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11-07-2012, 06:47 AM
Because no one ever post a strategy and mainly because I don't like players knowing what a chaos players strategy will be I've never posted.

When you start you quickly train 2 miners and 2 crawlers
Your first miners you start with you put 1 on mana and 1 on gold
Once all your miners are out you should have 3 on gold 1 on mana
When you first Crawler comes out you send him to the tower straight away, his fast and will get there before any other unit.
As soon as your second crawler comes out send it to the tower aswell, depending on how large the map is the first crawler should capture it before the second reaches the tower. After you have taken the tower you're waiting to build a Juggerknight, but if you have taken control the money bonus you receive is more worth putting into a miner first if you're comfortable with the scenario of the tower. If you aren't comfortable or haven't taken control it's better to just build a juggerknight. Once the juggerknight is built you can either attack their troops, or just take control of the tower (I'm leaving bits out of this guide to let you as Chaos players work out, not giving Order players as much advantage by reading this.)
This is where a few things will happen,
a) You'll get an archidon coming towards you
b) You'll get an archidon and a swordswrath coming towards you
c) You'll get a swordswrath coming towards you
d) You'll get a few swordswrath coming towards you
e) You'll get nothing approach you

I'll briefly explain what to do to each, but it's up to you.

A) You can attack it with both crawlers/attack miners
It is possible to kill the archidon but it can be hard.
If you attack the miners it's more for distraction and the possibility of killing it

B) You can attack the archidon or attack the miners to distract them
You're less likely to kill the archidon depending how skilled the player is as the swordswrath will hit you 2/3 hits

C) You attack their miners
If you watch their swordswrath running after you, you can move your crawlers away from being hit and manage to kill a miner or two before they summon an archer or castle archers.

D) Very similar to C
You attack their miners, if you manage to kill one you will do massive damage to their whole game chances of winning, but otherwise just keeping moving your crawlers back dragging the swordwrath then, attacking the miner again till both crawlers eventually die.

E) In this scenario they've either built a castle archer or all miners.
This is brilliant because you can scroll the to their castle and see if they've built a castle archer you just relax and wait for the next part of the guide, If they haven't built one you can expect them to summon a spearton if they're on mana or castle archers or some troop. Just stay focused on the miners until your crawlers die if they summon castle archers/archidon. If they've summoned anything else just keep moving backwards dragging them and attack the miners.

11-08-2012, 07:34 AM
The strategies here sound good.
These strategies look simplier and shorter when in battle compare to when write it down.:D

11-09-2012, 09:39 AM
Great strategy. If they make Archidon or Speartons, it's nice to stockpile on Deads. They look cool (in my opinion), their posion can bring any unit to it's knees and most newbies panic and garrison.