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cowboy bodacious
12-08-2012, 10:12 PM
Ok here is our fight subzero shall post his version in here shortly

"Huh? Wha..... what happened?" I asked in a shaky fearful voice. The last thing I could remember was that I was blown to smithereens by Nitro and the intense pain as I was ripped apart. I heard a voice that sounded thankfully familiar. "Rise my son, your job is not yet done. Remember what I told you in the desert, now go back and do as I asked." It was the lord come to bring me back. He placed a hand on my shoulder and I felt myself sucked back to earth. I awoke in my bed in one piece. I breathed a sign of relief as I felt every piece was in the right place, aside from one. I looked around, my lasso and gun were in the corner but my hat was gone.

I ran to the wRHG office to find out where it went to. The receptionist said, "Nitro has it, he took it as a trophy." My right eye twitched with rage. You can mess with me, you can insult me, but you just don't take a cowboy's hat. I ran off in a huff, headed straight for Sharp's house where Nitro lived. I kicked in the door and saw Nitro passed out on the couch. I shook him awake and grabbed him by the neck and demanded my hat. He looked at me bewildered, "How the fuck are you still alive? I blew you to kingdom come!" I did my best impression of a psychotic smile just to scare the shit out of him and I was in the mood for a good laugh, "Never take a cowboy's hat, even if you blow them up they will come back from the grave just to get it back!" To my surprise he actually did shit himself. It was all I could do to keep from laughing. He was scared to death but managed to point to a bookshelf where my hat lay.

I let him go and went back to my normal cheerful self and politely said "Thank you." Nitro was even more confused and scared now that I changed back. I walked out the door and back to the wRHG office merrily whistling to myself. As I strolled back in the receptionist already had my next fight pulled up. I placed a wild daisy on her desk that I picked on my way back. She smiled and said "Thank you, not many fighters do that sort of stuff for me." I grinned and waited for her to tell me my next fight. She noticed that I was waiting on her said "Oh I'm sorry, your next fight is with Nox. He is a tough one. You will be fighting him in the wRHG Arena in the middle of town tomorrow at noon." I tipped my hat in gratitude and walked home.

I excitedly stepped into the arena and looked around. I saw a few familiar faces like Sebastian and Nitro, the latter still quivering in fear just looking at me. I was somewhat known by now of what I was capable of so I was ready for a knock down drag out fight. I met Nox at the middle of the field, but as he walked up I saw him muttering to what I thought at first was himself, but I saw the faint outline of a woman. I couldn't see it clearly but enough to see that it wasn't my imagination.

I shook his hand and gave the usual good luck as well did he. I jumped back and cautiously decided to keep my distance at first. Nox materialized a scythe with what looked like a lantern under it. He raised it up high and it began to glow. While it charged he fired something like black lightning out of his left hand forcing me to dodge left and right. The faint glimpses of souls began to enter the lantern like moths to a flame. I readied myself for anything but what happened next I didn't expect.

Before I could block it a blast shot out from the lantern and stuck me in the stomach. I went to my knees in pain. It knocked the wind out of me and I was struggling to get the air back in me.

Three more blasts flew at me but this time I managed to turn my head into the path of the soul missiles, the energy dissipating out to the sides of my hat. So glad I managed to get it back from Nitro.

I closed the distance between us and began to throw punch after punch at near full strength wanting to end the fight. He managed to block a few of the blows with the handle of the scythe but most connected to his mid-section, with each hit bringing more pain to his facial expression. As I was fighting I noticed a faint whisper and saw that same light outline of a young woman beside Nox, seemingly giving him advice on what to do next.

I could see he was starting to get desperate. I felt as is gravity itself had shifted. It threw me off-balance and fearfully saw his shadow wrap around me and pull me down. Gravity once again shifted and I felt it pin me to the ground.

Nox raised his scythe high in the air as if to severe my head. I panicked and put everything I had to erupt from my confines, bellowing a defiant roar as the shadows dissipated. He was taken aback by the show of strength and I took the opportunity to land a big uppercut to his chin.

He flew high into the air and came crashing back down, howling in pain. When he got up blood was pouring out of his mouth and he spat out a couple of teeth. Nox's legs trembled as he tried to stand, I could see his expression go from that of pain to pure hatred as he turned his head and glared at me.

I put myself into over drive. Following my mind Anies grabbed Nox by the foot. Taken by surprise that the rope could move on its own he took a desperate slash to free himself. I used Anies for my second pair of eyes as I had her dodge it and lift him upside down.

