View Full Version : wRHG Battle Guidelines

01-02-2013, 11:38 PM
In creating a battle thread, you agree and adhere to the following rules laid below. If you do not follow the necessary rules, you will be held accountable for your mistake.

wRHG Battle Rules:

1. Anyone is at anytime allowed to challenge any other person to a wRHG battle.

2. Anyone who is challenged to a wRHG battle has full option to decline or accept.

3. Once both parties agree to battle, a deadline must be set.

4. Once the deadline hits, you MUST have your wRHG battle finished. No excuses. If not, you forfeit the battle and give the other party a victory.

5. If a deadline needs to change, both participants must discuss and agree on it. If no agreement is made, it does not change.

6. Do not vote for yourself NOR your opponent in a battle. It is up to 3rd parties to decide who the victor is.

7. NO plagiarism.

8. Every battle is to have a 7 DAY poll time limit in order for voting to ensue fairly and efficiently. Please make the poll Public so mods can check for signs of unfair play or vote stuffing.

9. Once a battle is finished and a victor is decided, it is up to the thread creator to notify the Hall of Warriors the result. If you're involved in a battle thread created by someone else and they fail to do this, do it instead and inform the Hall of Warriors that the thread creator did not.

10. Play fair, have fun, and be really creative.