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Serena Richards


Serena’s abilities are based on her magnificent voice. She has a plethora of voice/scream based attacks that either stun, confuse and even kill the target. Her attacks and abilities can be classified as songs, melodies or symphonies, and their intensity variates with the pitch of her voice. Serena keeps a wakizashi as her secondary weapon, if the target resists to her melodies. Every melody that Serena sings has a repercussion on her voice and her health, and some can even kill either her or the target.

Below I made a classification table of the things that you need to consider for determinating the strength of an attack and understanding the effects of each and everyone of them.


Songs: Mostly used as personal buff, summoning
and protection. Rarely used for
offensive purposes. Every type of
pitch can be used with Songs.
Melodies: Mental/psychical based attacks
that affect the targets brain,
nervous system and muscular
tissue. Used for stunning or
manipulating. The higher pitch
voices dominate the tone of the
Symphonies: Physical based attacks that
wounds the target in various
ways. Usually manipulates
the surrounding, creating
deadly weapons from such
things as her voice or the mere
wind. The low pitched voices
are the indicated ones for the

PITCHES (From Highest to Lowest)

Scream (Growl): Similar to the Growl, but has a more devastating effect on the listener than the surroundings. Is the most dangerous pitch to use. May cause death.
Soprano: Very strong pitch that amplify the effects of a song to its maximum. It rarely hurts the singer to a point of killing him, but the effects are still devastating.
Mezzo-Soprano: Great voice, it's the most used pitch for Serena attacks. It balances between damage and singing difficulty.
Contralto: Above average voice, it's Serena's normal voice. It's used for light attacks and effects.
Tenor: Regular human pitch, doesn't harm the singer, and deals very light damage. Mostly used for Melodies.
Baritone: Low pitched voice, it deals a decent amount of damage if used with the right combination of Symphonies. Rarely used for melodies.
Bass: Very low-pitched voice, it's the main source of physical damage. Very used in Symphonies, amplifies the strength of wave based attacks. Light effects on singer's voice.
Growl (Scream): Similar to the Scream, but it acts mostly on the surroundings, causing an earthquake type effect. Devastating upon listener and singer's voice.

Charming Melody

Serena sings a calm and slow melody that calm enraged souls and create a sanctuary of peace for everybody that listens to it. Serena is immune to the effects of this melody, as she maintains her thought line and can freely act. The targets affected by this melody will suddenly stop and enter in a state of trance, losing the control over their bodies. Their thoughts and intentions will be erased momentarily from their mind, and replaced by an image of a figure that they recall as something peaceful. The effects of this melody are active as long as Serena is singing. The pitch of her voice is Mezzo-Soprano/Contralto/Tenor.

Symphony of Winds

Serena sings an allegro symphony of various sounds (including techniques such as Beat boxing, Choral Singing and Shouting) that manipulate the air around her, creating things such as small tornadoes, wind waves/whips and compact, pressurized air bubbles/areas where the oxygen can either be absent or in extremely large quantities. The main point of this attack is to either knock back the target or incapacitate it. Those types of attacks require Serena to sing on every attack, as her voice is the main component of this technique. The pitch of her voice is Contralto/Tenor/Baritone.

Song of Wars

Serena sings an old Nordic song that praises the lords of the War, granting her an Ethereal Guardian that defends her from any phisical attack. The Guardian is considered as a martyr warrior that will defend Serena with the cost of his life. Serena will suffer weakening after singing this song, and may be defenseless for a couple of seconds/minutes. The Guardian is immortal if Serena is singing the Song of Wars. This summoning lasts until Serena sings, the Guardian is defeated or the Song of Wars isn't singed for a while. The pitch of her voice doesn't matter.

Symphony of the Force

Serena sings and shouts quick and short words that create gravity disruption. Those attacks push back the target, and it's similar to hitting a wall in optimal conditions. Serena is continuously singing during those attacks, keeping a low volume melody while preparing/waiting, and violently raising the volume of the song when launching the attack. Serena can experience backfires of the song. The pitch of her voice is Baritone/Bass.