As his orientation switched, the blood from his mouth poured over the upper part of his face. He dropped his scythe and it dematerialized. But then I felt through the rope Nox getting heavier. I took a closer look and fearingly realized that he was growing. I dropped him to the ground and watched horror as what looked like the pitch black of the deepest caves enveloped his body and began to enlarge to resemble a giant. It finished developing its limbs and stood towering over me. I trembled as it glared at me with a piecing look. I had heard what the others had called this form, "the most powerful being".

It raised its mighty fist and swung down upon me. I tried to catch it but it over powered me and crushed me beneath it. Every cell in screamed in pain. I couldn't move it hurt too much to try. I felt myself close to passing out. But as it raised its fist back up something caught my eye. Sebastian jumped from the stands trying to stop the fight only to have the behemoth swat him away like a fly, sending him slamming into the wall of the stadium. I felt my heart give a loud rebellious thump, sounding its hatred towards what just happened. I let the rage fill my every thought, limb, muscle, and cell. I no longer felt the ache of the previous blow as pure adrenaline surged through me, a signal that I had let the evil loose. That familiar feeling hit me like a tank as my soul turned black as the body of the giant before me.

Another crashing punch fell from above as the leviathan went to finish me off. But to its and the stadium's surprise I caught it with one hand.

Still holding the fist, I stood to my feet; no longer the kind caring cowboy, but a cold-blooded brute. I had one thing on my mind and that was to take revenge for hurting my best friend.

I shoved the hand back at its owner, knocking it to the ground. I dug my hands into the arena floor and pulled up a chunk of earth the size of a big rig truck.

I threw it as hard as I could with as much hate as I could muster at its head but to my shock it was disintegrated by a beam of blinding white light. The crowd erupted in a frenzied cheer. I ran at the colossus only to have a second beam argily directed at me. I moved my head into the path of the beam and allowed the hat to deflect it. The sheer force sent a shock wave of pain down my spine, I didn't expect it to have that much concussive power.

It knocked me a bit woosey which the giant took advantage of to grab me. I could feel it put its full strength to crush me to a bloody pulp and it took all I had with the evil power boost to keep from him being so.

We were locked in a stalemate and I was getting desperate. I looked up and saw a flock of birds flying by. I had an idea that gave me a small amount of hope. I let out a loud whistle to get their attention followed by a loud caw. They flew down and swarmed around the behemoth's head pecking at his eyes. He shook his head trying to get the birds out of his eyes. I felt his grip loosen and I hastily freed myself from the giant hand.

After I fell to the ground I took advantage of the opportunity presented thanks to my fine feathered friends. I grabbed it by the foot and to his surprise lifted him off the ground and slammed him with all the strength I had left. It let out a big yelp of pain as its skull bounced off the floor. The whole stadium shook.

I ran up to its head while it was dazed to see how to finish it off. Looking at the forehead I could barely see Nox. I knew I wouldn't be able to keep this power boost up much longer, I was aching all over, and when I suppressed the evil I knew I would pass out.

It was time to finish this. I put all the energy I had left into my right arm, letting the pure raging evil in me take over. With enough force to level a building, I sent a crushing fist through the head of the giant and connected with Nox's face.

The body began to fade away and I started to pass out. As I fell to the ground I caught a glimpse of Sebastian climbing out of the ruble, a little scuffed but otherwise ok. As the evil dissipated and my body surged with pain like when Nitro blew me apart, I managed to smile and give a slight chuckle through searing pain, "Glad he is ok." That was the last thing I remembered before everything went black.

I awoke a few days later. Everything hurt, I tried to move but it was just too much. Then I heard a familiar voice say, "Thank god you are awake, that was one hell of a fight." It was Sebastian, he walked in the door with his usual bar of chocolate. He said, "Daicilus says that you surprised him. You are one of the few that could actually go blow for blow with the most powerful being." I smiled, it hurt like hell but I didn't show it. "So did I win?" I asked. "Yes, but barely. Nox went out a split second before you did." Sebastian replied. I just kept smiling through the pain, I couldn't wait for the next fight once I got out of this full body cast they had me in.

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Sorry for the long intro.
The real fight actually starts after the second scene change (the parts where there are a lot of "-")

A tie was pathetic of him, allowing himself not to win. He hated it. Although, the rush of his blood in combat and finally meeting an adversary strong enough to live through his onslaught was actually exhilarating, it was the first time he, as an Umbraic, felt something like this. He looked forward to his next battle, and how much intensity it will bring about.

