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01-17-2013, 02:59 PM
Defense will earn you nothing. Offense gives you the element of surprise and surpression.

All right! At the moment I am 10 wins 1 loss for this account, and I have to say the one time I lost was when I played defense. Keep in mind I have another account so I am not completely new. Anyways, to the strategy part.

For Order: Put your 2 miners on gold and buy a SwordWrath and another miner. Just in case have the 200 gold left over handy. When your miner loads and you see no units at the center, buy another miner. Keep your SwordWrath there.

If you: See another SwordWrath. Well, by then my Spearton should be half loaded so I call the SwordWrath back to base (or close to base in long maps) and attack when Spearton loads. All right! Assuming your opponent's units are dead, attack his miners. If they have castle archer, no problem. Wait until your Spearton is half dead or when his miners garrison and retreat. Your opponent, if he catches on quickly, will buy a Spearton of his own so you'll be at a disadvantage. Which is why you want to buy another Spearton BEFORE this.

With immediate Spearton Rushers: Spam, spam, and keep spamming SwordWrath. Chances are your opponent will want to build his economy after the first huge spend so he will have all miners. Attack! He will have no defense.

Okay, now assuming you have successfully captured the middle. Keep attacking your opponent's miners if you see he has no defense. This is CRUCIAL to prevent him from building Giants. At the meantime, build your own Giant. Now, you may ask,"But what if he has walls and 3 castle archers?"

Well, I'm going to break it to you. If you gave him enough time to build that, then you should probably quit and you have ADHD because you do not pay attention to what he's doing. 3 castle archers and 2 walls cost 300+400+500+100+200+200= (wait let me get my calculator. LOL just kidding I'm very good at math) 1700 gold. That costs MORE than a Giant and if you let him build that then you suck. ATTACK HIS MINERS!!!

Keep in mind that you want to stay close to his base, not in range of castle archers. Keep one man at the Obelisk so your Ghost is loading. By now you should have 2 Giants. If you see he has no Giants, buy Archidon. Archidon have the farthest range, and this is the best way to kill miners without having to suffer the castle archers. Place them JUST far enough to not be affected by castle archers.

So, your opponent should have virtually no army and he will PROBABLY have 3 castle archers. Kill whatever he has with Giants and attack his miners. The Giants will survive best. When they are at about 3/4 health call them back to heal with the Merics. I'm not getting into specifics here.

The strategy of the game is NOT to kill your opponent's army. No, it's to prevent him from BUILDING an army. Keep pressuring him and stay close. Your opponent will probably get desperate and build Miner Walls and 3 Castle Archers. Well, here's the time to spam Giants. If it works, why not use it? Also, you have virtually already defeated his army so your opponent can't call you a spammer, since you defeated him with other things.

Summary: Keep pressuring opponent while you slowly build your economy. Prevent him from building any resistance.

I know most of the players I'm playing currently on this account are 1700 or less, but on other accounts it has been higher. Do this, and you will win. Basically, 9 of the 11 games I played so far, my opponent had no army at all except a few SwordWrath and 3 castle archers.

And congratulations WyzDM for getting 1st place! Finally got rid of CaptainCorps2 who refused to play on that account...