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11-11-2012, 02:14 AM
This is a thread for Chaos V Chaos strategies. There isnt one for Chaos V Chaos yet so I thought I would start one. Post any tips, tricks, or strategies only for Chaos V. Chaos that you know of that would benefit the fellow gamer. I will start by giving all I know having only faced Chaos while playing Chaos a few times. First of all, a good starting strategy is 1 Miner and 2 Crawlers. Let the first Crawler take the middle. The next one you should put with it in case they send one too. If they out number you or have a better unit, go back and defend. Then regardless if you have the middle or not, get a few Juggerknight's and lots of Crawlers, or just Juggerknights while building economy. Invest in the first tower spawn and get the middle. At that point once you are in a good position, you can do alot more. If you wanna go Giants, you wanna have at least 3 to attack with. I say this because Chaos Giants deal area of effect damage and can damage alot more units at a time if you have 3 AOE Giants (3 units can be damaged at a time each). So my rule is 3 or more with Giants. It is hard to battle someone else if they have Giants and you don't so make em if they are. Giants are often a good idea so if you want an edge over lots of small infantry, get the Giant spawn and a good economy so you can have mass Giants. AOE is useful against Crawlers too but in massive numbers they are always tricky no matter what if you are also Chaos. If they have their edge off of range, Juggerknights are the way to go (never Crawlers). Get about 10 of those with charge researched, and you can get the slow dead easy. Crawlers should be no problem as long as they don't run past you and kill your Miners. It's always good to have max castle dead and a few Juggerknights and Bombers by your base so you can kill those stray units. Or a Medusa to stone ppl (lol) if you can afford to keep one back. Just don't let it die cuz they can be expensive in an arms race. If u wanna go mass Crawlers, make Crawlers while getting a stellar economy so you can pop them out nonstop. Get both of the Crawler upgrades and they can take lots of blood. Jut be careful and replenish the back if they get lower. I suggest at least 15 Crawlers if going this route but ideally more because they do better in packs. Only take units they can handle like smaller packs of crawlers mixed with ur Juggerknights or even without Juggerknights if small enough. But dont go straight crawlers. At some point you may want to just let them die off and make Juggerknights, Giants, and Dead with poison toggle plus other units you might want to use to dominate the even opponent. The Flying Archer, Skeletal Mage, and Medusa are 3 units that won't make the difference that changes the tide of the battle if used in large ammounts. They all cost a fair ammount of gold and mana and can suck gold from the units that you really need. So only use these units in smaller numbers for support. That's all I can give for now untill I fight more Chaos V Chaos battles. I want to hear from you guys now. What do you all know about Chaos Versus Chaos?!

11-11-2012, 05:54 AM
Oh god Tecness is going to love reading this.
1) Medusa can kill 1/3 of a fully grown giant just by using the stone spell.
2) Skeletal mages reaper spell murders Giants as you drag them to your castle and let your archers deal with the Giants.
3) Flying archer can be useful(or useless depending who you fight or how you fight) But they're still quite good to have in packs.
4) Giants don't make an army, please realise this.
5) Your strategy is so flawed, it's just hot holes missing, you have a set strategy for a player that's an idiot. What happens if the player isn't an idiot and manages to kill your crawlers and take the middle, your strategy plan is ruined.

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12-17-2012, 09:00 PM
But what if when you try Tower Spawn the opponent defeats the Spearton,kills the unit guarding the middle and uses Castle Spawn? And,if you send your whole army to invade the mid-tower,and they defeat that,kill miners,and ignore the Castle Archers? o_O

12-18-2012, 04:03 PM
Every strategy will have a flaw, given enough time to think of one.