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10-30-2012, 12:25 PM
Hello, this is an wRHG battle between me and Sharp. Unfortunately for Sharp, he has to leave on Halloween, so he quickly finished it, and told me to put up the poll.

Vote fairly and may the best wRHG win.

In the dark alley, you'll see a wreckage; a battle of two powerful fighters once fought there between a wizard, and an undead immortal. Well, what you see now was what remains of this undead, a hand. This hand is what made this undead exist for eternity, is now cut off from him. He has suffered through agony and sorrow through his reanimated life, and has fought against all odds to stay alive; his name is- no, was, his name, Stan Aschebrise, now a being of Death called by many, Todesberührung. He has escaped captivity from Fluidian officials; WeiEn and his cohorts, only to be stopped by a lone wizard and his tricks.

Where is he now?

Well, he's now being judged in the afterlife, thanks to Titania, the Summer Queen. She has brought him into the afterlife during a battle with the wizard, and is now being judged the spirits of God. Waiting for his judgment, Death appears before him, pleading to God to take this soul with him, in exchange for Titania to take his place. Shocked as she was, she attempts to take him with her, but the deal was already in action. God has accepted this offer and let Death take care of Todesberührung, although his time will come soon. As for Titania, for what she has done, her fate is left unknown, but what he knows that it involves severe punishment.

Death brings him into the bright light, which momentarily blinds him, no longer bare to see through the flash, he finds himself now in darkness. Death whispers to him,

I have let you live for a specific reason, not to watch you suffer, but to search for redemption. I won't allow you to die until you have achieved true death, and that time, will come sooner than you think... Find her, and you shall be free from torment...

Find her? Redemption? True death? What does this mean? Who do I have to find? Who?

(Play this song while reading: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gIjOEGnAbFU&feature=channel&list=UL )

Date: October 24, 2024, 5:26 pm

Todesberührung wakes up back in the dark alley, the same place where he has, or should've, died. He lies there, focusing on remembering this place. Indeed, this is where he fought him. The wizard. He can't quite remember his real name, but he now know what he is and his appearance. For what he has done to him, he vow to find him, and free him from his curse.

His whispers still surrounds his mind like bees swarming around the hive. Find her? Who's her? He kept on thinking, pondering after hours of sitting around, thinking of what Death means. He ponders endlessly, still sitting, not a inch he makes, he still sits, frozen like a statue. Then, someone stepped in.


That small voice disrupts his thinking, finally tilts his head up to an unusual man. His eye is illuminating red, wearing casual clothing, nothing different, but the red eye. He stands there, gazing at Todesberührung, the abomination he is, sitting alone in the alley like he's waiting for an unsuspecting victim to jump on. Todesbherührung sees fear in this man's eyes, seems like he has never seen an undead creature like himself before in his life. He stood there, frozen at the sight of him. Seeing this stranger freeze in fear reminds him of the time he watched an old horror movie back at the orphanage. He can't quite remember what the movie's about, but what you do know is that it involves dozens of people running and screaming. The mysterious man broke the silence as he spoke.

“What... are you?”

What a cliché question. It seems like yesterday when everyone starts questioning on who he is, even though they know much about him. Though they don't know much about his goals, in fact, he doesn't have a goal to start with. It was always evading those who tried to hunt him down, until Death itself gave him an actual goal to fulfill. The “find her” phrase still swarms in his head, it's a nuisance, but determined to find out who does he have to look for.

Todesberührung lifts himself up to face the stranger, who happens to wipe his scared expression off his face, and replaced it with a serious look. He looked closely at his hands, it seems to be.... morphing. Into what? This is the first time he has witnessed someone with morphing hands, he couldn't think of anyone else but him. It looks like his hands morphed into a pair of... handguns. Seems his advantages are lower than he thinks.

“What is it to know?”, he replied.

“Well, you're dead!”, he responded in surprise.

Todesberührung stood there in silence, watching him face his morphed pistols straight at him. Step by step he makes, the stranger fires every bullet at him, non-stop. Each bullet hits Todesberührung directly, but every hit remains futile; each bullet went through him, but the wounds heal up slowly and effectively. No matter how much the stranger shot at him, the wounds vanish shot after shot.

He took a step back from Todesberührung, and formed his hands into sharp blades; now waiting for the undead to get closer. As he gets closer, he spoke out:

“Who are you!?!? Answer me!!!”

He just kept on walking, not answering to him. Seems that talking to the dead is meaningless; looks like he's brainless; invincible, but brainless, he thought. As he got closer, he launched himself right at him, striking with one blade across him, horizontally, and then vertically; blindly, he kept on slicing. Every cut doesn't mean anything, it kept on healing, regenerating back into him. The stranger had enough, and shout out,

“Don't mess with Nitro, dammit!!”