Melody of Narcissus

Serena gently sings an up-tempo melody that confuses the target and causes it to harm itself in any possible way. This particular song requires Serena to whisper into the target's ear to activate its effects, and to keep singing at a relatively close range to maintain the effect and obtain the best result. Serena might be affected by her own melody and start stressing her voice. The pitch of her voice is Mezzo-Soprano/Soprano.

Song of the Elders

Serena shouts a holy song that creates around her 5 spinning octagons made out of crystal. Those octagons are decently resistant to hits and spin around Serena at about 2 feet of distance in an elliptic movement. The octagons can be used as catalysts for her melodies and symphonies, amplifying their effects, but each and everyone of them can be used a single time for this purpose, after the use the octagon explodes. The octagons remain around Serena until they get either destroyed or used as catalysts. The pitch of her voice doesn't matter, but Mezzo-Soprano or higher is recommended.

Symphony of Destruction

Serena sings a brutal song at a very high tempo that creates massive shock waves that spread all around her, causing extreme amount of damage to those that get hit by the devastating sound of this song. The effects on her voice are incredibly strong, since the Growl pitch is required for this symphony: if she or the target survive the song, they can faint or enter into a deep coma. In the better of cases, Serena will just lose her voice for quite a lot, leaving her disarmed and defenseless (not counting the wakizashi). The pitch of her voice is Growl, and its required for the successful use of the Symphony of Destruction.

Melody of the Dying Banshee

This is Serena's most devastating and dangerous song. The song starts in a very calm and suave Soprano pitch, the song itself extremely slow; after a couple of seconds the melody brutally passes to the Scream pitch, as the song becomes a confusing mixture of screams, shouts and long notes. The targets that get hit by this sound instantly struggle even staying on their feet, as they feel their head pounding, and their ears exploding. The effects of this song can variate, but all of them are extremely dangerous: if the target resists to the song, it might just lose the hearing for a couple of days. In the worst of cases, their brain can explode, causing instant death. Serena will faint and lose conscience for a week in the best of cases. The pitch of her voice is Soprano to Scream.


-Serena is a banshee, a mythical creature that kills the prey with the power of her only voice. A banshee is a human being with incredible singing capacities, and a beautiful voice, nothing more.

-Serena's main weapon is the voice. Without it she can be considered dead. Her wakizashi prowess is just not enough to win her a gladiator fight.

-Serena is not athletic, so she is very slow when moving.

-During a fight, when she sings she might remain very static, leaving her vulnerable.

-Symphony of Destruction and Melody of the Dying Banshee are used only in extreme cases, since their backfires are lethal for Serena's chances of winning.


For those asking...
YES! Serena's songs can be countered. How? With a clever system: First of all, most of the Melodies/Symphonies have a set difficulty. What do I mean by that? I'll explain you with a couple of quick steps, but let me get more into detail.

It's a check based on Temper, such as the ones in the very popular RPG game Dungeons & Dragons. Some songs have checks that only the target must make, some have checks that Serena needs to make with the target. The target and Serena have different checks, but all based on the Temper, that is the mental strength of the character. You will need to roll a D20 (20 faced dice). If your dice passes the check of the song, you will be immune to its effects.
To get a roll, just go here [ http://www.random.org/ ] and set the Min Valor to 1 and the Max Valor to 20.

Here are the checks for every song

Charming Melody: Target: 10
Symphony of Winds: No check
Song of Wars: No check
Symphony of the Force: Serena: 5
Melody of Narcissus: Target: 12 Serena: 3
Song of the Elders: No check
Symphony of Destruction: Target: 15 Serena: 15
Melody of the Dying Banshee: Target: 17 Serena: 18


Serena is very closed towards others. Rarely talks or attempts making any friendly contact with other human beings. She prefers her solitude, and wants nobody to bother her.
Serena doesn't like using technological equipment or modern gadgets, and she prefers shying away from cities.
If she gets acquainted with people, she might start acting friendly.
Serena doesn't socialize with the opponent, and she keeps a defensive mindset throughout the fight. She may lower her defense if one of her melodies lands and hypnotizes the opponent. She prefers keeping some distance between herself and her opponent, giving her enough room for singing.
Serena developped a great capacity in analyzing her surroundings, making her a great tactician.