Nox arrives at a busy train station, there were people in café’s resting, having their snacks, if you were hungry, it surely would have made your mouth water. Trains arrive and go as much as passengers do. Nocifer was wearing his usual black outfit complete with a half-cape and pauldron, he didn’t catch much attention as everyone was wearing different attires as well, some colorful, others bland, and some dressed just so they would not be noticed.

“All aboard to Stipolis!” A conductor called out, it was surprising that trains, as technological as these, still needed conductors. Nox went on into the train, as the last passengers went in, as the powered doors closed, white steam was ejected from exhaust vents on the doors’ mechanic on the outside. These trains were different from your usual sleek, chrome, bullet trains. These trains resembled steam engines of old times, they even use steam to operate most of the mechanical aspects of these, although something that differed them from the transports of old was their floating ability and speed.

Nox went inside one of the numerous rooms and sat there, there was only one other person there who seemed to be asleep, cross-armed. The other man was of average build, wearing a jet-black cowboy hat, his hat was over his face, a bright red polo over his white undershirt and suspenders were holding up his jeans. Nox sat on the opposite end of the room and looked out the window the country side was rushing by, lush green trees, a cloudless blue sky and the sun was shining beautifully on the scene, this was a bad time for a battle. Fortunately, if Nox calculated correctly, by the time he arrives in Stipolis, night would have fallen, and any battle he may fight should likely be easily won.

The train slowed its momentum down as it arrived into the station easing itself back as it slowly hovered down. The doors opened and puffs of steam blew out from both sides of the outside doors as the doors opened. Nox got out and observed the station, it was as busy as the previous one, he looked at the sky again, and saw that the sun was setting and only a bit of light was reflecting off the sky. His calculations were correct. He gave himself one mental pat and went on, he was a bit hungry. Despite being an Umbraic, he does get hungry, but he does sate his hunger by absorbing wandering souls, and sucking the life force out of the Demons he destroys. This time though, he decided to fill his stomach with real, tangible, human food. He stepped out of the station and took in the view of the city, the buildings were towering and lights were everywhere, the buildings were painted in black and were all sleek in design, electric cars rushed about with the same sleek design as the buildings, it was interesting, even for him. He looked around and saw a restaurant that had a different design from the taller buildings, it looked like a conventional, square, diner, you can find in smaller cities. He opened the glass door and stepped in, the door ringing a bell as he opened it, he saw, sitting on one of the chairs on the counter table, the same man from the train before. His attention was turned to the attendant who greeted him.

“Welcome,” the attendant greeted him from behind the counter. Nox maintained a straight face and sat on the counter table, just one seat from the other man, they were the only two people in the diner. “What’ll you have?” The attendant asked as soon as Nox sat himself. He looked at the holographic menu in front of him.

“I’ll have the burger.” He said quick and strictly business-like. He doesn’t want to speak when it isn’t necessary. The attendant nodded with a smile and went to the back, another attendant went to the other man to deliver him his burger. Nox looked at the other man, who looked back at him. The other man smiled.

“Howdy.” The man slightly tipped his hat. Nox only nodded his way and went back to waiting for his burger. “Not much of a talker, eh?” The man

“Here it is.” The attendant said with another hospitable smile and came out with a burger on a dish, it was nothing special, just cheese and patty between two buns. Nox picked it up and took a bite at it, flinching when he did so, the reason why? He was trying to contain the sudden bliss that he had when he tasted that burger, it was the first time he had tasted human food, and he liked it, he ate the burger at an amazingly quick rate.

“You sure like burgers.” The other man said again. “Hey, I noticed, judging from your getup, I’d be bettin’ you’re a fighter yerself.” The man said with a smile. Nox stared at him.

“Yes, I am.” Nox said emotionlessly.

“Well, I’d be willin’ to fight you. Just a small unofficial fight.” The man said enthusiastically and with a smile. Excitement surged through Nox as he recalled his battle with Lexel and its intensity.

“Yes!” Nox said suddenly as he stood up slamming the table with his right hand, the attendants and the man was looking at him with wide eyes. That was embarrassing of him, showing his excitement like that. He slowly eased his stance and summoned his scythe. “Now, let us begin.” He said and went into a battle stance with the Eternal Night in his right hand.

“Whoa... Slow down there, bud, we ain’t fightin’ here, let’s take this outside.” The other man stood up and walked out of the diner, Nox followed.

“Sirs! You forgot to pay your bills!” One of the attendants frantically called out. In which the other man responded to by tossing them two gold coins.

