View Full Version : wRHG Clan Format

01-03-2013, 12:44 AM
Every wRHG clan page must have the following information in them:

Clan Name: Simple enough.

Clan Flag (Optional): If you have the need to, you may have a flag representing your clan.

Clan Description: This explains where this clan came from. Unike RHG, I'd like all clans to have a story behind them on how they were founded. We can even call this field "Clan Story" if it fits better. This also explains what separates the clan from all the others.

Clan Members: Yes six at most. Just short summaries and a link to the character pages. Picture unnecessary. Also place here their statistics as shown in the Hall of Warriors.

Clan Allies/Rivals: Here you put whether or not any other clan falls towards your clan as anything but neutral.

Clan Events: Shows if any special clan events have been held in the past or if planned for the future. Links should be provided if available.

Clan Tryouts: This should suggest whether or not the clan is holding tryouts. If so, the requirements should be discussed over private message. Creates more confidentiality for the clan.

If you do not include these, your clan will be deleted until you fix the issue.