it's what you know me by now!" A pause, "What about you? What are you called?"
Sacred pondered for a moment, thinking to himself what the appropriate response would be, "Sacred."
"Well Sacred," the words appeared over JJ's head with a look of intimidation as he began to hunch down in a ready position, "You seem to have something extraordinary about you. And I'd like to see what exactly it is. So you have the honor of being my first battle in a system I myself am in charge of."
Sacred suddenly realized the intensity of the situation, taking note of what seemed to be danger, "What? What system?!"
"My system!"

As JJ shouted this he reached above and took hold of the edge of the word "system", cramping it in his grip and whipping it down to the ground as if it fell limp from his hand. Dazzled by the physical hold of the wording, Sacred failed to realize JJ rushing at him with his worded weapon. As he flung it with violent intent, Sacred raised his left forearm, placing an oxidized shield above his skin. This deflected the whip in the other direction! "HAH!" JJ shouted. Sacred looked down to see him gripping the "HAH!" in his other hand, powering it up forward in a dagger-like motion. He threw his free hand in an attempt to block and manipulate the molecules of the lettered weapon, but nothing altered or changed. With this, he instead took a stab to the right hand and was pushed back from the force of the blow.

JJ stood and released his grip from the weapons, which dissipated upon contact with the ground. He watched as Sacred witnessed the scar on his right palm close up and stop bleeding.
"So, the thing running though your bloodstream can heal you as well as protect you." Sacred raised his head at the observational skills of this hooded man.
"Seems pretty defensive to me," JJ grabbed both ends of the word "defensive" and folded it into a thick cube, "Try blocking THIS!"
The word "THIS" fired forward, launching the "defensive" cube towards Sacred at an alarming rate. With the short amount of reaction time, he raised his palms and pieced a thin carbon shield in front of him. But the cube was speeding to quickly, and instead broke the shield on impact and once again caused him to fall backwards.
"Are you just gonna sit there and try to block my attacks all day?" JJ questioned with cockiness. Sacred planted his feet on the ground and threw his right wrist out to the side. Upon reaching it's full extension, a ruby shard had formed around his arm from the elbow down.
"That's more like it."
Sacred propelled himself forward with the force of the air behind him. JJ yelled "Security!" and formed a type of police tape in front of him. However, this only provided a space between the two as Sacred's ruby arm cut right through the word like paper.

Quickly JJ jumped back, "Wow. A ruby arm sword. Not something you'd expect out of nowhere."
"I'm just that kind of guy." Sacred turned the attitude table around as he once again fired himself towards the enemy. JJ quickly ducked under Sacred's swing and uppercutted him with the word "nowhere".
He fell back from the impact and, out of frustration, pulled a rocky pillar from the ground quickly and horizontally into the side of JJ's ribs. As he fell to the floor he began coughing wildly. With every cough, a weird mix of lettering would fall beside him into piles.
"Medic!" he yelled. He then grabbed the "Medic!" and placed it on his rib cage.
"Oh man," JJ spoke with struggle, "That was a good hit. Right in the ribs." As though the impact had not shattered his inner organs, he stood back up with heavy breathing, "I'm gonna have to use a classic move."
Sacred took note of this and realized that another attack was being prepared.
"Kame…" Sacred propelled himself forward once more as the word slowly crept out from JJ's mouth, "Hame…" Sacred was nearly there, "HA-"
Within less than a moment away from the attack being rendered, Sacred took hold of the end of the word. Energy rushed into his right arm as it began to glow through his clothing. JJ, forced to pause, looked in disbelief as to what was happening. The word was being pushed back down into his throat!
With the veins glowing bright, Sacred shoved the word back into JJ's adam's apple, whose mouth was now sealed by a palm. Then from his jaw, he was lifted off his feet and brought back down head first with the force of what felt like gravity tenfold slamming him into the Earth. This impact caused a shockwave to release through the ground, firing the rocks and house remains in all directions. A small crater had been formed.

Sacred lifted himself heavily, holding his right arm lightly. As he shook off the impact, he looked down to see JJ still conscious on the ground trying to breathe. Sacred lifted him up by his collar and shook him until a random assortment of letters fell out from his mouth in a jumble. He then was let go and fell to the ground on his bottom, rubbing his throat weakly and breathing loudly.

Later, the two both sat across from each other on a rug that was placed on the distorted ground. Each of the two had a cup of steaming coffee in their hands. A moment of silence, until JJ spoke up.
"Welp, I guess you made me eat my words, didn't you?" With this he began to hysterically laugh. Understanding the joke, Sacred joined in laughter as well.
"Now let's drink some delicious coffee."
As he began to take a gulp, the period in the sentence after the word "coffee" fell from its position into the cup Sacred was holding.

He sighed.