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Keller Redvault
10-26-2012, 11:37 PM
I've only played Stick Empires like 3 days and have one like 13 battles no losing. I want to show you guys my personal strategy. 1. Set the 2 miners to start getting gold. 2. Use your 500 coins to get 3 more miners, leaving you with 50 gold. 3. Once 2 of your miners turned in gold, get a miner and a sword guy. (Forgot the name.) 4. Once another 2 turn in gold get 2 miners. Leaving you with 8 miners, one sword guy. (I know your virtually undefended but, enemies usually don't attack with just a sword guy.) 5. Once you get 8, get 2 more for mana. After you have 10 on the field (2 Mana, 8 Gold) then start with your attackers. 6. Get at least 500+ coins then get a Spearton. 7. Keep storing up gold until you have at least 4 Spearton, 8 SwordWraiths, and 10 Miners. 8. Start to get Healers. They are very useful in battle. 9. Once you have all your people set up start getting a variety of everything. 10. Try to get boosts for them so they are better in battle, like the giants with huge health. 11. Get up to at least 40 people in total and attack when you have 1500 gold set aside. Thats all. -The Doctor

11-02-2012, 02:02 AM
good but im not gonna use that.
lack of any defensive capability which isn't good since most opponent i counter tend to rush in and slow my economy without any defense.
plus, they could got the tower and make tower spawn to occupy you.