He plunged the two blades right into his eye sockets with exceeding force, enough to pierce right through his head like a bloody shish kebab. Nitro's unsure if he has slain the creature, but he's standing still, like if he's dead. He carefully pulled them out until Todesberühung suddenly grabbed his collar with his left hand; gripping it tightly so Nitro wouldn't escape, then without hesitation, he pushes him out of the alley with extreme force, causing them both to crash into a car parked next to the sidewalk. The sudden impact wrecked the vehicle, almost tore in half. Nitro's condition is beyond explanation; seems like his left arm is pierced by a metal shard, his right leg is mangled due to the freakish zombie strength, and is experiencing painful bruises and cuts. Todesberührung remain unchanged, as usual.
Nitro looked up to him as he is there, lying on the trashed car behind him, trying to get a clear shot at his head, for what he believes that the decapitation of his head might kill him, so why not blow it off completely?

With the remaining energy he has, he morphed his right hand into a huge weapon, and slowly charging it. Todesberührung stood there, watching his feeble attempts in defeating him, but as usual, it's futi-


Nitro launched a powerful beam that blew Todesberührung into bloody pieces. It's a gruesome sight to behold; blood spread out everywhere, including the air, making it a bloody red mist. Bones, tissue,muscles, and organs splattered all across the walls, street, floor, everywhere around Nitro. Truly not a beautiful sight, but it seems he has achieved victory. Nitro panted in exhaustion and pain, bleeding from more than one place, he needs to get medical attention.

“Thank God it's over.... that thing was impossible... to beat.”

(Play this song while reading: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l_ITpDhYvaI&feature=relmfu )

Nitro carefully stands up and balances himself to prevent from falling, and limped away from the scene. Each step he takes causes sharp pain, it's not very uncomfortable, not to mention, his blood pressure's low, and bleeding profusely. He has never fought anyone that strong in his life, but he seems to pull it off at the last minute. He manage to think it's all over, that is, until he sees a drop of blood on the road beginning to move. He stops for a minute to catch the glimpse of it, and his eyes followed it to the exact spot Todesberührung was evaporated. Seemingly, everything from him slowly came back together, it's like watching a terrifying 3D horror film, except YOU'RE in it, and watching this undead come back together. It was frightening to watch, and Nitro tries to turn and limp away, but it was too fascinating, yet horrifying to watch, he can't walk away!

The last piece of Todesberührung comes together, back to one figure of terror, an image that will make everyone tremble in fear, though he doesn't want them to fear him despite his appearance. From a moment of standing, realizing that he's in one piece again, Todesberührung turned his head towards Nitro. Looks like the battle's not over yet.

“N-n-no-no..... i-i-t-it-it can-ca-can't be!!”

Nitro tries to be brave, but his attempts at killing the monstrous undead has all failed. Only option is to bail out of this fight before he has a chance of killing him. There's no way he'll survive his next attack in this condition, he's also in the edge of passing out. So much blood lost, he no longer has the energy to fight on.

Todesberührung starts walking to Nitro, scaring him enough to make him limp for his life. There's no turning back now, he has to get out of here immediately, otherwise he'll meet with a terrible fate. Too scared and exhausted to think, he continues to limp, he tries to ignore the pain, but it was too much for him; he starts tearing and whimpering, showing that he values his life. In panic, he accidentally trips and falls, feeling even more pain from his wrecked leg and arm; as Todesberührung got closer, he yelped and attempts to crawl away, but it only makes it even more painful. Each pull draws pain from his leg and arm, not forgetting that his body is sore and bruised, also bleeding.

There's no way he'll survive; he's trying his best to avoid death, but it seems you can't outrun death. Todesberührung got to him before Nitro even realizing that he caught up to him; he is now looming over him like a dark shadow. Nitro's heart raced, he's sweating and tearing uncontrollably, he doesn't know what to do now. He's scared out of his mind, death is staring right at him, right in the eyes of a mortal. No sudden movement from Todesberühung, all he's doing is staring at Nitro, with a neutral look on his face. No laughter, no sense of sadness, pity, remorse, fear, guilt, or evil within him. Emotionless, he stood, makes Nitro worried even more.

No suggestions left for him, he'll use whatever energy he has left within him to pull off a one-hit kill to save himself, but the possibilities are extremely low; more like one out of a million to get a successful chance rate of defeating Todesberührung. With what little imagination he has, and his dignity, he'll give this one more shot, just hope it might end him.

He morphed his right hand into a chainsaw and attempts to saw off anything he can think of. Possibly one of his hands, but his mind's very blurry as he's loosing blood, so he has to make an unthinkable move. He throws his arm at Todesberührung's neck, hoping that decapitation might still work. Right at the neck, he sawed halfway through until he suddenly halted Nitro's assault, and, in front of his very eyes, he sees his hand withering away into dust, being clamped into the grip of his cursed hand.