Practical Uses of her Powers

Her powers also have a couple of practical uses.
Her Symphony of Force can be used to deflect projectiles or move heavy objects.
Serena is mute, so her Song of Wars is very useful for communicating. Her ethereal guardian can speak for her, thanks to the psychic link that the two possess.
Her Song of Narcissus creates a relaxing effect, very similar to an anesthetic.


Age: 331 (32)

Birthday: 20th of December

Serena is 5 ft. 9.
She has long, black hair that reach her waist. She usually keeps it tied up into a braided ponytail. Her eyes are amber, due to her banshee nature. She wears a black leather light armor that appears to be quite old. Her wakizashi hangs from her belt, in plain sight. Her overall look is Caucasian, and her body is relatively curvy. She has a scar that goes side to side on her neck.

Related Characters

Tanya Harlinx

Her girlfriend and love interest. The two met during the Worker's Liberation mission, and later on fell for each other. They just recently decided to make it official.


Not much is known about Tanya's full arsenal, but current evidence leads towards her being a really powerful psion. Her mental and telekinetic abilities are very developed, but Serena hasn't seen the roof of her potential yet. She also has the ability to teleport to whatever location she has previously seen or been before.


Standing around 6 feet, Tanya is a very imposing woman. She is extremely fit, but due to a special capacity of her muscular tissues, she is not buff. She still packs quite the punch. Her eyes are crimson and her hair is usually dark brown, but likes to dye it sometimes white and blonde. Her wardrobe is very diverse, going from really elegant dresses and tuxedos to t-shirts and leather jacket and high heels. You never know what she will wear the next day.


She is really active and wild. Always the heart of the party and the center of the spotlight. She's quirky and random, but always finds the way to entertain the people around her and socialize. She is also very good at flirting, even thought her girlfriend keeps her on the leash.


She does not fight alongside Serena. But besides being her love interest, Tanya trains and prepares her for following battles. She is basically her personal trainer and martial arts sensei.


Thanks to a great suggestion made by Draou (SHOUTOUT), I looked up songs that relate or are similar to Serena's arsenal of tunes. Now only a couple of songs are actually exactly what I had in mind when I made the character and the move. The rest are somewhat relatable, and they will be distinguished between Vocals, Acapella and Complete.

-Vocals implies that the song's vocals are what Serena's tune sounds like
-Acapella means that the song has to be imagined as sung acapella by a female voice
-Complete is self-explanatory: the whole song gives body to Serena's tune

Now DISCLAIMER: This is not set in stone, it's just something to give an example of each tune and how it might sound. I genuinely doubt that I will ever find the perfect song for each move, and I am definitely not talented enough to sing them myself (and my voice is shite)

Charming Melody
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9a67LEOuAHI -Complete-

This is probably the only one that goes extremely close to my original idea.

Symphony of Winds
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iqAiWNzNIms -Acapella-

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MnCgB3iUjn0 -Acapella-

I definitely like the second one more, but both (if thought acapella) are close.

Song of Wars
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ASj81daun5Q -Acapella+Vocals-

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJ-QLl5qjLg -Acapella-

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EptSSXNHIfg -Acapella-

May the 'Two Steps From Hell' compilation begin!
Don't be salty, they just too good. Obviously this is the song where Serena theoretically fights hand in hand (her guardian does) so the whole segment has to be epic. Those three songs are definitely up there.

Symphony of the Force
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nkogNDpk0lg -Acapella-

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b9l0eiKaJGA -Acapella (kinda beatbox style)-

Again if you try those acapella, mix some beatbox with it, and consider Serena's voice? We got it.

Melody of Narcissus
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AUDd2CsqWJ8 -Vocals-

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v-hPnFlpjh4 -Acapella+Vocals-

NOW BEFORE ANY NITPICKING FUCKS WILL COME AND SAY "oooh but I thought Serena was mute, those songs have lyrics and shit u lie to us y u do dis" SHUT THE FUCK UP!
First of all those songs are beautiful. Secondly, because Serena is mute that doesn't mean she can't sing those songs. Of course she will not articulate the words, but she will sing in key easily. MOVING ON.

