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11-15-2012, 07:27 PM
the upgrade order is the SAME for all builds!
miner hustle>passive income 1>rage>passive income 2>passive income 3>...others

best possible opening is archer miner- if opponent make sword archer then make a sword of ur own and ur 2 miner ahead.
-if opponent makes pure miners then u should be on even miners BUT u should have middle.
-if opponent makes spearton, then u make 2 sword and ur one miner ahead.
-if opponent makes sword and 2 miners then u are half a miner up + u have middle.
(if u lose the archer then its game over (reallly risky build))

sword and 2 miners is the safest and second best opening (only on med-large map)-if u see something u can't handle with ur sword then make a castle archer and u should be ahead.

from there on, u have 2 army composition choice: spearton archer or swordwrath albowtross.
if u go the albowtross route watch out for magikill (focus them down when u are sure they are on cooldown and back off when they are casting)

spearton first does not work because u get WAY behind in miners.

iv had trouble with chaos and still do but iv figured out the best possible opening against chaos:
let me start with listing the builds that don't work:

single sword- u might lose one miner and fall behind on miners by 1-2 and u lose middle

sword archer- if against any chaos build other then 2 crawler then u are good. but if its against 2 crawler opener then u tell ur sword to kill his miners while his crawler kill ur archer (extremely hard to kite crawlers and if done perfect u get 4 shots off max BUT do not kite them cuz then ur archer's lost travel time will allow the crawlers to kill ur archer before he gets in castle) its way harder to control for the order and if done right u should be about even but he will have center.

spearton first don't work (fall behind on miners)

so the build that never crossed my mind turned out to be the optimal build against chaos- Double Swords:
2 sword one miner- this build does not work against order because of archer but against chaos u can fend off the crawlers then when jugger comes u should have 4 sword and be even in miner count(he will have middle but u will soon take it with ur sword production) (WATCH OUT FOR BOMBERS(if chaos does not make bombers then ur chance of winning is 50/50 but if he does then u have to split up ur sword)) u want to add in flying crossbow and magikill later on.