Nitro panically pulls his arm out of his grip, but what's now left is the rotten stub of his wrist and arm; his hand is now faded into oblivion. In terror and shock, Nitro suddenly passes out from blood loss, losing sight of the immortal undead, now faded into blackness.

10-30-2012, 12:34 PM
I read this again.
I still liked it lots.

10-30-2012, 12:42 PM
Here's mine.
( I've already lost ;o; )

There was a nice day in Drainville. The sky was clean and empty, with no clouds in the sky. I was walking around, doing my daily chores. First on the list was going shopping for a bunch of cans to practice shooting on. I went into the shop, and started looking. The shelves was full with all kinds of different things, but for some mysterious reason, there was no cans at all in sight. I looked around in the store for a few minutes, until I finally found a can with something that looked kind of like water, but there was something different and mysterious about it. I asked the clerk what it was. ”you shouldn’t buy that. It’s some really weird liquid that was here when we bought this shop.” I was curious of what it was, so I finally convinced her that I wanted to buy it. She curled around her long golden hair, and took the money. I left the small shop, and went out to my hideout. I remembered that I forgot to clean up the place. It was a total mess, but I was tired, and didn’t feel like cleaning up the place. I looked at the clock, and saw that the time was 9 pm, so the wRHG training grounds should bev open by now. I began walking to it, until I was there. I put down my bag, picked up the can, and opened it. The liquid was floating around in a weird pattern, and the smell was really strange, it was like the smell of oil. I went to the other side of the extremely huge arena, and put the can there. I went a few feet away from it, until I was back on the other side of the arena. I made my hand into a sniper, and aimed at the can. I shot it, and the liquid went all over the place. I was going to shout for help, but in that exact moment, some of the liquid flew into my mouth. I couldn’t breathe. I tried to get it out, but I couldn’t. I fell uncontious.
I woke up. I looked around. It seemed that someone had cleaned up all the goo. For some reason, the place looked alittle blurry. Someone was walking into the arena. ”Hello?” No response from the moving person. I examinated further, until I saw that it was a man. He looked really sinister, and soulless. His empty eyes put shivers on my spine. I shouted again; ”HELLO?” He finally started talking. ”Death has sent me. Your time is over.” My fear started growing. I shot him with my sniper-hand, and his head flew off. I thought he was finished, but the head grew back. By this time, I was really freaked out, and couldn’t even talk anymore. ”You can’t escape your fate. Don’t struggle, and I’ll make this fast.” I tried to make a response, but my fear stopped me. Suddenly, something caught my attention. I saw something for a second on his hand. I reacted quickly, and ran towards him. He reacted, and jumped out of reach. I started running against him again, and pulled his right coat sleeve off. I finally saw it. I regonized the runes on the hand from the underworld. He was immortal, and could kill me with touching me with that hand. I started running from him, and he started chasing me. I looked back, and saw his anger in his eyes, but that was a stupid choice to do. A few seconds after, I bumped into a wall. Deathtouch started catching up. I couldn’t think of anything at that moment, so I just did what came first in my head. I made my hand into a bazooka, and blew Deathtouch into pieces. I thought that he was finished. I made my hand into a normal one, and went out of the wRHG building, and started walking to my hideout.
I woke up by footsteps outside. I was confused, because Sharp was in an RHG battle at that moment, so it couldn’t be him, and nobody else knew about the hideout. ”You are dead, and you can’t escape death.” It was Deathtouch. I should’ve known. He can’t die. He’s cursed to walk around on earth forever. As scared as I was, I looked for a place to hide, but Deathtouch was already in sight. My fear prevented me from concentrating, and made so I couldn’t transform my hands. Deathtouch started running. He was furious at me for being alive for so long. I had only two choices to pick from. I chose to try to knock him down, and gain some time to try to get help. When he was just a few meters away from me, I rushed towards him and landed a punch in his face. He was knocked down, and I stomped on him. His coat became all ruined, with rips all over the place. I ran towards the exit, and started going to the RHG arena. It felt like forever going there, and I became exhausted. When I thought that I was there, I was back at my hideout. Deathtouch was standing a few meters in front of me. The intense fear swallowed me, barricading my every attempt of to move. I knew that he couldn’t run anymore. My destiny was to die. Deathtouch suddenly stopped. I didn’t know why, but he just stopped in his tracks. It looked like he was getting a flashback. My hand become not a hand, but a hand gun, who's bullet pierced Deathtouch's left eye of a cat-like gaze. Deathtouch fell backwards, and his hand touched a small flower. The flower immediately withered, and the runes on Deathtouch’s hand stopped glowing. I finally understood what it meant. I pulled him up from the grass, transformed back my hands, and started punching Deathtouch in the face. He didn’t react, and pushed me into the back of my small hideout. The whole place fell apart. I became furious at him, and ran towards him. He just stood in place, so I could land a few jabs on him. He still didn’t react. The runes started glowing again. I was puppeted by the desire to finish him off, a slowly raised my bladed hand, which catapulted down, and severed his hand. He screamed in agony. He took his last breath, and dissapeared with the wind.
”Another one, please!” Sharp fetched another beer for me to drink. ”Come on Nitro, you have escaped death! You should be proud!” I looked Sharp in the eyes. ”Sharp, I barely escaped him. If it wasn’t for that lucky shot, I would be dead by now. This competition is too much for me to handle.” Sharp sat down in the couch next to me. ”I know that it’s tough, but you got to be strong. There’s probably much more powerful creatures in the wRHG competition, but if you’re strong, you can handle it.” I grabbed my hat, and got off the couch. ”I guess you’re right. Well, see you later.” Sharp looked at me. ”Where are you going?” The glow from my right eye became brighter then it already was. ”To my next challenge.”