Song of the Elders
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YxFn9HoP-NU -Vocals/Acapella-

I couldn't really decide wether I wanted vocals or acapella, so why not both.

Now for the last two I don't think I'll be able to find something that I can use. So instead, here are the two songs that inspired those two powers.

Symphony of Destruction (kinda obvious) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K5jvUXij7nU

Melody of the Dying Banshee : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cmq5yUa6e6s (Courtesy of my man Chrome)


Serena Richards was born in 1684 in a small Irish town called Kilkenny, daughter of Martha and Aiden Richards. Her family was decently wealthy one, her father Aiden was a blacksmith and her mother Martha owned a small pawnshop.
Already from her earlier years Serena’s voice proved to be unique, as her singing skills were outstanding. She quickly started a career as the lead singer of the local chapel choir. Her talents got discovered a couple of years later by two scouts that were looking for hidden talents in the villages away from Dublin. They requested that Serena performed for the king, as she did, at the young age of 14.
After 15 years of success and fame, Serena decided to retire from the scene and go back to her parents in Kilkenny. Months later, Serena’s father, Aiden, set her up for a marriage with one of the local lord’s son, Connor O’Brien. Serena fell in love with Connor, and she awaited the marriage day with eager.
But the night before the great day, the McCourt family attacked the O’Brien mansion. Liam McCourt, leader of the McCourt family, slaughtered the entire O’Brien family because of an old debt that the O’Brien family apparently had with the McCourt family. Aiden and Martha Richards were casualties of the battle, as they were sleeping at the mansion that night. When Liam got to Serena and Connor’s room, Connor tried to protect her soon-to-be wife, but he got decapitated. Serena’s heart was devastated at the sight of her lover’s body fall to the ground, lifeless. She cursed the McCourt family as she sliced her jugular wide open.
Two years after the attack she started to haunt the McCourt mansion in a spiritual form, terrorizing the family. Liam was forced to abandon the mansion, but to no use: Serena haunted him in every mansion, house, palace that he went into.
She kept haunting the McCourt family for about 300 years, before Niall McCourt, grandnephew of Liam McCourt, decided to do something about it: he hired a group of gaelic shamans and ordered them to kill the banshee that haunted their family. But the shamans misread the spell book, and casted another, more powerful spell: resurrection. Serena slowly started to get back flesh, bones, skin. She was slowly going back to life. But Niall understood what was happening, and he stabbed to death one of the shamans, interrupting the spell before completion. But it was a bit too late.
Serena materialized herself in the room, shaking and crying. Niall ordered the shamans to revert the spell, but it was impossible. In a burst of anger, Niall grabbed a knife and tried to stab Serena, but she screamed, terrified.
That single scream scorched the air around Niall, making him explode like a gigantic bomb of human flesh. The remaining shamans, terrified by what just happened, ran away, and never looked back to that house.
The spell was partially complete: Serena had her own body, but part of her human soul remained in the Afterlife, and that missing fragment got replaced by the banshee’s nature. Serena’s voice was now an extremely dangerous weapon, and she decided to make a promise to herself: never speak again. She slowly noticed that, as the years passed, she didn't aged at all, reaching the new millennium as she was still looking like the 29 years old spouse that died 316 years ago.