“I’m payin’ for ‘em too.”

Nox followed the other man to an abandoned train station, which is not as abandoned as it would seem for a few spectators were already observing the scene. Both combatants circled field and stopped a little ways away from each other. Nox rested his scythe on his shoulder as the other man steadied his hand above his gun. The Soul once again appeared beside Nox.

Be wary. There is something odd about him that I cannot quite place yet. The Soul said concernedly.

“I see that, my sight tells me that he is evil, yet his attitude says otherwise. We shall wait on what would happen for now.” Nox returned slight concern.

A few painstaking moments went by and both of them refused to make the first move, the seconds seemed to be as long as minutes. Some of the spectators watched on in anxiety not to who will make the first move but as to who will take damage first.

“Well, partner, looks like we got ourselves an ol’ fashion standoff.” The cowboy said with a small, competitive smirk. “I’ll start countin’ and when I get to three, we be shootin’ each other.” Nox nodded.

“One.” The cowboy, moved his fingers anxiously above the revolver.

“Two.” Nox toyed his hands over his scythe waiting calmly for when three hits.

“THREE!” The cowboy quickly took his revolver from his holster and shot out three consecutive shots in rapid succession, Nox dodged the first bullet and slashed the second bullet with more work than expected, he forgot about the third bullet and it ended up grazing his left arm, some black liquid splashed out just when the bullet hit. Nox fired one bolt from his free left hand, but the cowboy just shot two rounds in rapid succession at it, making it dissipate. He shot his last round upward, he had calculated the angle to be exact enough to hit Nox in the- Nox turned and slashed the bullet with his scythe before it could hit his thigh.

“Yer fast.” The cowboy said with an impressed tone as he twirled his revolver around his finger and into his holster once again.

“I know.” Nox jumped up without hesitation, his jump was high, aided by his gravitation. He twirled his scythe and dropped down at his adversary, but the cowboy dodged his slash and countered with his own punch, Nox gladly blocked the punch which, to his surprise, was not easily blocked. He had found himself flying back and into the wall. A puff of dust sprung when he did hit the wall, he coughed up black blood.

He took a look at his adversary, who was reloading his revolver. “I gotta admit, yer pretty good.” The cowboy said with enthusiasm.

“You too.” Nox smiled, it was one of the few times Nox smiled. The cowboy aimed his gun at Nox once again. Nox analyzed the situation, he took his staff in his hand and bit it halfway through to hold it with his mouth. With a bit of help from gravity, he dashed towards the cowboy, both of his hands had dark energy in them.

The cowboy fired off three rounds rapidly. Nox anticipated this, he dodged two rounds with ease and used his scythe in his mouth as a pole vault into the ground to dodge the third bullet, after his full swing was complete, he let go of the scythe which was now stuck into the ground and lessened his gravity in order for him to launch himself into the ceiling, he used the ceiling as a catalyst for his next attack. The cowboy was confused on what happened as it happened quickly. He looked up.

Nox launched down with great force, enough to break the ceiling. He timed it, he reached the exact distance he needed to have the cowboy within arm’s length. With combined gravitation, force, enhanced with dark energy, Nox punched the cowboy straight into the ground as a shockwave splashed through the station.

The cowboy was left lying down in a man-made crater. Nox went to his scythe and wielded it once more. He went over to the cowboy and raised his scythe above his head. He brought it down.

Nox could feel the tug of something on his scythe, preventing him from finishing his adversary. He looked about and saw that it was the Soul holding on to the scythe with both of her hands. Fine. Nox though to the Soul and lowered his scythe, unsummoning it once it reached the ground, he turned toward the exit and walked away.

The cowboy stood up and dusted himself off. “Hey, hey! Where’re you goin’?” The cowboy called out. Nox stopped without turning his back. “Tha’ was a good fight, bud!” The cowboy said enthusiastically as he stood. “By the way, I reckon’ we aven’t properly introduced ourselves. Name’s Cowboy Bodacious.”

“Nox.” Was all Nox said as he continued walking.

That’s cute of you, making new friends like that. The Soul teased with a smile, that wasn’t unusual of her, she smiles every so often.

“Acquaintance.” Nox corrected.

cowboy bodacious
12-09-2012, 08:56 AM
well sub i love your version, and like how you try to imitate the actual way i speak lol, all in all you stuck to him very well.

12-09-2012, 06:54 PM
well sub i love your version, and like how you try to imitate the actual way i speak lol, all in all you stuck to him very well.

Haha thanks.