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(Just woke up and saw Lobotomizer had posted her battle, and figured I should put mine up real quick. It isn't the best, but I suppose it's my fault for waiting 'till last night to work on it. oh well, cest la vie. anyway, I stayed up until about 11:30 trying to finish it, so again probably not the best it could have been. enoughaboutmetimetobattle!)

It was just a usual day for Lance, but this day he was out admiring the forest near his ship. He saw the tranquility in the birds, and peace in their songs. He was relaxed there, with all of nature keeping him calm and balanced. He was crouched over a small, loose, patch of flowers taking in the colors and the smells, seemingly for the first time. Oh Isela, he thought to himself, you should see this wondrous place. The sights, the sounds, the creatures, oh how you would love it here my beauty. his eyes began to well up and he covered his face with his hands, as the memories of his lost family returned.

After his small outburst was over, he wiped away a few stray tears and picked a few flowers out of the ground so he may study them later. The walk back towards his ship was peaceful, with the birds still chirping their songs, and the wind with it's cool breeze, brushing against Lance's skin. Small critters and the occasional deer off to the side. Such a strange planet, so different from his own, that he still yet enjoys it. The woods were still bright, for it was only midday, and there was little overhang of clouds; even the branches and leaves were not in the way much. As Lance walked, he glanced down at the flowers in his hands occasionally to make sure they were still in one piece.

As he got close to his ship, he noticed that all the sounds had stopped, savor for the wind that blew by. The calmness of the wind seemed to downplay the tension in the air, the feeling of which Lance knew to well. The alien stopped and glanced around him, looking for anything out of place, but saw not the first sign of life. After awhile he shrugged it off, believing that his disguise band had been acting up and was simply deceiving him.

"I will have to examine it after these Earth flowers, perhaps there is a circuit out of place." He thought aloud to himself. As he stepped into a clearing he heard distinct footsteps behind him, this alerted the former soldier and he spun around. On the edge of the forest stood two people, one a male who seemed quite timid, half-hiding behind the other, whom seemed different from the average human. To Lance anyway, because to him, most humans looked the same and has only recently taken intrigue in noticing the differences in facial features. However this human, this female, seemed different from the others, but he couldn't quite put his finger on it. She had wavy hair that was put into a ponytail, with a leather tunic and skirt that looked ready for battle; a leather bound sheathe with her hand on the hilt completed the image. Her companion was dressed equally well, although no weapons were apparent on him.

The noise was all still, and the three simply stood for a minute. Lance eventually put the flowers on the ground and spoke, reluctantly, "Is there...something I can help you with? Or shall we just stand here all day?" The boy whispered something to his companion, but she rose a hand to silence him.

"Hush, Corvon. It is already decided." The male, known as Corvon, spoke up at this point, not bothering to whisper,

"But m'lady, I-" The girl turned to him now, which seemed enough to silence him. She turned to Lance and took a step Forward.

"You are Lance Cloudspeaker, are you not?" Lance nodded with a smile.

"Yes, I am. You know me, but I am afraid I do not know you."

"That is unimportant, all that matters is we fight." Lance was struck with realization at the word 'fight' and spoke calmly.

"You must be from the RHG then. Very well, let us not tarry." He stood in a defensive stance and allowed for his opponent to make the first move, which she did quickly. Dashed forward at incredible speed and unsheathed her blade, making a diagonal slash at the same time. Lance dodged out of the way, but could still feel the surge of wind that was displaced. An ordinary sword, this was not. While still in the motion of sidestepping, he spun and backhanded the swordswoman's side. She huffed and threw in a flurry of slices.

Lance was nicked by one of the slices causing him more pain than expected. I do not think a close range fight is desirable this time. He hopped backwards a few steps and slipped his hand in his pocket, pulling out, and in a spin, extending the weapon to it's full length. In his flourish he failed to notice that, Kalena as she was called, had thrust her sword into the ground, and knelt before it. Lance tilted his head, rose an eyebrow and was about to question what she was doing, when the ground shifted below him. Looking down, a slit of rectangular earth shot up and knocked him on his back with a grunt. His ears rang but he kept hold of his staff.

"Good....move." Lance muttered, still dizzy. Kalena remained silent, and removed her sword from the ground. The fight was proving much harder than Lance originally thought, but he enjoyed it, the thrill of a good battle was the greatest joy on his planet. Lance sat up, rubbing his head with his free hand, and saw the dirt pillar that had knocked him over. Where is- His thought was answered as the pillar was sliced in half down the middle and fell to the sides, allowing Kalena to walk unimpeded.

"The evil of this world must be destroyed, and you are next." Came the stoic tone of the girl. Evil? She can not be talking about me! I am the one that was driven from his planet and lost everything, how am I the evil one? Kalena rose her blade up, ready to strike. With a fast beating heart, and quick thinking, Lance took the opening presented to him and quickly used both feet to kick his opponent in the stomach, effectively knocking her back. He rolled to the side and stood up, keeping with the momentum he spun into a defensive stance. Both he and Kalena were panting, yet both would not stop just yet.