The pale light of the campfire illuminated the woods around the small camp that Serena set up in the woods near the city. It was a cold night of January, but the atmosphere was beautiful: a cool breeze blew through her hair, making it wave gently, as it followed the wind. Nature was calm and quiet, owls were hooting, wolves were howling, but nothing seemed to interest Serena more that the chicken breast burning above her campfire. She set up a tent underneath the vault of a cave, trying to not bother anyone with her presence and keep the human interaction as low as possible. Serena managed to hang around that part of the woods for about a month already, and everything went smoothly until now.
Serena was about to cut a slice of the well-cooked chicken breast when she got interrupted by some barking in the distance. Serena jumped on her feet, fearing that the barking could have meant some hunters roaming in the forest. She slowly put her right hand on the wakizashi on her belt, not pulling it out, but holding the handle in between her fingers, keeping it ready in case of need. As the barking became louder and louder, Serena became hesitant, not knowing what to expect or what to do: her first thought was to put out the fire and hope that she will not be seen, but that idea quickly got disbanded when she realized that whoever was in the forest with her had dogs with him, and dogs can easily pick up a scent and a trail. She remained petrified in the middle of her camp, awaiting for the hunters to reach her.
It didn’t took long to Serena to panic, as she started sweating, overcame by fear. Suddenly two Dobermans popped out of a bush in front of her, loudly barking at Serena and probably guiding whoever was their owner towards her. A couple of shouts and screams resounded in the nearby area, as the dogs stopped barking.
Slowly, three humanly figures shaped into the shadows, apparently approaching Serena. She got overcome by fear, so she impulsively unsheathed her wakizashi, falling in a defensive position. The three human shapes slowly got hit by the pale light of the small camp fire, revealing that they were three men, armed with hunting rifles, semi-automatic guns and sharp knives. Serena blankly stared at them, petrified; she wasn’t expecting something like this, not in this region of the forest.
The three men quickly calmed down the beasts, apparently not having bad intentions towards Serena. One of them took a couple of steps forward towards the fire: this action scared Serena, making her back down a bit, holding her wakizashi firmly in her right hand.
“Are you Serena Richards?” he asked with a deep voice, a voice that infused fear and terror into Serena. She started shaking, barely holding the blade in her hand, slowly backing down more and more, taking small steps. The man suddenly stopped, as he grinned towards his comrades. He slowly grabbed the hunting rifle on his back and removed the safety. The other two of them did the same, grabbing their semi-automatic rifles and removing the respective safeties.
“You will not sing any more notes from now on…” one of them firmly stated before all of them aimed their rifles towards Serena. For a split second, she almost felt like the time slowed down, allowing her to almost hear the triggers slowly getting pulled, making that sturdy mechanical noise. She only had the time to scream once, but apparently was all she needed: as soon as her voice scorched through the air, a massive shockwave hit all three of the hunters, knocking them down. The closest one flew through the air for a couple of yards, violently smacking his head against the cortex of a solid pine, knocking him unconscious. The other two of them quickly squared down Serena, who was enraged and afraid at the same time.
The two hunters hesitated on picking the guns, but one of them was brave enough to draw his secondary weapon from its holster: a pistol. That, unfortunately, had the safety on. But the only sight of that gun made Serena even angrier and scared her even more: she shouted towards the hunter, sending another devastating shockwave towards him, knocking him down and out for the count.
Only one hunter remained conscious, but he was the youngest between the three. He was overcome by fear; he didn’t knew what he was doing, why he was there or why the other two wanted him on that foolish mission. Serena did calmed down in the meantime, as he was staring at him with a mother-like look into her eyes. The boy was scared by her, but he felt somehow safe with her. He stopped shaking, and he was about to stand up on his feet, when Serena opened her mouth: the boy immediately jumped, expecting the worst. Serena took a couple of long breaths, before she started singing her Charming Melody: suave notes filled the air, carried away by the wind, into the forest, calming down the boy and the two dogs. The animals sat down and closed their eyes, falling asleep. The boy smiled at Serena, before following the dogs into this magical sleep a couple of seconds later.


Battle vs The Strongest (Milo Kotara) [Spar-No points accounted]

Battle vs Aquila (L.L Bust)

Battle vs PiasuSan (Piasu)


Intro for Acta Sanctorum (Feb 2013)

Followup to Intro (Feb 2013)

