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Lt Colonel Summers
01-04-2013, 12:33 AM
Mintt was the one that challenged me, so I guess I'll let him post first...

Currently awaiting Mintt...

Mintt: fast moving gauntlet fighter that can predict his opponent's moves.

Lt Colonel Summers: Impulser mechsword grants awesome moves. + TX-120 handheld minigun for backup.

EDIT: Mintt has asked me to forfeit him, so I guess I win.

Now I'll just have to dig up my story from my stack of word-pad documents...

Lt Colonel Summers
01-04-2013, 06:47 PM
Mintt said he was going to make the thread instead, so mods please lock this...

01-04-2013, 06:57 PM
u should be able to close it yourself

Lt Colonel Summers
01-27-2013, 12:29 AM
Mintt has forfeited himself. Reason: too busy with school.

Lt Colonel Summers win!

01-27-2013, 12:34 AM
Mintt has forfeited himself. Reason: too busy with school.

Lt Colonel Summers win!
YAY! Epic Win! Congratultions

02-06-2013, 02:17 PM
So, where's your battle?

Lt Colonel Summers
02-07-2013, 06:57 AM
Totally forgot about it, I'll post it now...
WRHG battle: Mintt vs Lt Colonel Summers

It’s been a few days since I’m in Stickpage City, I’ve got a place to stay. I get to stay in an old house for free (the landlord was kind enough to give me).

The house has Wi-Fi, but a ridiculously slow one. Good thing I’m only staying a few days…

One day (day 1536 of being a bounty, to be exact), I decided to check on RHG Net, the web that stores everything about the RHG thing. I logged in, or rather, WAS logged in.
I had never registered to be a RHG…
I checked on the PM section, got a message that was meant for new accounts. It reads:

RHG new regulations:
Everyone capable of combat are automatically registered as RHGs…
This message is administered by the RHG Director, Jason “Crazy Jay” Witham. We still don’t understand why this happened, so we are sorry for your unwillingness…
---RHG Director-in-chief, Andre---

Damm you, Jay… Why am I a Gladiator now?!
Another PM came right away. It was titled “challenge”…

You have received a challenge. Challenger: Mintty Fresh. Location: RHG Battledome 3.
Failure to comply results in you being forfeited.

A challenge… I hope this guy isn’t after the bounty the terrorists put on my head.
I did some research on this Mintty Fresh guy. The webpage says that he is a Gauntlet Fighter that can predict his opponent’s moves, and is very fast. Tough one for a Prologue Boss Fight…

Anyways, I better get prepared for this fight. I grabbed the Backpack of Infinite Volume and headed toward the challenge location.

*30 minutes later, at the RHG Battledomes*
“Blood everywhere… Did they ever bother to clean up the place?” I sulked, looking at the place.
Battledome 1… Battledome 2… Battledome 3…
Surprisingly, only Battledome 3 was perfectly clean, the others are complete messes.
Mintty Fresh was also in that particular battledome right now.

I shoved dust off my clothes (still the same camo suit from bounty day 1), and promptly walked into Battledome 3 without second thoughts.
Mintt: “Lieutenant Colonel Jack Summers, I presume?”
Lt: “You can call me Lieutenant or Jack, whatever way that suits you…”
Mintt: “You don’t look very good, old man. How about you go back home right now?”
Lt: *Mimicking TF2 Engineer* “Son, I’m gonna blow that dumb look right off your stupid face…”
Mintt: “Bring it.”
Mintt then proceeds to charge toward me.

From what I learned about Mintt on the RHG Net, if he can use Mint Combination on me, then I must be on the lookout for his 24 Hour Mach 5. It’s pretty much impossible to survive if he can hit you with 24 Hour Mach 5, which is followed up by Winter Solstice, a finishing move of assured death.

Keeping that in mind, I decided that my main strategy is to prevent him from using Mint Combination, keeping him busy by continuously attacking him.

But I failed to block the first punch because I didn’t deploy the Impulser in time. And it hurts like hell, to the jaws.
The punch had also sent me sliding to the other side of the arena. As I hit the wall (the one facing Battledome 5), I could hear the situation from the other arena, as well as a line I knew too well on Youtube.
Dome 5 mysterious voice: “I am Painis Cupcake. I will eat you.”
Followed up by a loud scream… I hate to imagine what’s on the other side…

I stood up, resetting my attention on Mintt.
This time, I drew the Impulser out, and place it in a way so that Mintt was in half from my view.
He charged again.
Knowing that the 5 second charge period on Dimensional Slash is enough for Mintt to pummel me down, I decided to spam Cross Rain.

Woosh, as the Glaives went toward Mintt. Then I remembered an important detail.
“Darn.” I cursed silently after spamming Cross Rain.
He CAN read my mind to know what I will be using.
And as expected at the last minute, he simply jumped over the Glaives, stepping on one while doing so.