The swordswoman dashed forward again and made a downward stroke, with incredible force. The alien attempted to block the blow, but to his utter disbelief and disgust, the blade cut straight through the anniversary-gift. Time seemed to slow down as Lance watched the prized possession split, with one piece falling to the ground. He instantly knelt beside it and started to cry, trying to put the two pieces together like a small child would towards a favorite, broken toy.

"Nononono, why! Whywhywhy!" He broke down and hung his head, clutching each piece of the broken gift, "This-this can not be-" his seence broke up into more tears and sobs. Kalena watched with a confused expression, "Tears? Of sadness? Evil-...evil can't cry because it's sad...it's impossible." Her mumbles went unheard by the now enraged Treydan. "You....you monster....you destroyed my anniversary gift..." he rose slowly as he said this letting the broken staff lay on the ground. Kalena was about to respond when the enraged alien repeated, "You destroyed my staff....my only remaining link to my long lost wife..." his voice trailed off as he held his left arm level in front of his chest, and pushed the button on the disguise band.

Clothes tore, cracks could be heard from the expanding and shifting of the skeleton and muscles, and scales grew where once there was skin. After the transformation was complete, Lance was a much more imposing figure; especially after he removed/tore off any loose clothes that remained. He let out a loud, long roar, the process of which caused his lower jaw to split for the duration. Kalena stepped back a couple inches, taken aback by the drastic change in appearance, "Wh-what is that?" Lance turned to face her, looking down and spoke with a deep guttural voice, forgetting she wouldn't understand him, "Zui kopu daoca aq prauve hafearax quop geb! Uli resy tay zeeg ka haj!" Kalena looked perplexed at this, but Lance didn't notice, and didn't really care at this point. His rage had made him blind and deaf to all.

She raised her sword, and stood firm, still unsure of what she was looking at. Lance took a step forward, which caused a step back in response from the swordswoman. Even in his Treydan form, a scowl was apparent on his face, with all four eyes directed at the destroyer of his staff. With one quick spin, the large alien tripped, and subsequently lifted, the fighter with his tail. Keeping with the motion he backhanded her, launching her towards the forest. He began to walk over to the still body to finish her off, when a fireball slamed into his side, causing him to flinch, and look towards the source.

To any normal human, the attack would have been deadly, but since Lance had strong thick scales it was not to damaging.

"Jersamew mivn..." grumbled a still angry Lance. The young mage stood fast and sent another fireball which Lance blocked by raising his arms.

"You leave her alone, you vile beast!"cried Corvon. Lance stared at him for a moment, and was about to speak when he felt a great crippling twinge in his leg. He howled at the pain and looked down to see that Kalena had stabbed through his leg.

"Fall, creature!" Lance grabbed his assailant and sent electricity through his hands. Kalena screamed in pain as the jolts went through her system. After a quarter of a second of electrocution, Lance tossed her towards her companion.

"Kalena! M'lady, are you okay!? Speak tome, please." The mage knelt over the unconscious body, seemingly at tears. Lance reached down and pulled the blade out of his leg, causing him to hold in yet another howl. He lay the sword on the ground and stare at the pair, which reminded him of a few occasions with him and Isela. The memory caused the eight foot tall alien to look back towards his broken staff.

"Isela..." the Treydan hobbled towards the gift and picked both pieces up, hoping he could repair the weapon. Corvon, having heard the aliens movement stood up and was prepared to throw another fireball.

"Hey! Get back her! You will pay for-" the mage's voice was interrupted by Lance, with a loud grunt. He hit the button on his disguise band again, returning him to human physic, with the holographic clothes shimmered on the instant he was fully human. He half-turned his head and spoke simply, softly to the boy.

"Enough is enough...I care not whether I won or not today. I just want to get back to my ship and fix Necuro..." he paused and tightened his grip on the pieces, "Besides, you must take care of her, keep her safe." Corvon looked towards his fallen ally, and lowered his hands to his sides.

"I-...I suppose you're right...enough is enough....just don't hurt her anymore."

"You have my word, farewell." The Treydan walked away, unintentionally stepping on the flowers he originally wished to study, but his mind was elsewhere, on another planet.

(So yeah, not my best work; I suppose a three day time limit was to short for me. Anyway, I'll put a translation of what Lance said up soon. I just wanted to get this up quick)

(Translations: 1: "You have caused a great injustice this day. One that will soon be fixed!" 2: "Pitiful runt...")

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wow, where is the other guys one. Brilliant story though

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Should be the post directly below this one, if not below that. (And it's a "she" I believe)

EDIT: This is completely my bad, but I was unaware that both battles went in the same thread. The way of doing it here is way different from the others, so it's all on me. So...yeah....*slapsself in face* take me away coppers....

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ok just finished reading both and I am goingwith lomotomizer. dield you did a great job but lobotomizer was just better

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Mmh...I had planned to add the poll in my thread once Dield posted his story in it but well...perhaps I should have messaged him beforehand. Well, no harm done I suppose.

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Well, I read his and I still thought it was good but im still rooting for Dield