The pale light of the sun illuminated the battlefield, revealing Serena on the ground, lying down exhausted in between two corpses. She just killed 3 of many hunters sent after her, but this time they were good, and left her without energies. Serena rested on the floor as blood poured out from her legs; the skin on them was ripped and infected, having a very bad look. She started to not feel them anymore, as her vision started to blur. The pain was overwhelming, and Serena wanted to just give in and fall asleep into a sort of hibernating state caused by the amounts of damage that she took.
But when she closed her eyes, a strange noise coming from her left startled her, forcing her to try and stand up.
The woman leading the group had some sort of locating device on her body that suddenly started to beep when she died. It took a while to Serena to clear her thoughts and focus on what was happening around her, so that beep kept on going for a while. It was situated around the heart area, and it beeped loudly, echoing across the area.
Serena slowly sat up, helping herself with her arms. She tried to look at the device, but she didn’t manage to see anything but a strong blue flash that beeped every two seconds. The looked at it, terrified, trying to figure out something, but the pain attacks that came from her legs interfered with her thought line. Those pain attacks became stronger and stronger every time, and Serena was losing more blood every second that passed. Serena tried to focus, but another pain attack made her faint.
Serena was barely feeling anything: the heat of the sun was masked by the pain attacks that she received from her legs. Her eyes were watering and her head hurt. Everything felt so pale and insignificant, even the blood colored grass that she was resting on.
Her senses slowly started to gave up on her, as she heard a some sort of buzz. It seemed to come from somewhere near her, but very far from her at the same time. She ignored it for a bit, but when she felt something touch her arms, she realized that the buzz was something real, and it was right on top of her.
She slowly opened her eyes, and remained astonished from what she saw: a kid was looking straight at her, apparently checking her wounds and trying to wake her up. He had two beautiful blue eyes, those types of eyes that look deep into your soul. She stared at him for a while, but she couldn’t do anything more: she was in a state of semi-consciousness, so Serena believed it was all a dream.
The kid picked her up and started carrying her away from that place, strolling across the woods and heading away from the area where Serena slaughtered the three mercenaries.
The bouncing up and down and the hard grab that the kid had woke up Serena from that semi-unconscious state. When her vision finally cleared out, she understood that everything was real: she felt the strong grab of the boy around her waist and onto her left arm, and her legs hitting the branches on the ground. She looked at the kid: he was focused on taking her out of there. Serena tried to liberate herself from his grasp, but she was too weak to succeed, so she opened her mouth, preparing herself for a melody.
But she got suddenly interrupted by the hand of the kid, which covered her mouth, denying her. She looked over to him, terrified.
“Don’t worry, I don’t wanna kill you, but the guys behind us do.”
That statement totally caught Serena off guard: she was expecting a more elaborate and cruel statement, that the kid was some sort of mercenary sent out in the woods to put an end to her life. But apparently he was on her side.
Suddenly, something passed near them at extremely high speeds, and impacted a tree in front of them. Serena was too tired to react, but inside she was scared, confused and useless. The kid jumped, as he tightened his grasp onto Serena and picked up the pace, barely dodging the trees around them and the bullets that were shot towards them.
Serena started thinking about the outcome of this chase: even though the kid’s intentions were good, saving her just condemned him to share her own fate. If they kept on running, whoever was chasing them would have caught them, and put them to sleep 5 feet under. Having this innocent kid on her conscience, even after dying, wasn’t a pleasant thought.
And then, the illumination…
Serena planted her feet in the ground, forcing the kid to stop. She then tried hardly to free herself from his grasp. The boy desisted for a couple of moments, before finally releasing her.
“What are you doing? We need to go!” he shouted. He was constantly looking behind, as he was getting more and more worried about the outcome of the incoming fight.
But Serena had a plan all along: she calmed down the kid, making him back away a couple of feet. She then turned around, closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She gently started so sing a song, but with the passing of the notes, her voice started to become deeper and deeper. The ground around them started to shake; almost like that area was getting hit by a very violent earthquake. The boy struggled to stay on his feet, as Serena’s voice slowly distorted to the point of becoming a random mixture of growls and grunts.
The ground around them started trembling violently. The kid fell down, as a massive shockwave exploded from around Serena, propelling itself towards the chaser’s general direction. The ground, the trees, the forest around there got completely annihilated, wrecking everything around and blocking most of the paths and the roads in a 150 meters range. Serena invoked the strongest Symphony of Destruction that she could manage, but that left her completely without energies.
After finishing the song, she slowly turned her head around and looked at the kid for a second, before fainting.