The Glaives kept flying until they hit the walls of the battledome, the one that Mintt stepped on slid on the ground for a while, leaving a trail behind.

Lt: “Not bad. You’re the first to dodge that attack. Although many survived a direct hit…”
Of course he didn’t pay any attention to my comments, and he was preparing…
I know that stance: Mint Combination…

If he can execute that move, then I’m dead.
I cannot allow Mint Combination to be executed…
I then put the Impulser away and take out the TX-120.
And open fired on Mintt.

“Die! Sucker. Die!” I yelled at Mintt.
Blood shoots out of his body as the bullets cut through his skin, but he wasn’t letting down.
Need some distraction here…
So I begin to shoot the ground continuously, resulting in dusts coming off the floor.

With the dust cloud everywhere, I pulled out the Impulser once more and made a dash for Mintt.
We were not able to see each other until we were close. By then, it was too late for Mintt to dodge my attack.
With a heavy smash on the floor, the whole battledome shook itself to pieces, and cracks appearing everywhere.
When the dust finally clears, Mintt was just standing there, more bruised than before the attack.
Lt: “Not so thought right now, are ya, ARE YA?”
He made no response to the mockery. Instead, he just pulled out some leaves from thin air, then his wounds all disappeared.
Lt: “Oh, C**p!”
He immediately counter-attacked with 24 Hour Mach 5.

The punches are too fast for me to dodge, so I took every single one of them to my whole body.
After finishing 24 Hour Mach 5, Mintt jumped into the air and prepared Winter Solstice.
No way I can dodge that… With all the stamina I could muster, I managed to lift the Impulser up and…

Good thing I have one more skill that I haven’t used…
Lt: “You want to see my best move?”
Mintt: “?”
Lt: “This…”
With a quick upward jab, I knocked Mintt’s attacking leg aside, and then jumped really high onto the top of the battledome, which is completely broken because of Fiery Quake.
Now rings of electricity are circling the Impulser. I prepared to slash.
“Ultimate Impulser move: Dimensional Slash!”
The whole process took 15 seconds, including the 10 seconds charge time for Dimensional Slash.
Razor sharp shockwave travelling toward Mintt’s direction. A huge explosion was resulted from the impact.

The arena is filled with even more dust this time, when the dust cloud clears, a wide crevice is seen, separating half of the arena.
And Mintt was seriously bruised, while managing to hold on to the edge, albeit with loads of effort.
Landing near Mintt, I then spoke.
“How do you like that? Mr. Fresh.”
He replied with a simple “nice”, followed up by a groan.
Lt: “You were pretty good too.”
I walked away from Mintt for just a few meters, then turned back at him. He was trying to climb up.
I walked back toward him.
Lt: “You know what is the most powerful meme used on the net?”
No response, once again…
Lt: “No?” I spoke in a way so that I’m appearing to be giving him his last word.
Lt: “THIS IS SPARTTTTTTTTAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!” And then gave him a kick to the face.

Now lying unconscious at the bottom of the artificial crevice which I created, Mintt’s minty smell starts to pour out of the pit.
“*ahem* Gentlemen…” I tidied up my suit, then walks away from the unconscious WRHG, leaving the ruined battledome behind as well.

Lt Colonel Summers
02-07-2013, 07:45 AM
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02-07-2013, 01:54 PM
This post is the result of a glitch, ignore it.

You can delete double posts, you know. When you click Edit, there's a delete button. If it's not there, it's in advanced options.

02-07-2013, 09:42 PM
Y U NO INCLUDE SPEARMINT LEAVES?!?!? LOL - pretty good, but a few things... You don't have to keep describing the name of everything. And don't use "it" so much, it kinda annoys the reader saying "it... it... it..." I know if Luzoto read this post, he'd probably say something about my overuse of "he" or "man" or something like that... But work on it, and try to incorporate a bit more description, like i didn't hear anything about what Mintt was wearing, or what he was feeling, just that he was continuosly attacking... Work on this and wutever people help you with, cuz it was still decent :)

02-07-2013, 10:05 PM
Well, I just read it now, and it's pretty darn obvious you like internet memes and TF2.

You need to go to at least some length to describe attacks that are specific only to their character. I have no bloody idea what a 'Cross Rain' is, and you didn't put much into describing it. From what I read, it sounds like some sort of projectile attack involving things called Glaives. I found it difficult to remember details as the story went along, as well. Try putting in more vivid detail, and spend more time writing important points in the plot.

“Not so thought right now, are ya, ARE YA?”
*tough. I think.

Lt: “You know what is the most powerful meme used on the net?”
Everyone knows it's a clash between 'I'M FIRIN MAH LAZOR' and 'IT'S OVER NEIN THOUZAAAAND!'