10-30-2012, 12:57 PM
Haven't gotten the chance to read, but I'm already leaning towards Shadowkirby because Sharp's is just a giant wall of text. Which is unattractive from the get-go.

10-30-2012, 01:06 PM
Haven't gotten the chance to read, but I'm already leaning towards Shadowkirby because Sharp's is just a giant wall of text. Which is unattractive from the get-go.

I was thinking of fixing that, but I guess it's too late? I don't know if you can edit them right now.

Lian Avenant
10-30-2012, 01:06 PM
I vote Sharp...

(If there is a vote)

10-30-2012, 01:36 PM
Poll added!

10-30-2012, 02:37 PM
My goooooshhh shadow!!!

dat music, and the story fits perfectly amzing writing skills! you do as well sharp!

But i have to go with shadow in this one, good job you too! :3

10-30-2012, 02:37 PM
My goooooshhh shadow!!!

dat music, and the story fits perfectly amzing writing skills! you do as well sharp!

But i have to go with shadow in this one, good job you too! :3

Thanks for voting fairly :3

Lian Avenant
10-30-2012, 02:49 PM
Awesome a poll!!!

Seems like im the 5th voter for sharp!

I might even try this wRHG someday...
I have a little writing skills.

10-30-2012, 04:49 PM
I might even try this wRHG someday...
I have a little writing skills.

If you think you do then please make a wRHG :D

Although I enjoyed both, I voted for Shadowkirby as his story managed to emerge me into it and actually feel the tension even though I didn't listen to the music he suggested. Still, gj Sharp :D

11-01-2012, 09:38 PM
Three more days until poll closes!

11-01-2012, 10:38 PM
I don't really like that you include music to listen to while reading the story. Using music to set the mood defeats the purpose of storytelling, where you set the tone of the story with your own words. Sort of like using steroids to try and gain more strength. It's not really literature.

cowboy bodacious
11-02-2012, 06:49 PM
sorry sharp but i had to go with kirby on this one both of them were great stories jsut i like kirby's better

11-03-2012, 05:55 AM

11-03-2012, 05:36 PM

What? Can you run that by me again?

11-03-2012, 08:16 PM
He's asking if you're german, Shadow.

11-03-2012, 08:40 PM
No, I'm not German, but the funny thing is that in my mother's side of the family, which is in Panama, my great-grandfather was German! :O

11-03-2012, 11:26 PM
I would say Shadowkirby really won this time, with the eerie mood he set in his story. Still, I can't tell how much the music helped in putting in that mood. Some of the sentences dragged on a little longer than I would have liked, but overall a very well done presentation

Sharp also did a great performance, but the main problem is that it's hard to read with the current organization. The second last paragraph was a bit confusing to me, but the setting was set very well. Hope you win your next battle!!

11-04-2012, 06:45 PM
Well, I've done the music thing back at FA, starting with my third and "last" wRHG battle with a guy named Ruko12. After that, I've used it again on my wRHG battle on my secondary wRHG, Bloody Nina, on my "first" wRHG battle. I haven't done the music thing for a long time. So this is the "first" time in a long time that I've done this on SP.

The music thing wasn't meant as a way of cheating, but to set the mood while reading, I want to try combining music with literature, and I found it effective, and I believe that I'm the first to do this sort of thing, which was weird.

To explain it more simpler, this is my third time putting music in an wRHG battle. First time is against Ruko12, and the second time is with my secondary wRHG, Bloody Nina, against Yun's wRHG, Zhu.