A bright light flashed in front of Serena’s eyes, bringing her back to a conscious state. Her eyes popped open, as she found in front of her a masked man with a small flashlight, looking dead straight into her eyes. She popped up, sitting on the bed where she was laying down. The man jumped, as he backed down for a second.
“Be more careful next time, young woman. You almost got me a heart attack.” The man stated, his voice trembling. Serena stared at him for a couple of moments, squaring him down: he had white hair, a small white mask on his mouth and he wore a white lab coat. He was holding into his left hand a small flashlight which was still on.
Serena quickly started to panic, as she started hyperventilating. Her eyes quickly started to scan the room: it was a relatively small rectangular room, with a window on the western side of it and a door on the eastern side. The bed was placed near the window, as beams of light illuminated Serena’s terrified face. On the left side of it, there was a chair, but on the other side there were a tone of strange electronical devices, which beeped, waved and what not. She blankly stared at them, before turning violently to the man and opening her mouth. She took a quick breath and stressed her vocal chords, but no sounds came out of her mouth. She remained blocked for a second, before trying again and again, and finally giving up on the fifth try.
The man remained terrified by Serena’s behavior and, after squaring her down for a split second, he quickly exited the room shouting: “IT’S ALL YOURS!”
In that moment, Serena noticed that she wasn’t alone in the room: other two persons were there. She instantly recognized the kid that saved her earlier, standing near the window, and looking over to her. But then her eyes met the second figure in the room, a relatively young man that was sitting on a chair in front of the bed. He was wearing a sky blue shirt and a pair of camouflage pants, but there was something strange about him. He did not look quite human. He had all of the features of one, but he didn't look quite real, as if he didn't really belong in this world. The kid smiled to Serena, and she couldn’t do anything but to smile back at him. For that split second, Serena calmed down, just before realizing where she was and what happened.
When she did, she started panicking again, and since the use of her voice was out of discussion, she reached for her wakizashi around her waist. But when her hand got there, it didn’t find anything besides her own skin, covered by some sort of tissue. She remained stunned as she realized that all of her gear was gone, and there was no sign of it. The two boys stared at her, as she panicked and jumped out of the bed, attempting to make a run for the door. But as soon as her feet touched the ground, Serena felt a massive pain attack that dropped her onto her knees. The kid that saved her dashed towards the bed, and helped her stand up and sit back down on the bed.
“Easy now. Your legs are quite damaged and you might find some difficulty walking.” He gently stated. Serena stared at him for a bit, and then looked at her own legs: they were completely covered with bandages. She sighed as she closed her eyes and roughly lay down on the bed. She was confused, scared and preoccupied, but she was forced to trust that kid.
“You’re in the Stick City’s Central Hospital. After seeing what happened back in the woods, I thought that it was necessary that you received some cures and some medication. So I called my friend Lexel, and we brought you here. You’ve been sleeping for almost 12 hours, so I understand that you were exhausted, but I desire to know who you are and if you could explain me what happened exactly back there, in the woods.” The kid talked with a very smooth Iberic accent, easily formulating a polite speech and expressing it in a very educated way. Serena, although she wanted to thank him at least, tried to mime to them the fact that she was mute. She started waving her hands in a very clumsy way, mostly focusing the movements around her mouth. Lexel stood up from his chair and walked up to the bed, squaring down Serena. He had a very creepy look, and the fact that he was ‘strange’ aided that.
“Sebastian, are you sure that this woman was worth our time? I mean, from how you said it, I imagined different. You talked about her having a devastating power, and that we could use that kind of skill set in our clan, but all I’m seeing is a helpless girl in a hospital bed.” The cartoon like boy was acting all around, waving his hands and walking back and forth. The other kid, Sebastian, finally broke the ice, as he moved from the window and approached Serena, who was lying down on the bed.
“From what I understood, you don’t talk. It’s fine with me, but I wanted to talk to you about something. Even though you don’t know us, and you are more than allowed to not trust us, but we would love to have someone with your abilities in the RHG, more precisely into our clan.”
That word echoed through Serena’s mind; she remembered finding strange documents on the corpses of a couple of killers sent after her. Since she moved south, in the direction of the Stick Page City, she started finding more and more documents that classified her as a RHG, even though she didn’t knew back then what that meant. Later on Serena will apprehend that the RHG is a fighting competition hosted by the city itself. A large portion of the population is actually part of the competition, but the stakes are high: every fight can finish with the death of one of the contenders. It can leave you without a leg, and arm or an eye. But most importantly, it can take away your pride, your honor and your dignity. The roster of the RHG is full of individuals that have incredible abilities, and every single one of them puts his own powers to use how they like.
Serena wasn’t focused on the kid’s words, as she continued to try and remember everything she could about this RHG competition. Her eyes were empty, her mind was somewhere else. But she suddenly came back to life when the kid put his hand in front of her.
“My name is Sebastian. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”
That statement caught Serena off guard; she stared at him for a couple of seconds, turning a mere presentation into a very awkward situation. She ignored Sebastian, as she was looking around the room, searching for something. Her eyes suddenly stopped atop a notebook and a pen that were lying on a small table across the room. Meanwhile Sebastian was still waiting for Serena to reply on his presentation, but all she did was point somewhere across the room. He scouted the room with his sight, trying to understand what Serena was trying to say. After a couple of seconds he understood that she was trying to communicate with him, but thanks to her conditions, she needed to write. Sebastian firmly nodded to Serena and walked to the table. He grabbed the notebook with his right hand and the pen with his left one, and brought them to Serena.
She nodded to him as she grabbed the notebook and started writing something on the blank rectangular piece of paper. Sebastian stared at her during the process, but when she finished, he looked at the word written on the notebook: it spelled SERENA.
“Oh so that’s you name, huh? Well nice to meet you Serena.” Sebastian kindly greeted her, putting his hand once again in front of her, hoping that this time she would accept his greetings. This time Serena faced him with a smile on her face, as she gave him her hand, finally completing the handshake.
“So, not trying to rush anything, but me and Lexel will prefer to get your answer about our proposal. Just make us know when you’ve made up your mind, we’ll be waiting outside.” Sebastian gently nodded at Serena. She still had a big smile on her face, even though Lexel kept squaring her down. Sebastian literally dragged him out of the room, leaving Serena alone on the bed to think about their proposal.
She started thinking about everything that she passed through in the past years: constant running, raw food and uncomfortable resting places. All around her life wasn’t so good in that moment. But that was her only option for living, until now; by some incredible coincidence, she got saved by a very kind kid named Sebastian, who carried her away and brought her to an hospital, allowing her to receive the cures that she needed in that moment. He then put everything at risk by going against Lexel, who definitely appeared to be the boss around, and ask her if she wanted to stick around with them. Serena usually doesn’t socialize with city people, but that kid Sebastian had something that inspired Serena into trusting them.

