View Full Version : a Tip (or Two) that Surprisingly Few People Use

12-27-2012, 08:10 PM
If you're faced against a large number of Speartons or Giants, spacebar to select all your troops and target them one at a time; this decreases net damage taken.

In the same vein, if you're rushing and you have two Swordwraths against two Swordwraths (or something like that), spacebar and target the weaker one if there is one; if one, target a random one. (this works because if your enemy is spreading damage evenly, then you can get twice as much damage in on one Swordwrath, and while you can still deal two times as much damage, the enemy's damage is halved).

But also related is if you have a few archers, or just an Albowtross or two, and the enemy has Albowtrosses, while the ground units are fighting, have your Albowtrosses and some archers attacking the enemy's Albowtross (you can select all of a certain unit by left-clicking multiple times on one unit).

If your enemy has a crapton of archers, a Magikill will /destroy/ that. One nicely aimed shot will kill almost all of the archers, or at least wound them.

If you have a crapton of archers and giants, always be careful when attacking, because your archers will outrun your giants, putting them in a weak position. I recommend moving the giants farther out to begin with, and if you see a Magikill, target it immediately.

So moral of the story: Target one troop at a time when you're dealing with bigshot soldiers.