It took her about an hour to fully recover her walking mechanics, and about half an hour to dress up and gear up. She wasn’t used to any modern facilities, so calling the depot for her gear turned out to be quite the task. Lexel and Sebastian were waiting in the corridor, talking about their friend Bodacious being to the basic army training. When Serena exited the room, they both stared at her: even though she was heavily wounded and she barely stood on her feet, she looked graceful, happy and beautiful. She was holding a ripped piece of paper into her right hand, and after reaching Sebastian, she gave it to him. Sebastian gave her a smile, before reading loudly the words that were written onto the paper.
“ ’I would be happy to join you as a way of thanking you for saving my life’ “ Sebastian gave Lexel a big smile after reading it, and Lexel did the same, first to Sebastian, then to Serena.
“It’s awesome to have you with us. Come with us, our quarters aren’t far away from here.” Lexel patted Serena’s back, as he slightly pulled her towards him, walking forward. Serena suppressed the pain attack that came from her wounds on the back, the same wounds that Lexel just touched. She gave him a quick nod and followed them out of the hospital.

Silence (Jan 2014)

Acta Sanctorum Event (Jan 2014) -The event begins on page 31 post #306-

Serena Saves Zoe (Aug 2014)

A Pleasant Surprise (Oct 2014)

The Banshee and The Kitsune (Jun 2016)

An Amusing Amusement Park Date (Jun 2016)




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Also, why Deathsinger? e_e You know many people here play LoL right?

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I like the way you write by the way.

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